2012 Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts for Teachers

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Gifts for Teachers

Starbucks Gift Card - Gifts for Teachers Fandango Gift Card - Gifts for Teachers

I consulted a teacher friend of mine for help on this part of the gift guide and she told me that teachers love ALL gift cards. With a gift card there’s no worry about whether the gift is something the teacher will like or use. You know the teacher will use the gift card to pick up something he/she enjoys. That said, I’d personally go for a coffee shop and/or Fandango. The coffee will help make sure the teacher is ready to go in class and the Fandango gift card will provide the teacher with a few hours away from grading papers and tests and lesson planning.

Teacher Note Cards - Gifts for Teachers School Supplies - Gifts for Teachers

I kind of wish I was a teacher so that I would have use for some Personalized Teacher’s Desk Note Cards ($16.50). Note cards don’t have to be personalized, and remember – it’s OK to avoid the note cards with the apple on them.

Almost every teacher I’ve ever come into contact with has complained about the lack of school supplies in their classrooms, especially in the lower grades. Instead of getting a personalized gift for your child’s teacher, consider filling a box full of school supplies that everyone in the class can use! Oftentimes when there are classroom supply shortages the teachers end up purchasing items out of their own pocket so your gift of school supplies will help save them a few hard-earned dollars!

Where the Wild Things Are - Gifts for Teachers To Kill a Mockingbird Brooch - Gifts for Teachers

An extension of donating school supplies to the classroom would be to donate a few books to the classroom library. Take your child to the book store and have him or her pick out a couple favorites. Then, have them write a little thank you note to go along with the books. The teacher will think of your child every time those books get pulled off the shelf for some child’s future enjoyment.

Perhaps this To Kill a Mockingbird Brooch ($13.28) isn’t really appropriate for anyone other than a freshman English teacher (or whichever grade they’re readin this book in these days), but is it ever fantastic. Etsy shop House of Ismay has may other literary-inspired gifts available as well.


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