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Subscription Box Review: Try The World

I love to travel, but with a 1 year old and a 3 year old, international trips aren’t necessarily in the cards right now. I did the typical European tour during college, and fell in love with the sights, sounds, lifestyle and most of all FOOD of other cultures. My three favorite meals of all time were consumed abroad: 1. My first pesto pasta in a Cinque Terre restaurant situated on a rocky cliff above the sea. 2. A traditional German meal served in a Munich Biergarten under twinkling lights, complete with bratwurst, sauerkraut and German potato salad. 3. Freshly caught swordfish off the coast of Portugal, grilled to perfection with seasonal vegetables. Some day, when my kids are a little more independent, we will head for the hills… but for now, I found a food subscription box that will give me a travel fix without leaving my home- Try The World.

How It Works:

Every two months, you receive a box of 7-10 gourmet treats from a different place in the world. They are curated by professional chefs and include a card describing each gourmet good, and a culture guide with movies, music and more.

Subscription Box Review: Try The World- Paris BoxParis Box


$39/box (auto-renews every 2 months)

$35/box (auto-renews every 6 months at $105- save 10%)

$33/box (auto-renews every year at $198- save 15%)

  • Shipping is free
  • Cancel or Pause anytime

My Subscription:

I received a special offer when I signed up- subscribe and get a “World” box free. My first shipment included a Paris box, and a World box, both of which were packaged beautifully. The Paris box contained the following items:

Try The World Subscription Box: Paris ContentsFlagrants Desirs- dark chocolate bar with raspberry

Domaine Des Vignes- whole grain mustard

Mystery Treat- sugar-covered fruit jellies

Maison d’Armorine- salted butter caramels

Charles Antona- Corsican jam

Le Mere Poulard- sables

Clement Faugier- chestnut spread

In addition to the box and description of items, I also received a France Culture Guide, which included a few photos of items in the box and a small blurb about their background. One thing I was confused about was that they included two photos of fleur de sel, which wasn’t in my box. When I went onto the website and looked at the store, it was included in other boxes (Ah! Bummer!). The guide also included a Parisian Playlist, which included a link to custom Spotify playlists for each box. Movie suggestions, a French poem and culture/food & drink suggestions were also included.

One thing I would have like to have seen in this guide was how to use each of the ingredients. Why not show me how to make a party-worth appetizer using the fig jam? Or a way to integrate the salted butter caramels into cookies? Or even a pastry recipe for the chestnut spread?

The World box included these items; I loved the Tortas because they seemed truly authentic and fresh. I wish more items like this were included in the box!

Try the World: Subscription Box Review by Shop Girl DailyRip van Wafels- Amsterdam

Valor Dark Chocolate- Spain; Cocoa from Ghana, Panama and Ecuador

Colman’s Mustard- United Kingdom

Matcha Love Cold Green Tea (Sweetened and Unsweetened)- Japan

Guylian Artisanal Belgian Chocolates- Belgium

Ines Rosales Tortas (Rosemary & Thyme and Original Sweet)- Spain

Overall, I think this is a unique subscription box if you do a little research into the items and how to use them. I would love to see more small batch, homemade goodies like the Tortas- they seemed less mass produced than the other goods. Also, if they included recipes (how about some interactive videos featuring the chef who curates each box using the contents??), it would truly add value to an otherwise decent subscription.

Want to give it a try? Use this link for $15 off your first box!

BONUS IDEA: How fun would it be to create a book and food club? Select a book that goes with the theme (for example, I would have chosen The Paris Wife by Paula McLain
for this box! GREAT book, and this version is just for book clubs) and get together with friends every two months to try new delicacies and chat about your novel.

Cheryl Leahy is the author of the blog all dressed up with nothing to drink…and her motto is“Don’t Give Up! Figuring out how to adapt to motherhood while keeping a sense of self is an art form.” She is also the Style Editor and Marketing Manager for The Little Style File and is a Featured Contributor for 30Second Mom.

Subscription Box Review: Bestowed

I pretty much eat only snacks. As a mom, my kids are always eating my meals before I have a chance to actually finish them, and I generally resort to little packets of peanut butter or Kashi bars for fuel. (The other day I actually ate some Strawberry Pop Tarts for lunch because that is all I could find…I’m ashamed to admit it, but they were delicious). When I received the opportunity to review Bestowed, a subscription box which sends 7-10 healthy snacks, beverages and lifestyle items a month, I jumped at the chance.

The boxes are curated by Heather Bauer, a New York Dietitian-Nutritionist, best selling book author, private weight loss counselor, and Huffington Post columnist. Her goal is to bring the best brands to consumers, and to keep us from getting bored with healthy food (because if I have to eat another plain chicken breast, I’ll cry).

Here are the Bestowed details:

  • Pick from three different plans- 1 month @ $20/month, 3 months @ $18/month, 6 months @ $17/month or 12 months @ $16/month
  • Shipping is free
  • Plans renew automatically, cancel any time

If you like what you receive, you can shop the box in their online store.

Here is what I received in my February box:

Subscription Review Box: BestowedI loved the variety and the inclusion of items that my kids would like as well as products that I enjoy. The item that truly caught my attention was the seasoning kit- I am forever trying to find quick & yummy ways to spice up chicken breasts. Unfortunately I over-cooked the chicken (so hard to see if it is done when wrapped in parchment), but the concept is still interesting.

Bestowed Subscription Box ContentsSimply Organic Steam Gourmet Parchment & Seasoning Kit- ($2.92 per envelope); great concept, not enough flavor for my husband, but could have been operator error on my part!

Morning Sunshine Breakfast Cookie- ($2.25 per cookie); had an amazing amount of protein- 12g, and didn’t taste sugary or bland like most breakfast cookies I have tried. I would eat this every morning!

Honey Stinger Kids’ Organic Chews- ($1 per bag); my 3 year old ate these and wanted more!

I Heart Keenwah Cashew Cranberry Quinoa Cluster- ($1.25 for 1 oz); unique taste and texture, almost like peanut brittle. Good flavor, but it stuck in my teeth.

Plum Organics Plum Vida Organic Fruit & Veggie Blend Pouch- ($2 per pouch); my 1 year old ate the whole thing and wanted more. Loved the fact that it included veggies.

Hammer Nutrition HEED “Endurance Fuel”- ($1.25 per serving); umm….I don’t work out so gave this to my husband. He was happy to try something new, so bonus for including this in the box.

Numi Organic Indulgent Tea- ($.65 per tea bag); delicious- I am a fan of Rooibos in general, and this one threw in cacao to sweeten the deal. Being more of a coffee gal, I was expecting this to be unsatisfying, but it surprisingly put a smile on my face.

Natralia Dry Skin Lotion- ($.12 for .1 fl oz); If you live in the Midwest and are experiencing the same crazy dry winter air that I am, this is for you. Non-greasy, natural and perfect for everyone in my family, even my little gal with sensitive skin.

Nature’s Bakery Fig Bar- ($1 per twin bar package); delish- they tasted like wholesome Fig Newtons.

Overall, I enjoyed ALL of the items included in the box. I tried to calculate the cost of the individual items, which is tough because some aren’t available to purchase in the sample size and when you buy in bulk, you have a lower cost/ounce. My total came out to around $13.70 + shipping, so the value of the box definitely includes the convenience factor and novelty of new items being selected for you. I still think this box is worth it- there is value in trying before you buy! The goal of this box isn’t to receive discount snacks- it is to introduce you to new brands that encourage healthy eating and it hits the mark.

SPECIAL OFFER: Shop Girl Daily readers can get 10% off any Bestowed subscription with code “LOVEHEALTHY

What are your thoughts? Would Bestowed be a hit in your household?

Cheryl Leahy is the author of the blog all dressed up with nothing to drink…and her motto is“Don’t Give Up! Figuring out how to adapt to motherhood while keeping a sense of self is an art form.” She is also the Style Editor and Marketing Manager for The Little Style File and is a Featured Contributor for 30Second Mom.

Here’s What I Received in My February Ipsy Bag

There wasn’t anything wrong with my February Ipsy Bag, though I can’t quite put my finger on why I didn’t love it. Despite containing 3 full-size products, I’m just not really inspired by my bag this month.

Here’s what I received in my February Ipsy bag:

February Ipsy Bag

I’ve been an Ipsy subscriber for about a year now. When I first launched my subscription it seemed like they were doing lots of bag collaborations (in particular I remember a Rebecca Minkoff bag), but recently the bags have been fairly drab. This is a fine bag, it’s just not very exciting.

Luxie Large Angled Brush

Luxie Large Angled Brush – Full size product!

City Color Creamy Lip Stain

City Color Creamy Lip Stain – Full size product!


Here’s What I Received in My February Box from Beauty Box 5

It’s probably the weather, but all of my subscription boxes tend to be coming a bit late this month! I guess I haven’t received much mail at all this month, but it’s the subscription boxes I miss the most!

My February box from Beauty Box 5 arrived yesterday, however, despite the deep freeze here in Chicago and here is what was included:

Revlon Colorstay Nail Polish

Revlon Colorstay Nail Enamel – $3.99 – Full size product! I can’t actually tell you the last time I used Revlon nail polish, but I LOVE this color and can’t wait to put it to use!

Avon Big Color Eye Pencil

Avon Big Color Eye Pencil – $3.49 – Full size product! Two full-size products in a row, Beauty Box 5? Looking good! I was surprised to see an Avon product in the box… I think this might be a subscription box first? I’ve never actually tried anything from Avon so I’m excited to see how this eye pencil works.


Here’s What I Received in My February Birchbox

Birchbox Review - February 2015  |

I have to admit that I was a little nervous to receive the February Birchbox because I’d seen a few reviews online from people saying they weren’t happy with their boxes. Since I wasn’t expecting very much based on other reviews, I was very pleasantly surprised with the stuffed box I received in the mail yesterday!

Here’s what I received in my February Birchbox:

Laura Geller Beauty GlamLASH Dramatic Volumizing Mascara

Laura Geller Beauty GlamLASH Dramatic Volumizing Mascara – I received an email again from Birchbox this month letting me choose one of my samples, and of course I went with this super deluxe mascara sample! I don’t believe I’ve tried this brand of mascara before and y’all know how much I love trying out new mascara!

Davines Minu Shampoo

Davines Minu Shampoo and Hair Serum – I’ve received products from Davines before from Birchbox (the last time being in the December box), but this particular shampoo sample couldn’t have come at a more perfect time as I plan on packing it in my hospital bag. I like that this deluxe sample is for color-treated hair, too, because that’s become important to me as I’ve started regularly dying my hair using Madison Reed hair color. I like the color to last as long as possible!


Get a FREE Sparkly Clutch and Oscar (It Girl) Polish With Orders of $25 or More at

You know the Friends episode where the girls wear wedding dresses? That’s me and my girlfriends with the Oscars. Mind you, it has been a few years, but we used to get all dolled up and pretend like it was our night. I miss those days. If you’re going to an Oscar party, or heck, even if you’re not, then today’s deal from Julep should be right up your ally. Get a FREE Sparkly Clutch and Oscar (It Girl) Polish with orders of $25 or more at

julep.comTalk about sparkles! This polish is definitely Oscar worthy! Swoon.

And the bag! It’s gunmetal and sparkly. My favorite color. LOVE!

Just make sure you spend $25 to get this for free (a $44 value!). I could do some serious damage, so $25 isn’t hard for me to do.

Get this glam set FREE with any $25+ order. Here’s how:

  1. Add this set to your shopping bag

  2. Keep shopping! The Red Carpet Clutch & Polish is free with any $25+ order

  3. Enter promo code REDCARPET at checkout

  4. Complete checkout

If you’ve been wanting to try Julep, now is your chance!

Click here to snag your Oscar kit from

Try Out Your First Love with Food Box for Free

Love with Food is again offering a free trial of their snack subscription box! There is a $2 charge for shipping, but that is a small price to pay for all of the awesomeness that will be included in this box!

Typically the box costs $10 per month and the box almost always comes stuffed to the gills with various snack products. It has been a long time since I last reviewed this box, but you can check out my last Love with Food review for an idea of the type of products that they typically include. I’ve found a bunch of new favorite snacks as a result of receiving the box in the past.

Click here to grab your free box from Love with Food!

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