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First of all: TGIF, y’all. I don’t know about you, but this has been a long, rough week for me. I am really looking forward to the weekend, and I bet you are too! Last weekend, I went to Target to grab some essentials (a new doormat, cinnamon sticks, bananas … you know the drill) and as I wandered past the women’s clothing section, I saw about 800 adorable items from the Merona Collection. To be honest, I was very pleasantly surprised. Don’t get me wrong – I have been shopping for clothes at Target for years. However, this season of Merona Collection clothing seems much better made than in the past. The weather is getting cooler, and I found several jewel-toned pieces that could be fall wardrobe staples.

The first item my eye was drawn to was this gorgeous Eden Skirt – Multicolor Print ($24.99).  Not only is the print fun, but I think the colors are great for fall.  Isn’t it lovely?  I would like to wear it with my gold flats.  OH, or brown boots.  Cute!  This would also look great with my purple tights.

But enough about me.  Let’s keep looking at pretty things. Here’s the same Eden Skirt – Orange Print (also $24.99).

This skirt would go great with another piece I fell in love with:  the Heidi Ruffle Neck Top in Plum Passion ($24.99).  Pretty, no?  It is very reminiscent of some much more expensive shirts that have been very popular at J. Crew for the last couple of years.

This gold-y yellow isn’t really my color, but I think the Alex Top – Cruise Gold ($26.99) is beautiful nonetheless.  It has a great sheen to it.

And you know what?  This gold top would go great with yet another fabulous Merona Collection skirt – the Charlie Jacquard Skirt in Multi Color ($26.99).

Oh my gosh.  Just looking at all these pretty clothes again online is making me want to shop!  Here is another beautiful gold top that would look great with the jacquard skirt above:  the Judith Brushed Satin Top in Ochre ($22.99).

Okay!  Now you’ve seen my favorite jewel-toned Merona Collection items.  Now, how about some neutrals?  I have, of course, also fallen in love with several black/brown/white/gray items – perfect for fall and winter. Seriously?  Merona Collection wins the skirt award this season.  Here is yet another perfect skirt – the Printed Eden Skirt (again) in Brown/Cream ($24.99).

I have seen a lot of chain detailing on clothing, shoes and accessories this season – so when I stumbled upon the Balson Dress – Black ($39.99), I fell in love instantly.

Here’s a close-up of that detailing:

Cute, no?  I think it would also look great with a white button up long-sleeved shirt underneath.  And maybe my colored tights?  I bought a pair of purple tights last fall and I fell in love.  Now, I am always planning outfits around my purple tights.

Hm, tangent.

Anyway.  Last but not least, I absolutely adore this Eloise Dress – Lurex Tweed ($39.99).

Oh, swoon.  I think I have provided more than enough examples of why you should head on over to Target this weekend to pick up some fall wardrobe staples.  Have you shopped the Merona Collection lately?  Let me know!  I’d love to hear about your shopping experience!

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