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Update RE: Subscription Boxes

Update RE: Subscription Boxes

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Subscription Boxes

If you love subscription boxes and the monthly reviews that I have posted over the past couple of years then you have probably noticed that I haven’t posted a review in a while. Over the holidays I took some time to evaluate how I wanted this site to look in the new year and I realized that I no longer wanted to do monthly subscription box reviews. My heart just wasn’t in it and hadn’t been in it for a long time.

I fully subscribe to the notion that if something isn’t bringing you joy that you should probably stop doing it. With this in mind I drastically cut down my number of subscription boxes so that I now receive only the PopSugar Must Have Box and Ipsy each month. Birchbox was the first box to which I ever subscribed but after months of being disappointed I realized it was time to cut ties and save myself $10 per month. Since I’m down to the two subscriptions that bring me the most joy, it seems silly to only review those two, especially since everyone receives the same items from PopSugar.

There are a few reasons why subscription boxes were no longer bringing me joy, including the sheer number of boxes, the monotony of reviewing similar products over and over, and I felt like I was using subscription boxes as a crutch instead of trying to come up with better content.

While I’m not going to be reviewing the same boxes every month, I am going to make a commitment to reviewing new (or at least new to this site) boxes at least one time so that you can get a feel for said box if it interests you.  Additionally, I’m still going to post the occasional subscription box coupon and continue to update the list of subscription boxes.

Can you believe that way back when this was actually one of the first sites writing about the subscription box trend? What a long way we’ve come since then as it seems like new boxes are launching continuously so where there used to be 10-20 boxes there are now hundreds.

If you love monthly subscription box reviews be sure to check out My Subscription Addiction. The folks over there do an amazing job of reviewing hundreds of boxes each month.

I know this isn’t life-changing news, but I did want to explain why subscription boxes will be less prevalent around these parts moving forward. That being said, if there are any particular boxes you would like me to review, please let me know and I’ll do my best to get to it!

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