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TeetheMe Box Review & Vlog

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I recently posted that Plum District was offering the new TeetheMe Box for just $12. I had some credits so I decided to pick up a box for free to check out what was inside. Normally a subscription to TeetheMe will cost $24 per month.

Keeping in mind that this was TeetheMe’s first effort, I’ll be perfectly blunt and say I wasn’t that impressed.

TeetheMe box

This picture more or less represents what I received in my box, minus the Teething Bling. I incorrectly stated in the video that I didn’t think the sume of the products I received added up to $24, but I’ve since found this to be incorrect. However, I still stand by not feeling like I would have gotten my money’s worth had I paid $24.

Here’s what I received in my TeetheMe Box:

  • Lula Clips – helps hold car seat buckles out of the way
  • Le Bibble – a baby bottle bib
  • L’oved Baby – reversible bib
  • Greenleaf’s diaper bin sachet
  • $10 coupon to Baby Bindle

I should also note that I incorrectly called the Le Bibble a regular bib in the video when it is a baby bottle bib. {Non-mom here!}

I don’t know what would have made me feel like I was getting a good deal, but this combination of items was not it.

TeetheMe is a subscription box for babies. If you like sites like this be sure to check out our full list of subscription boxes!

What do you think? Would this box be worth $24 to you? 

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