What to Wear to the Ryder Cup

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what to wear to the ryder cup

Through blogging I have been able to do some really awesome things and meet some fantastic people. As I said last week when I did the fashion show here in Chicago, I’ll do anything once. I’m all about new experiences!

Thus, when I was approached by my ad network, Glam Media, and American Express about spending an All Access Day at the Ryder Cup, I naturally said yes. I’m not going to lie. I did consult with my husband first to see if there was a chance I might get to see Tiger Woods and to see if he thought that I – who is in no way an avid golf fan – would have a good time. Because I didn’t really know what the Ryder Cup was before receiving this invitation, he sold me 100% when he told me that the Ryder Cup will likely never again take place in the city where we live. A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity AND the chance to possibly see Tiger Woods? I’m in! (By the way, I will be attending on a preview/practice day, and not on an actual competition day.)

For those of you who are like me and not so up on the game of golf, the Ryder Cup is a golf competition that takes place every two years where America’s best golfers compete against Europe’s best golfers. The tournament is always in a new location. The 2012 Ryder Cup will be held at the Medinah Country Club, just outside of Chicago.

As part of the All Access experience I was gifted a $250 American Express gift card to purchase a Ryder Cup appropriate outfit. I’ve never so much as stepped foot onto a golf course, so I had no idea what to wear. I spent hours staring at female spectators at golf tournaments, trying to figure out what to wear to the Ryder Cup. The biggest problem, of course, is that most golf tournaments take place during the summer or in warm locales. (In fact, I found an online video that said a golf tournament would NEVER take place in Illinois in October … but with the Ryder Cup ending on September 30, well … close enough.) Most of the clothing recommendations I found online consisted of “country club attire”: khaki shorts/pants or a skort (!), tennis shoes (because you’ll be doing lots of walking), and a polo shirt.

I thought about this for a few days and decided I just couldn’t go that route. If the Ryder Cup was taking place in the middle of July I could definitely follow those rules. However, there’s bound to be a chill in the air next week and I have no intention of freezing. (Not to mention, under no circumstances will I ever wear khakis. They make my behind look like a bus. Sad, but true.)

I’ll be wearing the outfit above, which will hopefully not get me kicked out of the club. 🙂

Yes. For those of you paying close attention to this blog I DID build this outfit around the Jeffrey Campbell Dorm Shoes I’ve been lusting after forever. With gift card in hand and the Ashbury Skies 25% off sale I decided to make them mine. I think they’ll be perfect for an event where I’ll be on my feet all day, and they’re a classic style with some fun accents. In addition to the shoes I picked up the Grace Fit Sparkle Tweed Jacket from Talbot’s. Originally $189, it’s now on sale for $37.59, and I saved an additional 10% by becoming a Talbot’s rewards member. This morning from Eloquii I purchased the Classic Fit Exact Stretch Cropped Pant in navy. Even if it’s a bit chilly, I figure I should be OK with a cropped pant. (All the better to show off my shoes!) All pants are on sale today at Eloquii, so I snagged these for $39.90. The Ruched Sleeve Scoop Neck Tee is also from Eloquii. I was pleasantly surprised to see they had this tee in orange! Originally $27, it is currently on sale for $14.99. Thanks to a coupon for an additional 40% off all sale items, I snagged this top for $8.

As for the accessories, I already own a similar pair of earrings. The Buried Treasure Necklace pictured is from BaubleBar, and while I don’t have time to order that exact necklace, I’m going to be searching for something similar this weekend while I’m in Houston and staying right near the Galleria. I’ll also be searching for a camel belt and a camel crossbody bag.

Hopefully this outfit will prove to not only be stylishly appropriate for the Ryder Cup, but also comfortable.

For my preview of the Ryder Cup, as well as a few more tips on what to wear to the Ryder Cup, click here.

For any of you that have been to golf events before, do you have any thought on what to wear to the Ryder Cup?

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14 thoughts on “What to Wear to the Ryder Cup

  1. Same problem! My hubbie and I won a weekend package and I didn’t even
    know what it was. When I found out golf, I freaked! Now I am a high femme kinda gal ,going for dresses and stilettos if possible. This will not work on the golf course. I had to go buy a pair of flats like yours shown! Good Luck, possibly I will look for your outfit there.

    1. haha! The one thing I learned is that stilettos absolutely do not work on golf courses! We did so much walking! Have a great time at the Ryder Cup this weekend! (And how cool that you won a package!)

  2. Can’t tell you how happy I was to find your blog, and on this topic no less! My husband and I will be visiting family this weekend and hitting the Ryder Cup, as it is being played at the golf course where he and his brother used to caddy. Not only do I have no idea what to wear,but we live in North Carolina where it is still 85 degrees on a regular basis and a flip flop is considered a “flat”. We leave tomorrow so I have tonight to pull it together….I will definitely be borrowing some of your ideas!

  3. Thank you for this! I’m going on Saturday and was puzzled over what to wear. I went the patriotic route, with blue khaki pants, a white long-sleeved tee and a red cardigan. White canvas shoes and a tote bag for my stuff. Have a wonderful time!

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