Beauty Reviewed: Vitivia Pro Vitamin A15

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Vitivia Vitamin Capsules

As I’ve mentioned before, I have the world’s most sensitive skin. I spent my teen years in and out of dermatologists trying out new acne products, having skin peels done, and all sorts of other procedures to try and make my skin look presentable. Absolutely nothing worked until I was 21 and got my first job out of college and went to yet another dermatologist. I think I cried in her office about being so frustrated that the strongest creams and treatments weren’t working for my skin. That doctor tried a completely different approach from every other dermatologist I had visited: She said that maybe my skin was so sensitive that it was rejecting the medicated creams and whatnot, so we should try a less is more approach.

Honestly, I was willing to give anything a shot at that point.

Instead of using any medicated skincare items, my skincare routine consisted of 2 items: Dove Sensitive Skin Soap and Aveeno Moisturizer.

I kid you not – within weeks my skin had cleared up. And I’ve never looked back. I still use those two products and generally only those two products (though I have added an eye cream to my routine, Ole Henriksen Total Truth Eye Creme). I’m probably not going to win any skin awards, though my skin usually looks pretty good without the use of any heavy makeup. I am generally terrified of trying out new products because of the results I’ve had in the past. Sometimes I’ll try something new and within a few days I’m breaking out again.

All of this is to say that I’ve been through my fair share of skin care tribulations. I’m still plagued by skin that doesn’t always want to cooperate, and my routine is pretty simple.

You may recall that a few weeks ago I attended a preview for The Makeup Show Chicago where they provided us with a bunch of full-size product samples. One of those samples was Vitivia Pro Vitamin A15.

According to the product information, this product should do the following:

  • Rejuvenate skin by increasing the cell turnover rate
  • Normalize activity of sebaceous glands
  • Reduce skin inflammations
  • Restore deficiencies of Vitamin A
Vitivia Pro Vitamin A15 is pure retinol, which I just learned is composed of Vitamin A. It is free of preservatives, colorings, fragrances and other potential allergens.

About a month before my wedding I decided I’d give this product a try for a few days. If my skin reacted poorly I would still have enough time to stop the product and get my skin back to normal before the big day.

That, however, wasn’t necessary.

Vitivia Pro Vitamin A15 made my skin look like a rock star. Or a super model. Or someone with unbelievable skin. It has helped tone down some of the redness, and makes my skin feel SO smooth. (It feels almost like a primer when it’s being applied.) I haven’t had any small blemishes appear on my face since I started using the product.

When I went to get my makeup done for my wedding the makeup artist actually commented on how amazing my skin looked! She asked what I had done differently since the trial and I was more than happy to gush about Vitivia and this magical Vitamin A skin serum.

I haven’t changed up my skincare routine in a decade, yet now Vitivia Pro Vitamin A15 is a product I MUST have.

And now, the downside: A container of 28 capsules of this Vitivia vitamin A skin serum costs $55. Yikes! I never thought I’d be gushing about a skincare product that costs $55, but here I am. I honestly wouldn’t rave so much about this product if I didn’t believe in it 100%. After years and years of downright gross to mediocre at best skin, I feel so fantastic right now. For that alone, I’m going to deal with the $55 price tag and make Vitivia Pro Vitamin A15 a regular part of my skincare regimen.

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