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Reminder: TOMS for Target Launches Sunday

TOMS for Target


This is just a quick reminder that the TOMS for Target Collection is set to hit stores THIS Sunday, November 16, 2014! The collection will be available both online and in-stores, and based on the amount of buzz I’ve been hearing, I really wouldn’t be surprised if many of the items sold out super quickly! (ESPECIALLY the shoes!!!)

We shared the entire TOMS for Target look book a couple of months ago, and I recommend checking it out and having a game plan in place…

Actually, your best game plan might be “shop quickly.”

Part of the reason I’m certain this collection will sell out pretty much immediately is because TOMS is a beloved brand that isn’t readily available. Even here in Chicago I have to go downtown to Nordstrom to shop their styles! Like all of their styles, every purchase from this collection will result in a donation to charity. Each individual item will be marked with details on the charity recipient.

Click here to check out the TOMS for Target Look Book and be sure to let me know if you pick anything up this weekend!

TOMS Shoes on Sale at HauteLook

Toms Sale at HauteLook

One of the sales I meant to write about yesterday is the TOMS Sale at HauteLook. Luckily, while some styles have sold out quite a few are still available! (Sizes are quite limited though so I recommend sorting by size.)

The traditional shoes, like the Zebra-print ones above, are all on sale for $34.97 per pair. In addition to the slip-on shoes there are also various styles of boots and wedges.

Click here to check out the TOMS Sale at HauteLook!

TOMS for Target Collaboration Launching November 16

TOMS for Target

Target and TOMS have just announced an upcoming collaboration between the two brands that will launch just in time for the holidays! The TOMS for Target collection will feature 49 different home goods and apparel items created by TOMS that will each cost less than $50 and be available for purchase in Target stores in the U.S. and Canada, as well as online, on November 16, 2014.

Similar to TOMS’ One for One® giving model, for each item purchased from the collection, Target is donating a blanket, meals or shoes in partnership with TOMS and North America-based charities American Red Cross Disaster Relief, Canadian Red Cross Disaster Relief, Feeding America and Food Banks Canada. TOMS for Target has the potential to provide more than 11 million meals, blankets and shoes to those in need. The packaging for each individual item will list what type of donation is being made with the purchase of that particular item.

We got our hands on the entire TOMS for Target look book, which you can scroll through below.

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The items seem pretty honest to the TOMS aesthetic and are sure to be big holiday gifts this season.

What I think is really great about this promotion is that it’s bringing TOMS to the masses. Even here in Chicago I have to head downtown to Nordstrom to get a pair of TOMS shoes, so I imagine that in other parts of the country this brand is almost non-existent except for those shopping on the internet. With this collaboration, TOMS will be everywhere. And hey, not only that, but it’s going to help a bunch of people in need, too. Can’t beat that!

For more information on this collaboration, be sure to check out Target’s blog, A Bullseye View.

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