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I’m flying home from the DC area and then I have two events to attend, so I’m not sure how much I’ll be able to post today. Normally I’ll pre-post everything the day before when I know I’ll be busy the next day, but the death of Steve Jobs left me too sad to post.

I didn’t know Steve Jobs, but he affects my life nearly every minute of every day. I’m typing this post on my MacBook. I just set a 4 a.m. alarm on my iPhone. I’ve got an iTunes playlist ready for my flight back to Chicago, which I will enjoy while also playing Angry Birds on my iPad. At this point in time I consider all but the iPad necessities. That, friends, is a legacy.

It’s astonishing to think of what Steve Jobs accomplished in just one sadly short lifetime. As someone who enjoys technology and enjoys watching the world change, I am absurdly sad that we lost such a visionary.

The graduation speech that Steve Jobs gave at Stanford University in 2005 is incredible. It is inspiring, hits all the right notes, and is definitely worth a watch if you have a few minutes.

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