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Umba Box Review – March 2013

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Umba Box Review - March 2013

If you follow me on Instagram you might have seen yesterday that I received 5 new subscription boxes that I need to review this month, yet I’ve still got a couple reviews lined up that I haven’t posted. Whoops.

Here’s the deal: I don’t like writing bad reviews. They kind of bum me out.The Pink Fancy Box Review was a little different because that box was comically bad, but I didn’t like saying mean things about La Bella Box. The same is true today with this Umba Box Review. It just wasn’t a stellar box, which is disappointing. It’s not fun writing about things that don’t excite me, which is why I’m tardy in getting this review, as well as a couple of others, posted.

Umba Box costs $25 per month and shipping adds another $5 to your purchase. This month I received three items:

After looking up the retail value of the items I received, it does appear that the items would sell for more than the $25 I paid for them, yet… I still don’t feel like it was a great box. Maybe I’m expecting too much and should stay away from the “gift” boxes because they’re clearly not my thing. I expressed similar sentiments in the last Umba Box review I posted in September. Umba Box would make a great gift for someone, but isn’t something I would want to receive every month, if that makes sense.

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