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Toms Ballet Flats Relaunching Soon

Toms Ballet Flats


I didn’t even realize that Toms Ballet Flats had temporarily gone out of production. There was so much buzz when these shoes first launched last spring that I immediately bought a pair. I’m not going to lie – it wasn’t one of the best purchases I’ve ever made. Despite repeated wear, I just don’t find my pair of Toms Ballet Flats to be that comfortable. I’ll wear them when I’m going on a quick errand, but that’s about it.

I’m hopeful that with the relaunched version of Toms Ballet Flats will prove to be a much better shoe. According to the email I just received they’re fixing the following issues:
• Elasticized collar for improved fit •
• Soft toecap for forefoot flexibility •
• Repositioned joint seam for heel comfort •

In particular, I think the soft toecap will go a long way to improving the shoe!

If you’re interested in getting your hands on a new pair of the Toms Ballet Flats, you can register here to put your name on the waiting list and you’ll be the first to know when the new flats are available!

TOMS Ballet Flats Released Today!

TOMS ballet flats


TOMS Ballet Flats were released today!

I’m so excited I already purchased a pair of the TOMS Alessandra Burlap Ballet Flats you see above. I love the mix of the beige with the black. I’m hoping they’re as comfortable as all the TOMS lovers in the world have been proclaiming.

There are some really cute styles and I had a hard time deciding which pair to get. All of the pairs are comparably priced between a range of $74 to $84. The pair above cost $79. {I didn’t have a coupon, but sometimes a girl just has to go for it.}

I told you all before that I really don’t like the look of classic TOMS at all, so I’ll be sure to let you know what I think of these as soon as they arrive! I’m hoping I love them because I’m in the market for a cute pair of ballet flats that are super comfy and good for everyday use.

Check out the full line of TOMS Ballet Flats here!

TOMS Releasing a Line of Ballet Flats This Spring

Toms flats

So, I’ve kind of got a secret. Not a huge life-altering secret or anything, just something small I’ve been keeping from you.

Are you ready?


Seriously. Despise.

I think they are perhaps the world’s ugliest shoe. To me, they just look like slippers. Oddly shaped slippers.

Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE that TOMS donates a pair of their shoes for every pair sold, and I’d buy a pair just to donate a pair. But then I’d probably donate the paid I’d purchased, too. :)

Now that my dislike is out of the way, I’m excited to share that TOMS is releasing a line of flats this spring!!! Based on the image above, there will be many pretty styles and colors, and this is a shoe I’m excited to check out.

Toms flats 2

If they’re supposed to be as comfortable as the originals allegedly are and as cute as the image above then I’m all in for these flats!

Interested in learning more? Register here and be one of the first to hear when they are released this spring. {Yep, I even put myself on the list!}