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Here’s What I Received in My August PopSugar Must Have Box

Lisa, it’s your birthday! Happy Birthday, Lisa!

Today is, in fact, my birthday, and for reasons that will be immediately obvious I was holding this review until today. Not that I held the review for a long time as the box showed up at my door this past Friday.

Here’s what I received in birthday box August PopSugar Must Have Box:

Southern Culture Foods Shortstacks

Southern Culture Shortstacks Birthday Cake Pancake & Waffle Mix ($7.99) – I have long described the PopSugar Must Have Box as being like a monthly birthday treat and considering that my birthday is in August – today, actually – I love that they included a birthday-related item! Not only that but Souther Culture Shortstacks are a food item I have been meaning to try for years! My husband and I made these waffles over the weekend and they were very tasty. I don’t know that they tasted just like birthday cake, but then again I like my cake covered with frosting and as sweet as possible. This mix did have sprinkles inside of it though!

Best Day Ever Mug

Best Day Ever Mug ($12) – I loved the inclusion of this mug! I love mugs like this but could never bring myself to spend any money to buy one. Now that I have this one, however, I will be putting it to good use. Every morning my son wakes me up somewhere between 6-6:30 a.m. and before grabbing him I make him a bottle and me a mug of coffee and then we both enjoy our morning beverages together. This mug will be a nice little reminder that every day with him IS the best day ever… even when those days start a little earlier than I’d prefer.

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Club W: A Subscription for Wine Lovers or Those Curious About Wine

Club W

My husband and I are by no means wine connoisseurs, though we do enjoy wine. We have gone to Napa, Tuscany and the vineyards spread throughout western Michigan and always had a great time – and left with more than a few bottles of wine. Despite our enjoyment and recognizing if we liked a particular wine, that’s where our knowledge ended.

Back when I was pregnant we went out to dinner with a coworker of my husband. Said coworker was telling us that when he and his wife were expecting their first child they moved to the far northern suburbs and had to find new ways to entertain themselves since the city was no longer at their doorstep. Instead of going out to dinner or whatever else one might do in the city with a young baby, he and his wife started a Friday tradition of purchasing a new bottle of wine and learning everything they could about the wine itself, the vineyard, the grapes, etc. My husband and I thought this was a wonderful idea since we wanted to learn more about wine but hadn’t taken the time to educate ourselves, and put this on the post baby to-do list.

Earlier this year Cheryl wrote a Club W review, which immediately prompted me to subscribe. We’d just had the baby and having wine hand-picked for me based on my preferences and then having it delivered straight to our door seemed like an ideal situation. We have been Club W subscribers for four months now and are in love with the service!

Club W costs $39 per month + $6 shipping. $39 covers the cost of three bottles of wine, so the cost breaks down to $13 per bottle. The reason the wine offered by Club W is so affordable is not because it is “cheap” wine (this is no two buck chuck!), but instead because they eliminate the middle men (importers, wholesalers, retailers, etc.) and go straight to the vineyard to source bottles to sell through Club W. Thus, we get to enjoy the savings!

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Finally – A Sephora Subscription Box is on the Way!


Hold the phones, subscription box lovers. This is big news!

It’s being reported that a Sephora subscription box is launching soon!!!

The Sephora subscription box will be called Play! by Sephora. It is only launching in three cities to start: Boston, Columbus, and Cincinnati. No word on why, specifically, those three cities, but yay for any of you living in those areas! The box is set to launch in those three cities NEXT MONTH (September), with a wider roll-out to the rest of the country expected next year.

With a price point of $10, it’s poised to be a major competitor to Birchbox and Ipsy, the two biggest players amongst all of the beauty subscription boxes.

According to Harper’s Bazaar, the first Sephora subscription box to ship will include some fantastic brands.

The first box (spoiler alert!) contains products from Marc Jacobs, Ole Henriksen, Bumble and bumble, Glamglow and Sephora’s in-house brand.

Also accord to Harper’s Bazaar, each month’s box will have a new theme, “like skincare or cosmetics,” and bonus samples will be thrown in each month as well!

News of a Sephora subscription box cannot make the powers that be at Birchbox and Ipsy very happy. Despite Birchbox’s expansion into a full cosmetics operation, Sephora is still THE beauty store with the best brand recognition. Depending on how these first months look, I wouldn’t at all be surprised to see people jumping ship and spending their $10 per month at Sephora.

My only question: Why didn’t they do this sooner???

Subscription Box Review: Wet Shave Club for Women

Wet Shave Club for Women

Last year I reviewed Wet Shave Club, which at the time was only a shaving club for men. They recently launched Wet Shave Club Box for Women, so now everyone can get in on all of the shaving fun!

Each month Wet Shave Club sends an assortment of shaving products that will help you have a fun, comfortable, and luxurious wet shave.  They’ll send razors, soaps and more that they have scoured from around the country.

Here’s what your first box might look like if you were to subscribe to Wet Shave Club:


You have to have a razor, right? This one is very heavy duty with a chic pink handle.

2015-07-26 03.28.10

And of course there are razor blades to fit into your razor.

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