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Posh Pet Box Review – A New Monthly Subscription Box for Dogs

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Posh Pet Box

I was recently invited to try out Posh Pet Box, which is a new subscription box for dogs. Posh Pet Box offers designer dog clothes, toys, treats, and accessories. My dogs are spoiled little things and I spend too much money purchasing new products for them (I should really start a doggy review blog), so of course I was excited about the opportunity. New items for my dogs? Sign me up!

Here’s what I received in my Posh Pet Box:

Hukley and Kent Dog Collar

Huxley and Kent Dog Collar ($16.99 retail value) – Though I only photographed one, I should point out that the box contained two collars – one for each of my dogs. Can you believe that despite all of the stuff I purchase for my dogs, each of them has only had one collar? Receiving matching ones for them was a nice treat and in general this is a high-quality collar that’s pretty soft.

Honest Kitchen Smooches

Honest Kitchen Smooches ($7.99 retail value) – A few years ago I had an opportunity to visit the Consumer Reports Testing Lab for a tour. While there, someone asked why they don’t test dog food for claims of being the best tasting food out there and our guide responded that they had no accurate way of testing what tastes good to a dog. This makes sense, but I’ve obviously never forgotten that part of the tour partially because my dogs are the world’s pickiest eaters. Thanks to various dog subscription boxes they have been able to try some (what I assume to be) delicious treats and as a result they will refuse to eat any treats that don’t live up to their high standards. Seriously. I’ll hand them the treat and if they don’t like it they will drop it on the floor and walk away. This is all a long way of saying that my dogs LOVE smooches and run to the kitchen for treat time. These treats are made with human-grade ingredients and each one is individually crafted into a little heart. We will definitely be purchasing these again!

Wee Huggles Dog Toy

Wee Huggles Dog Toy ($5.99 retail value) – This toy is the perfect size for “toy” dogs, which is the class of dog to which our little Ginger belongs. I haven’t given this to her yet but it’s the perfect size for her. It’s hard to tell from the photo I took, but this is a moose.

The Real Meat Company Duck and Sweet Potato Dog Treats

The Real Meat Company Duck and Sweet Potato Dog Treats ($5.99 retail value) – My dogs, like most, really love chewy meaty treats although they don’t get them as often as I’m sure they’d prefer. These treats are fantastic because they contain very few ingredients, they’re shaped like leprechauns (which amused me more than the dogs), and the dogs absolutely loved them.

Overall: I’m happy with all of the items that were included in this monthly dog box, but more importantly my dogs were very happy with the treats. (This is important because it is such a pain purchasing treats that my dogs refuse to eat, and they’re usually in cahoots on such matters.) The box included a nice assortment of products.

Now, let’s talk about cost.

Posh Pet Box Cost

I had a little trouble finding the Posh Pet Box cost on the website and would urge them to make this more clear. Luckily they sent me this handy little primer! My dogs received the Posh Boss Box, which would have cost $49. The total retail value of the box I received (including both collars) is $53.95, so the value was slightly higher than the cost.

Another thing I found slightly confusing is that you have the option of getting a box in one of two ways: you can have them choose the items to send you, or, for the cost that you pay each month you can receive a certain number of points and essentially pack your own box.

Posh Pet Box Box Options

For my dogs, the Posh Box would have equaled 7 points to spend in the store at the cost of $49.

Posh Pet Box Store

As you can see, items in the store cost a variety of points.

Honestly, I think the points system is a little confusing and much prefer surprise boxes that I would *hope* contain a good value. Were I to pack my own box I would probably spend quite a bit of time trying to figure out the absolute best value because 7 points – or $49 – is a lot of money! If I were to use my points to get 3 packages of Smooches ($7.99 retail value, 2 points each) and that knotty ball (comparable balls cost $1 at the dollar store, 1 point), then I would have spent $49 on a box that only has a retail value of about $24.97. Granted, I assume most people wouldn’t do this… but it’s a lot to think about and process. When it comes to subscription boxes, I generally think easier is better and all boxes should at least have the appearance of being a good deal to the consumer.

That said, I really liked the box I received and my dogs enjoyed their new treats. I don’t have any complaints about my box, but since this is a new company I would encourage them to make the ordering process a little easier and possibly even do away with the point system altogether. Alternatively, I would encourage those interested in checking out this box to pick the surprise box option unless you have the time to really put together a box for your dog that will be worth the cost of the subscription!

Posh Pet Box Coupon: The first 20 people to use code “SHOPDAILY250″ will receive $10 off their first subscription, and receive a surprise selection from the Posh Pet Box team. After the first 20, everyone else will receive $5 off their first subscription.

Click here to check out Posh Pet Box!

Disclosure: While I was provided with a Posh Pet Box to review, all opinions expressed above are my own.

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