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Today Only: Subscribe to Amazon Prime for Just $67!

Amazon Prime $67 Membership

Today’s the day! If you are not yet an Amazon Prime subscriber you can subscribe to Amazon Prime for just $67!!

This is one of the best prices I have seen in years. Sadly it is only available to those new to the service.

I think that an Amazon Prime membership is worth $99, so getting it for $67 is a steal. Some of the benefits of a Prime membership include:

  • Free 2-day shipping on all orders marked “Amazon Prime”… and this is most items!
  • Access to the Kindle lending library
  • Access to the Kindle First program, where you get one free pre-release Kindle book each month
  • Free music streaming via Amazon Music
  • Access to Subscribe and Save, where you can save money by placing regular orders each month
  • Access to Amazon Prime Video
  • Depending on your location and availability, one-to-two hour delivery is available for Amazon Prime members

Amazon Prime is one service that I pretty much can’t live without at this point.

The $67 Amazon Prime subscription is only valid today, September 25, 2015


Click here to subscribe to Amazon Prime!

Amazon Prime Members: Get Your FREE September Kindle First Book

It’s a new month, which means that a new selection of Kindle First book selections are available! Kindle First is a perk for Amazon Prime members whereby Prime members can choose one free pre-release book each month.

This month there are SIX Kindle First books from which to choose!

here are the September Kindle First book options:

The Prettiest One

The Prettiest One by James Hankins

Synopsis: When Caitlin Sommers finds herself alone in a deserted parking lot with blood on her clothes and no memory of the past few months, it seems like one of the nightmares that have tormented her for years…but it’s all too real. Desperate to learn the truth about where she’s been and what has happened to her but terrified of what she may find, Caitlin embarks on a search for answers. Her journey takes her from the safe suburban world she knows to a seedy town she’s never heard of, where a terrible truth from her past lies hidden—a truth she can’t quite remember yet can’t completely forget.

Hot Sur

Hot Sur by Laura Restrepo

Synopsis: María Paz is a young Latin American woman who, like many others, has come to America chasing a dream. When she is accused of murdering her husband and sentenced to life behind bars, she must struggle to keep hope alive as she works to prove her innocence. But the dangers of prison are not her only obstacles: gaining freedom would mean facing an even greater horror lying in wait outside the prison gates, one that will stop at nothing to get her back. Can María Paz survive this double threat in a land where danger and desperation are always one step behind, and safety and happiness seem just out of reach?

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Amazon Gift Card Deal: Buy $50, Get $10 for Free

Amazon Gift Card Deal

You could say that I have a bit of an Amazon addiction. It is easily my go-to shopping site. I have an Amazon Prime membership so it’s easy to just log on there and order any small thing that I need and then have it delivered right to my door within two days. I’m a frequent orderer, so I’m pretty excited about this promotion they just announced: When you purchase $50 in Amazon gift cards you will get $10 for free!

No offense to anyone I know, but I plan on purchasing $50 in Amazon gift cards for myself and then keeping the $10, too. Why not? It’s free money!

Please note that this offer MAY NOT be available to all Amazon customers. Here’s the verbiage from the website:

This offer is valid ONLY to eligible customers. To qualify, you must: (1) purchase the Amazon.com Gift Cards using the Amazon.com account to which you are currently logged in; and (2) enter the promotional code “0815GCARDS” in the “Gift Cards & Promotional Codes” box when you check out. Additional Terms and Conditions apply; scroll down to learn more.

As noted, you must use promo code “0815GCARDS” when you check out to get the free $10 gift card when you purchase $50. You must order the $50 by August 31, 2015 and then they will email you the additional $10 gift card.

Click here to see if you qualify for this Amazon.com gift card promo!

Amazon Prime Members: Grab Your Free August Kindle First Book Now!

It’s another month, which means another selection of Amazon Kindle First Books are available to peruse! Amazon Prime Members get one FREE Kindle First book each month, otherwise the book will become available on the first day of the following month for full price.

Here are the August Kindle First Book Selections (this month there are six):

The Good Neighbor

The Good Neighbor by A.J. Banner

Synopsis: Shadow Cove, Washington, is the kind of town everyone dreams about—quaint streets, lush forests, good neighbors. That’s what Sarah thinks as she settles into life with her new husband, Dr. Johnny McDonald. But all too soon she discovers an undercurrent of deception. And one October evening when Johnny is away, sudden tragedy destroys Sarah’s happiness.

Dazed and stricken with grief, she and Johnny begin to rebuild their shattered lives. As she picks up the pieces of her broken home, Sarah discovers a shocking secret that forces her to doubt everything she thought was true—about her neighbors, her friends, and even her marriage. With each stunning revelation, Sarah must ask herself, Can we ever really know the ones we love?

The Hundred Year Flood

The Hundred Year Flood by Matthew Salesses

Synopsis: In the shadow of a looming flood that comes every one hundred years, Tee tries to convince himself that living in a new place will mean a new identity and a chance to shed the parallels between him and his adopted father. This beautiful and dreamlike story follows Tee, a twenty-two-year-old Korean-American, as he escapes to Prague in the wake of his uncle’s suicide and the aftermath of 9/11. His life intertwines with Pavel, a painter famous for revolution; Katka, his equally alluring wife; and Pavel’s partner—a giant of a man with an American name. As the flood slowly makes its way into the old city, Tee contemplates his own place in life as both mixed and adopted and as an American in a strange land full of heroes, myths, and ghosts.


About That Fling

About that Fling by Tawna Fenske

Synopsis: As the top PR person for the Belmont Health System, bright, beautiful Jenna McArthur knows how to spin bad news and make it sound good. But when her adorable Aunt Gertie—a secret romance writer—urges Jenna to embrace her wild side, Jenna tumbles into bed with Adam Thomas, a guy she’s just met, for a fun and fantastic one-night stand. Too bad Adam is the one guy who’s totally off-limits. There aren’t enough clever words in the world to spin the story in a way that won’t wreck Jenna’s closest friendship or destroy her job.

With the irresistible Adam always around her at work, wearing an aura of temptation like a fabulous cologne, Jenna has to hold tight to her senses to avoid falling for him. Will he take her to the heights of pleasure again—or will their attraction destroy everything she’s worked for?

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