Sad News for Plus-Size Shoppers: Eloquii is Closing Its Doors

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This afternoon Eloquii posted the following note on their Facebook wall:

A Special Message to our Fans

For more than a year, eloquii has served you by delivering quality, must-have fashion in sizes that highlight your confident curves. In return, you have given us great feedback about how we can better serve you.

We look forward to offering you new fashion at through the summer. However, after a year’s test at market, we have decided to phase out eloquii and we have begun discussions with others who have expressed an interest in the future of the brand and/or its products.

Thank you so much for your support and for your feedback as we developed and refined eloquii over the last year. We recognize that eloquii plays an important role in our fans’ lives and look forward to better serving our clients in the future.


I’ve got to admit to you all that I’m taking this news pretty hard. Not because I shopped at Eloquii particularly often, because I didn’t (maybe that makes me part of the problem?). The reason that this announcement from Eloquii bothers me so much is because it seems like a real blow to the plus size shopper who has very few fashionable well-made shopping outlets available to her. I’m a curvy gal who can fit into both plus size and traditional sized items. The reason I loved Eloquii is that they took the time to think about curves and how clothing fits a woman’s body. I’ve waxed poetic about their pencil skirt on this site more than a couple of times and it’s one of the staples in my closet because it’s curve flattering and it actually fits the way a skirt is supposed to fit.

In August, I was interviewed by the Chicago Tribune for a piece about plus size shopping trends and said this:

“It’s a crapshoot when you’re shopping online,” Koivu said. “It’s even nicer being able to go into the store and feel the items.”

Ultimately, this is why I feel Eloquii failed. The Limited wasn’t interested in getting Eloquii out into the stores and in front of curvy shoppers. Sure, Chicago had an Eloquii store, but few other cities did. While I do the vast majority of my shopping online, this isn’t the norm for the majority of the shopping public, so instead of going out to find the curvy shopper, Eloquii expected to be found online.

The only positive spin I can take away from all of this is that Linda Heasley recently jumped ship at The Limited to become CEO of Lane Bryant. Assuming that Heasley was responsible for the founding of the Eloquii brand, it makes sense to think that she will bring the same sense of style and detail to the fashions at Lane Bryant. (The timing of Heasley’s departure and the axing of Eloquii also makes me think that The Limited was chomping at the bit to part ways with its plus size sister store.)

If you’ve loved shopping Eloquii, be sure to check the site frequently for what will hopefully be some fab liquidation sales over the coming months!

Do Tell: Are you disappointed about this announcement from Eloquii? What’s your favorite plus-size retailer?


3/14 Update: It appears that the Eloquii Clearance Sales Have Begun!

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23 thoughts on “Sad News for Plus-Size Shoppers: Eloquii is Closing Its Doors

  1. Aww man. I’m sorry to see Eloquii fold. I own some really good quality pieces from them. I loved that there was another alternative to LB & Torrid. My love affair with LB has ended and Torrid doesn’t have much in the way of work apparel. I guess I’ll keep stalking the Eloquii site trying to snag some good last minute deals.

  2. I was a big fan of the Avenue’s pants but they recently closed a bunch of their stores much to my disappointment.

  3. BOO!
    Literally, my heart just sank a little bit. When this site first came on the scene I was snagging up items left and right. From tanks to dresses. Everyone compliments me on the fit and style whenever I wear a piece. Once they started charging for shipping I slowed down. And Like Lisa, I never went to the store. I can only look forward to future sales and hopefully, some type of rebranding through another parent company.

  4. i take this as a total blow… this news is sort of like the gap’s former forth & towne. i feel it wasn’t given a chance. i agree with everything you said in this article. i wasn’t wowed by the online shopping experience, but after taking a crap shoot and got the garment in hand… instant love. eloquii took the time out to clothe curvy and full figure women properly….. not just adding extra fabric to drape larger size. i’m very sad.

  5. was extremely upset and shared all the frustrations shared in your open letter. They not only have crushed the hopes of plus size women who are willing to pay a little more for quality clothing, they are sending a message that the plus sizee audience doesn’t matter. I couldn’t believe that after only 365 days they’re pulling the plug and it was only months after they opened stores, they were closed, which means they never even gave the program time to develop. It must be a group of idiot males running this organization, not understanding the female shopper, specifically the plus size shopper. Back to Macy’s we’ll go.

  6. This is extremely disheartening to me. For the first time ever I felt like I had finally found a store that offered quality products at reasonable prices. They were actually fashionable, and their clothes didn’t fall apart after a while, unlike some other plus size stores out there. (Every single pair of LB pants I ever owned had the hem come undone on both legs.) I’m going to snag as much as I can in the coming months, because there really is no backup of similar quality out there.

    I have fluctuated between plus size and normal size clothing all my life. I had some health problems that last few years that have kept me squarely in the plus size category, which was a major blow to my self-esteem. I just wanted to hide and not stand out in anything. Finding Eloquii was a part of what helped change my attitude. For the first time in I can’t tell you how long, I accepted that my situation is what it is and I didn’t need to let that hold me back from dressing fashionably until I could lose the weight again. Why? Because Eloquii GETS plus size women. Well, at least I thought they did. This abrupt decision to close seems really cold, and I’m actually taking it a little personally, which is highly unlike me. I hope what they’re saying about selling the brand is true, because I want it to stick around in some form.

  7. Lane Bryant was owned by The Limited corporation, but were sold in 1999 (along with NY and Co.) The Limited needed cash to build the Victoria’s Secret empire. I was hoping that with Eloquii, the company was realizing the value of the plus-size customer. Alas, I guess not…

  8. I had no idea they existed until someone mentioned their closing sale to me last month. When I was smaller I loved! The Limited. I just ordered some stuff and the quality and fit was the best plus sized clothing I’ve ever had. Their styles are more suited to my personality and are age appropriate. This article hit the nail on the head. Their marketing sucked because I am just hearing about them. And the order I placed with them was my first online clothes shopping order ever because I normally shop in stores so I can try things on.

  9. I am very saddened to hear the news that Eloquii is going out of business. As a plus sized woman, who likes to dress up and look fashionable, finding items, like the ones sold at Eloquii, can pose a difficult feat. I hope that Lane Bryant will improve their selection and quality because us plus sized women need to have a go to shop for our wardrobe needs.

  10. I love Eloquii!!! I am plus size and I don’t want to dress like Grandma Moses. I like to dress my age and need to try on clothes. It is such a hassle to find clothes that are chic and professional. I don’t understand why more stores weren’t created or clothes put into the limited. So I am back to shopping with my 50+ mother at Lane Bryant and Ashley Stewart. Thank you executives for not caring enough to market a great product! Sincerely, Disappointed. P.S. You have my email address please feel free to send me your amazing swag!

  11. I am so upset!!! I really don’t know what I’m going to do… This has been my “go to” place for outfits since I discovered it. As a women with curves it is often hard to find anything of quality that fits just right and is still fashionable and more importantly affordable!

    Unfortunately, curvy women seem to be forgotten by fashion (although there are far more of us here in the world). I depended on Eloquii to keep me in the most current styles (that complimented my assets). I will truly miss the experience I have every time I wear something I purchased from Eloquii… What will I do without Eloquii?

    I hope to hear / read soon reconsideration has taken place – seeing the reaction of the women whose closets are now filled with items purchased from Eloquii. Don’t leave us without the place we have come to know and love!

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