Wedding DIY: How To Fake Calligraphy

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How to Fake Calligraphy

When it came to my own wedding, one of my biggest splurges was on calligraphy. Our wedding invitations featured calligraphy on the invitations themselves, as well as matching calligraphy on the envelopes. I hadn’t spent a ton of time planning out my wedding before getting engaged, but I did always know that I wanted our wedding stationery to be special, and that included having all of the envelopes hand-addressed by a calligrapher. (Our calligrapher was actually the person who designed all of our wedding stationery.)

While I previously wrote about calligraphers on Etsy, I stumbled across this blog post on How to Fake Calligraphy at Something Charming that I thought would be great to share for those of you who want the look of this super stylish handwriting but don’t have anything extra to spend to have it done professionally.

Joelle’s advice is basically to practice, practice, practice and she shares tips for mastering the style of fake calligraphy without resorting to paying a professional for their help. If you’re going to use “fake calligraphy” on your wedding invitation envelopes – or anywhere else – I recommend one thing: lots and lots of extra envelopes! (And lots and lots of practice ahead of time!)

If you want to do your own calligraphy but want some more in-depth instructions, Melissa Esplin (who designed a previous version of this website!) teaches online modern calligraphy for beginners at her site I Still Love Calligraphy. Classes cost $95.

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