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The Big List of Memorial Day Sales (2015 Edition)

Memorial Day Sales & Discounts

(Image via Mike Mozart)

Memorial Day is a day set aside to honor those who have given their lives defending our country. It has also become, for some unknown reason, one of the biggest shopping weekends of the year.

I’ve done my best to compile some of the best Memorial Day sales and coupons that you’ll find this weekend but you can’t go wrong anywhere – pretty much EVERYONE is having a big sale this weekend.

Click through to find a huge round-up of beauty, clothing (traditional and plus sizes), shoes, accessories, home goods, and even subscription box coupons that are available this weekend. You can find our Memorial Day Sales: Kids & Babies Edition over at

Have a great long weekend and be sure to let me know if you pick up anything fabulous!

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Father’s Day Gift Idea: Taste Trunk

Father's Day Gift Idea

Taste Trunk has been around for awhile, with mixed reviews. You can read all about Lisa’s experience here. With that being said, I think it’s about time they are given another shot! :) Get it, shot? Gin. Do you shoot gin? I’m obviously not a huge gin drinker, but I digress. Anyway, with Father’s Day right around the corner, I thought what better gift than this! It’s something completely different and unique. And right now you can save 25%!

Taste Trunk Coupon: Use code “FD25″ at checkout to receive 25% off the Father’s Day Gourmet Food Trunks!

Prices range from $49-$149 (before the coupon), depending upon which trunk you choose.

The Mixologist trunk, pictured above, is $149 and includes the gin making kit that we included in our 2014 Holiday Gift Guide. I think I’m going to grab this for the hubby!

Or perhaps he’d like the Beer and Bourbon Trunk ($59). Or the Sausage Trunk ($49). He’d love them all- I can’t decide! Maybe I’ll go with the Smoked Trunk ($85). Hmmmm.

For this deal, I could grab one for all the dads in my life. There’s something for everyone!

Have you tried Taste Trunk? Are you going to pick one up for Father’s Day? Be sure to use the code FD25 for 25% off.

I will note, it’s hard to tell, but I’m fairly certain that by buying a trunk you are not signing up for the subscription. I’m pretty sure it’s just a one time thing.

NewBeauty TestTube Review

New Beauty TestTube

It’s frequently said, including by me, that Birchbox was the site that started the subscription box movement but that’s actually not true. The NewBeauty TestTube was really the first beauty subscription program, having launched way back in 2006. It was Birchbox, however, that helped take this genre mainstream.

Here’s the funny thing: I was actually one of the first subscribers to NewBeauty TestTube. I read about the beauty sampling program in a magazine and subscribed immediately. At the time the tube was shipped out quarterly and I think I received two tubes before I canceled thinking that it was really weird that I was spending money to get samples from an internet company. (Oh, if I’d only known…) While I enjoyed receiving the tube, I was also in my mid-20s at the time and thought the products were a bit old for me as I was receiving anti-wrinkle products, night creams, etc.

Well fast forward 8 years and I finally got my hands on a NewBeauty TestTube to review for this site and while I’m closer to their ideal customer now I still thought the tube was just a little old for me, and you’ll see why below.

The NewBeauty TestTube costs $29.95 (plus $8.95 shipping) and it now ships out six times per year. In addition to the tube you will also receive a quarterly subscription to NewBeauty Magazine.

2015-05-16 22.43.50


The TestTube comes filled with products! It was so full that there was maybe only room for one more small sample. This is something I remember from when I subscribed way back when – I was never disappointed with the number of products I received!


Here’s What I Received in My May Birchbox

Birchbox May 2015: Cupcakes & Cashmere

In the May Ipsy review that I posted yesterday I noted how I remain loyal to Birchbox despite the fact that I haven’t been really impressed with any of the boxes that they’ve sent out in a while. It appears they’ve stopped surprising subscribers with full-size items (based on the fact that they want people to pay for an upgrade to receive full-size items now*), and the boxes have just been so dang boring.

I know, I know. I’m whining about a box filled with beauty products that cost $10. It’s just that Birchbox started out as the leader in this space and it feels like the quality is deteriorating month after month. Instead of sending out awesome products, it appears that Birchbox is spending money on fancy boxes and collaborations. I doubt I’m the only person that couldn’t care less about either of those things.

I am the biggest fan of Birchbox and was one of their earliest subscribers but I’m seriously considering canceling if things don’t pick up in the next couple of months.

On that ominous note, the May Birchbox featured a collaboration between them and the lifestyle blog Cupcakes and Cashmere. The boxes featured some of that blogger’s favorite items and also advertised her upcoming book release.

Here’s what I received in my May Birchbox:

2015-05-16 22.32.08

Macadamia Professional Nourishing Moisture Oil Treatment – Birchbox sent out an email earlier in the month asking if I wanted to choose one of the samples I would receive and I chose this oil. I’m a nut about Beauty Protector Protect & Oil and use it on my hair every morning, but when I travel I take along whatever sample I have available to me. Thus, this will find it’s way into my travel stash.

2015-05-16 22.32.23

Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Water – I’m not at all familiar with this product from Smashbox, but Smashbox is one of my favorite beauty brands so it has to be awesome! This is apparently a hydrating makeup primer. You spritz it on your face before applying makeup and it does the job of a primer without having to be rubbed in like other products.


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