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I was contacted recently by Handbag Heaven about doing a review of one of their bags in conjunction with hosting a giveaway.  This arrangement combined two of my favorite things – free presents for myself and free presents for you all! 🙂

I headed to Handbag Heaven and immediately found about 5 bags that I would LOVE to have.  When all was said and done I chose this New York Pebbled Shopper as the bag I wanted to review.

I have a hard time paying attention to details when I am really excited about something.  I was so excited about this bag that I didn’t really read the details.  I thought I was going to receive a fairly small handbag.  I was clearly excited about this and looking forward to my package arriving.

What I actually received was so not what I was expecting and yet so absolutely perfect that I was really in handbag heaven.  (ha!)  What made this bag so perfect?  It’s actually large enough that I can carry around my computer with ease!  (Had I read the details I would have seen that the bag measures 15″ L x 5″ W x 12.5″ H)  I’d  been on the look-out for a new computer tote for quite a while but was just too cheap to buy one.  And if you can’t tell, I always have my computer with me.

This bag is 100% perfect.  Unlike the bag I previously used, the straps of this bag have a bit of cushion so it never feels heavy.  There’s absolutely no strain on my shoulder even though I load the bag to the brim.  And when I mean I fill the bag to the brim I really mean that.  I carry my life around with me each and everyday and need a bag that’s big, sturdy, and chic.  This bag more than fits each of those criteria.

There are two sections of the bag, divided by a big middle zippered pocket.  There are also other smaller zippered pockets in the bag as well as a few small unzippered pockets.  In short – there is so much glorious space in this bag.  While the bag is not leather, I promise you’ll never know just by looking at it – this bag is just so soft and beautiful!

Handbag Heaven has so many different options: tote handbags, clutch and evening bags, wallets. There is truly a bag for everyone – I guarantee it!

Because Handbag Heaven is such a fantabulous store, they not only sent me the bag above to review, but now they want to share the love with not one but TWO of you fantabulous readers!

Two lucky ladies are going to win their choice of either a $50 gift certificate to Handbag Heaven OR her choice of any handbag that Handbag Heaven carries!!!
Have I mentioned that Handbag Heaven is awesome?
The Fine Print:
Entries will ONLYbe accepted by completing the Google Form below. No entries will be accepted via the comment form. This will help keep things organized and fair.Here’s a breakdown of the 3 total entries you can have for this giveaway:

  • 1 entry for heading over to Handbag Heaven and then sharing which bag on the site is your favorite.
  • 1 entry for writing a blog post about this giveaway.
  • 1 entry for tweeting about this giveaway. (Make sure you send it my way – @fantabandfrugal)

Aside from posting the name provided to me by the winner of the giveaway, as well as the winner’s website address (if you so choose), no personal information you give me will be shared or published anywhere. You will not be put onto any email lists. Pinky swear.

Entries will be accepted from the U.S. only, please.  Please do not fill out the sheet more than once.

Entries will be accepted until 11:59 p.m. CDT on October 7, 2009. Two winners will be announced on October 8, 2009.

Good luck!

Edited to Add:

Per request, here are two “Real Life” pictures of the New York Pebbled Shopper.
Here I am holding the bag.  As you can see, it doesn’t look too big at all.  (I mean, it’s not small, but it is by no means uncomfortably large.

And here’s the inside of the bag (I am holding it open – it is not oddly shaped.)  My computer’s in there, a book, my sunglasses, water, wallet, make-up bag…and there is room to spare!

**This giveaway has now ended.  Thanks to all who entered!**

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19 thoughts on “Review + Giveaway: Handbag Heaven

  1. This bag you tested is so cute! I was just wondering if it was too big to use as a big day-to-day purse, not hauling around a computer? Do you have any IRL pics?

    I love the orange version of this!

    Suggestion to Handbag Heaven – Post pictures of the purses/bags with a person or outline of a person so people can tell visually how large this item will be in relation to a human. 🙂

  2. awesome giveaway! I never heard of them before, and now, I want to buy a few things! haha your so bad, you make me spend money!! At least pick me so I can knock one purse off my bill lol

    I've got some giveaways coming in the mail as well, from other companies, be sure to check out my site babe!

  3. awesome giveaway ! i love the " The Moxie " also tweeted & follow u on twitter!(cdmtx65)

    cdm65atmaildot com

  4. There are a couple I love, but I think I would choose the "Sabrina Belted Tote". vidomich(at)yahoo(dot)com

  5. The Bag looks nice, thanks for the photographs!

    The Bag size (15″ L x 5″ W x 12.5″ H) is really big to hold a Laptop or a big object in it.

    As this Bag comes with comfortable cushions, it will give comfort while carrying heavy objects like Laptop or so.

    If you are looking for comfortable pajamas (especially footed pajamas) then do visit,

    This one is really nice.

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