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Umba Box Review & Vlog

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I recently wrote about Plum District offering an Umba Box discount, so I used this opportunity to purchase a box for myself. Umba Box is the subscription box that sends you a surprise selection of 2-3 handmade items each month. A subscription costs $25 per month and shipping is an additional $5. With the Plum District offer I paid $15 for the box, and $5 for shipping, so the total discount was $10.

I’m not sure if Umba Box sends the same items to all of their members each month, but I assume they do. The September box contained two items, which you can see me open live above. (It’s the shortest video I’ve made yet!!)

I don’t have photos, but I received the following items:

  1. This tea towel from Etsy vendor Oh Little Rabbit ($8 retail value)
  2. A soy candle sample from Luminology (not available for retail sale)

Umba Box is for the woman who wants to receive a treat in her mailbox each month, as well as learn about new artists. I’ll be honest with you and say that I’m not sure this box is a particularly good value, though I did love the products I received. By “value” in this sense I mean that I wouldn’t typically pay $30 for a soy candle sample (about the equivalent of a votive) and a tea towel. I do think there’s a value in being introduced to new artists and in supporting small businesses/artisans, so I’m willing to give Umba Box more leeway than I would a box like 12Society. I’d rather pay a few bucks extra to be introduced to these artists than have them take a loss to ship me a product.

Just like Citrus Lane has become my go-to present for new moms, I could see Umba Box being a great birthday gift for a friend or female family member. With a three-month subscription she will receive a fun assortment of items and the presents will continue for a couple of months.

Have you tried out Umba Box? I’d love to hear your impressions!


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