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The Bouqs Flower Delivery Review

The Bouqs Flower Delivery Review

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Lush Us Bouquet from The Bouqs


The Bouqs reached out to me recently asking if I wanted to try their flower delivery service and of course I agreed. Chicago has been so desolate this winter that I feel like I haven’t seen any color in months!

As I mentioned last week, The Bouqs only offers 40 different flower arrangements, with the idea being that they’d like to do those 40 really well instead of trying to constantly diversify and offer subpar service.  Approximately half of the bouquets sold by The Bouqs use flowers that ship from a volcano in South America for $40, while the other half of them are shipped from farms in California for $50. ALL of them are beautiful. (Why the weird difference in price? The South American flowers are frozen and shipped within a week, while the California flowers are shipped fresh overnight.) $40 and $50 are the base prices but you can also pay a surcharge to receive more stems with your bouquet.

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, I decided to get the Lush Us Bouq, which consists of 12 Ranunculus Blooms with Ruscus. This particular bouquet ships from South America, so I had to wait six days for my flowers arrived. They arrived on Monday of this week, and honestly, I was a little worried about them. I took them out of the box and they just looked so small and puny. I wasn’t sure they were going to make it, but they’ve slowly opened up into the lovely flowers you see above. This is Day 3, and the flowers continue to get larger and become more vibrant with time.

One thing worth noting: The Bouqs does NOT send vases with their flowers. I think this is awesome. I can’t tell you how many vases I have sitting around my house already, so it was nice to get to reuse the vases I made for my wedding with this bouquet!

The Bouqs Bouquet

Ordering from The Bouqs was a breeze and my order was delivered on time. The only issue I have with my particular order is that I was supposed to receive 12 blooms, but I only have 10 that are open and thriving. There are a few more buds (pictured above), but I’d be surprised if most of them open. The one in front will likely open in the next day, which will bring the total up to 11 blooms. That’s OK, and I’ll keep my fingers crossed that the other buds open, but I would think that when it says they’re shipping 12 blooms that they mean 12 flowering blooms upon arrival.

I’ve never ordered flowers before but I asked my husband about the $40 price tag for these and he thought that was a good price, so I’m going to take his word for that as he’s a frequent flower orderer.


While the bouquets sold by The Bouqs are pretty economical, I have seen this company make the occasional appearance on Gilt City, so it’s definitely possible to find discounts if you keep an eye out!

Updated to Add: In the years since I wrote this original review, I have ordered bouquets from The Bouqs a few times, usually as gifts. I’ve always been happy with the service and my recipients have always been happy with the flowers. I highly recommend this company!

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Disclosure: I was provided with a bouquet of flowers from The Bouqs, however, all opinions expressed above are my own. 

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