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Try Bespoke Post for Less with this Rue La La Deal

Bespoke Post

It’s super rare to see a Bespoke Post discount, so if this subscription box for men has been on your “to try” list I highly recommend booking it over to Rue La La!

Rue La La has two different offers available for Bespoke Post: $34 for one month (typically $45) or $99 for three months (typically $135).

Bespoke Post is a really high-quality subscription box, so even though the price is a little on the high side I’ve found that the value of the boxes always exceeds the cost. (Check out my Bespoke Post review.) One of the things that sets Bespoke Post apart is that each month they offer a couple of different options for boxes, so ideally the purchaser is always pleased with what he receives. If he doesn’t like any of the options that month he can always skip the month.

With Father’s Day kind of around the corner, this would make a fun gift!

Click here to check out the Bespoke Post offer at Rue La La!

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What I Received in the Ireland Escape Monthly Box

If there was any subscription box I was looking forward to receiving it was Escape Monthly. If I could get paid to travel I would spend all of my time traveling the globe. There’s literally nothing I enjoy more than traveling, so Escape Monthly seemed like a natural fit.

While I didn’t have time to write some of my reviews last month, I purposefully put off writing about Escape Monthly, as I kind of hoped that I would change my mind about the contents of the Ireland Escape Monthly box. “It wasn’t that bad,” I’d think to myself before looking at the contents again and then sighing as I tried to think of something positive to say.

There are two things I feel like I should point out before reviewing the Ireland Escape Monthly box:

  1. This box is expensive. Escape Monthly costs $49.95 per month, which makes it one of the most expensive boxes on the market. For $49.95, I expect to receive a box that blows me away.
  2. I studied abroad in Ireland, and while I am by no means an Ireland expert, I had REALLY high hopes for this box. There are so many amazing things that could have been included.

Here’s what I received in the Ireland Escape Monthly box:


Human + Kind Family Remedy Cream ($31.49) – This cream was the largest product included in the box. It’s an all-natural cream that allegedly soothes and reduces common skin irritations. I’m not going to lie to you: I will not be using this cream. The scent is so strong and medicinal that I almost gagged. Human + Kind looks like a great brand, and I really wish another slightly less pungent item had been included so I could really get a sense for their products!


Moon Living Abroad in Ireland Guide ($19.99) – I believe most of the Escape Monthly boxes include a travel guide, which can be nice if you’re planning on visiting a country or location, but those books can also add up over the course of a year!

It seems like a lot of the value of this box is spent on a book that probably isn’t particularly useful unless you actually plan on visiting (or living in!) a destination.


What I Received in my March Glossybox

I still have a bunch of *new to me* subscription boxes as well as a few regulars to review from March, which unfortunately got delayed by my trip to Florida. So please don’t be confused when the April reviews start intersecting with the March ones. I had hoped to get the March reviews done before I left, but that just wasn’t in the cards.

Here’s a quick rundown of what I received in my March Glossybox. It was definitely a good month for this beauty box – I was pretty excited about each new item that I pulled out of the box! And – spoiler alert – the box contained 3 full size products, which is always awesome!

Here’s what I received in my box:


Alex and Ani Scent 7 Soap Bar ($14) – Full Size Item! Alright, so I’m less excited about a full-size bar of soap than I am about other full-size products, but this soap smells surprisingly good. I’m not going to tell you that I’ll use it because I likely won’t (I can’t tell you the last time I used bar soap), but this is easily re-gifted.


Alex and Ani Charm Bangle ($28) – Full size item! This is considered a “bonus” item, but I’m still considering it part of the box. This bracelet is made for stacking with others!


Bamboo Volume Plumping Strand Expand - This “thickening lotion” allegedly strengthens, moisturizes, and adds volume to hair. I don’t need my hair to be any thicker, but I’m sure I’ll be able to find someone to take this off my hands!


Here’s What I Received in my February Conscious Box

Conscious Box - February 2014

Last month I took advantage of an offer online to get a free Conscious Box, and the February box arrived during the first week of March.

I wasn’t sure what to expect of Conscious Box, which costs $19.99 per month and is an all-natural subscription box.

More so than most other “sample boxes” at this point, the box I received was actually stuffed full of “samples.”

Here’s what I received in my February Conscious Box:

Conscious Box - February 2014

I really loved the box that all of the items came packaged in, but I have to admit that’s where my love ended. The items just seemed so random, and I’m really not sure the contents were worth $19.99, and I’m glad I only spent $5 on shipping.

I don’t know, I guess there’s just not really anything that excited me in this Conscious Box or that I’m dying to try out. I’ll also be getting the March box, so I’ll be curious to see how the two boxes compare. Maybe this was just an off box.

Do Tell: Have you subscribed to Conscious Box? What do you think?

Get a Discounted Subscription to Beauty Army via Rue La La

Beauty Army subscription

Here’s an awesome subscription box discount! Right now at Rue La La you can pick up a three-month subscription to Beauty Army for $23!

Beauty Army typically costs $12 per month, so this Rue La La offer is a $13 savings over the course of three months. Beauty Army is a little different than the other monthly beauty boxes because you can actually choose which samples you want to receive! Each month there will be a selection of samples available and you can choose up to six of them.

Way back in 2012 I reviewed Beauty Army and while I mostly liked the samples I received, I actually didn’t like choosing what to get in my box. Subscription boxes were still kind of new at the time, and I really liked the element of surprise that some boxes offered. Now I feel like I would have a greater appreciation for choosing my own samples since I’ve since received so many boxes containing products I’d never use. I may have to pick up this offer from Rue La La and give them another go!

Click here to pick up the discounted subscription to Beauty Army!

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Beauty Box 5 Limited Edition Box: $100 Worth of Samples for $35

Beauty Box 5 Limited Edition Box

Beauty Box 5 is celebrating the launch of their online store with a special Limited Edition Box! The Beauty Box 5 Limited Edition Box has a retail value of $100 but costs just $35!

They’re not giving any hints about what you might expect to find in the box, though everything they send will have been featured in previous boxes. I think that means this box is for anyone who has loved everything Beauty Box 5 has ever sent out or for those without a subscription who want the samples without a commitment. Either way, $35 for $100 worth of samples is a fab deal and great way to try some new beauty products for less!

Click here to check out the Beauty Box 5 Limited Edition Box!

Beauty Box 5 is a monthly beauty subscription box that costs $12. Each month they send out five deluxe beauty samples.

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links, which means we may receive a (very) small commission if you click a link and purchase something.

Cate & Chloe Subscription Box Review

Cate & Chloe Jewelry Subscription

Cate & Chloe is a new jewelry based subscription box. What sets this box apart from most of the other companies is that 1. There aren’t that many jewelry-based subscription boxes and 2. They actually ship their box out twice per month! Y’all know how much I love receiving mail, so receiving not one but two packages a month is awesome.

A subscription to Cate & Chloe costs $39.99 per month, which is on the more expensive side, but in exchange you will receive approximately $200 worth of jewelry each month! The box ships for free.

The powers that be at Cate & Chloe asked if I wanted to review a box and of course I agreed. I was so excited to open the shipping packaging and find the adorable pillow box above inside. I almost didn’t want to open it because the packaging was so fabulous!


Inside the pillow box was this super cute jewelry box that I will definitely be holding onto. It’s on my nightstand now as a holder for the jewelry I forget to remove before bed.



Inside was this lovely necklace, which is a pre-release item, meaning it’s not yet available in the Cate & Chloe store.

I have to admit that before receiving this box I hadn’t really done any research into Cate & Chloe, and when they said “jewelry subscription” I was thinking it would be more trendy. Cate & Chloe doesn’t have trendy pieces so much as they have classic pieces that will always be in style. For instance, the necklace above! I wasn’t expecting it, but I’m wearing it now and love the way it looks. It goes with pretty much everything and when it hits the light the right way it sparkles like a diamond.

Since a monthly subscription to Cate & Chloe costs $39.99 per month, that would make the cost of this one piece about $20. I would definitely say it’s worth that amount. It really is a pretty little bauble!

If you’d love to receive a new piece of jewelry every two weeks and favor classic pieces over trendy pieces, then Cate & Chloe may be for you.

Click here to check out Cate & Chloe!

Disclosure: I was provided with this box to review, however, all opinions expressed above are my own. This post contains affiliate links, which means we may receive a (very) small commission if you click a link and purchase something.

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