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Recently I was given the opportunity to try out eMeals. Have you heard of it before? In short, eMeals is a meal planning system. You sign up for a plan and then each week you receive a new set of dinner recipes, along with a grocery shopping list so that you’ll always have everything on hand to make that day’s dinner.

I have lamented on here many a time my dislike of cooking.  It is just not something I enjoy doing, though I’m learning that part of my reticence is that I dislike the actual planning process.  With eMeals, I don’t have to think about what to eat.  It is all laid out for me.  Even better?  The recipes are fairly simple and the ones I have had rarely involve very much preparation at all.

I said above that you can sign up for a plan.  There are so many different options!  For instance, there are regular family plans that include 7 meals per week that feed 4-6 people.  You can choose the grocery store where you do your shopping so that you can take part in the best deals!  There are specialty family plans, where you can choose from such options as Gluten Free, Low-Carb, Low-Fat, Points {both new and old}, Vegetarian, etc.  In fact, you can even break down some of those options by grocery store, too!

Here are all of the Family Plan selections:

E-Mealz Family Plans

You choose one of those, and for just $1.25 per week, they send you a new menu plan each week!

Or, if you’re not yet at the family stage, they also have plans for just 2 people, which is what my boyfriend and I signed up for.  Here is the list of meal plans for two people:

E-Mealz Meal Plans

There’s one big difference between the two person plan versus the family plan – the two person plan only provides meals for five days, whereas with the family plan you get meals for 7 days.  This was OK with us because sometimes we’re too lazy to do even a minimal amount of dinner preparation and we’ll go to our old stand-by – pizza.

During the two weeks that we have been using E-Mealz, I can honestly say that I really like the service.  Here’s a quick run-down on the things I like about the service:

  1. Over the past 2 weeks I’ve eaten meals I never would have considered making.  Turkey dinner in a crockpot?  Absolutely delicious!
  2. Knowing that there will be leftovers from some of these big meals, there’ll be a recipe later in the week making use of the leftover meat or vegetables!  For instance, two nights ago we made use of our leftover turkey by making turkey divan.
  3. My boyfriend LOVES E-Mealz.  Seriously.  He HATES grocery shopping, but I always drag him with me.  {Cruel, I know.}  He won’t step foot in the store unless we’ve made a list, which is so not my style.  E-Mealz makes it easy because when you print out your menu for the week it will also print out a grocery shopping list.
  4. Most importantly, perhaps, is that the meals are really easy to make!  The directions are concise and easy to follow.
  5. If you don’t like your meal plan, you can change it – free of charge – once every three months.

There are only a couple of things that I don’t love about eMeals.

  1. It’s such a small thing, but I would love to see a bit more customization in the meal plans.  For instance, there’s a vegetarian family plan, but no vegetarian plan for two.  Additionally, if they made it so you could choose foods you did not want included in the plan it would be awesome.  We switched plans last week, from the low fat for two to the regular for two, because our meal plan included two fish dishes, but I don’t eat fish.  It would be great if there were some way to indicate that when signing up for a plan so you don’t have to switch your plan, or find another meal substitution.
  2. On the grocery list, there are two lists on the page – a run-down of the required items for each meal, and then a list of essentials that everyone should have on hand.  Last weekend when we went to the grocery store we didn’t pay attention to the essentials list and so when we got home we realized we needed to run back out to get OJ because OJ isn’t something we keep around as an essential.  Essentials may vary from household to household, so including all ingredients on the shopping list for every recipe would have been helpful to us.

I highly recommend checking out eMeals!  This site has definitely made dinner preparation more enjoyable for my boyfriend and I.  Plus, for just $1.25 per week, you can’t really beat what the service provides!  While I received a one month free trial in order to try out the site, we have already decided to pay for our membership once the free period is over.

By the way, you don’t have to take my word for it – Financial guru Dave Ramsey recommends eMeals!

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