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ABEO Footwear: Good for your Feet & Stylish Too!

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This post is sponsored by ABEO®, all opinions are my own.

ABEO foot scanner

In 2016, early in my pregnancy with my daughter, I was experiencing lower back pain that I couldn’t seem to stretch away. I booked an appointment with a chiropractor and was told three things:

  1. I should start getting regular adjustments. (You knew that was coming, right?!)
  2. I should evaluate how I sleep because, as a side sleeper, the chiropractor thought there was a good chance I was extending my top leg over too far (if that makes sense), and was basically stretching out my lower back all night long.
  3. I should invest in orthotics.

I booked an appointment for an adjustment the following week, and in the meantime, I worked on my sleeping position. It turns out this was the major source of my pain, and by the time I returned for my adjustment, my back felt much better. But, there’s nothing I love more than a back adjustment, so I still went.

At this follow-up appointment, the chiropractor talked to me about orthotics and let me know that they cost $700 and were not covered by insurance. I’m pretty sure my jaw dropped and I took off running, never to return again.

Luckily, changing my sleeping position relieved my aching back. But I haven’t forgotten about the orthotics suggestion and I’ve frequently wondered what I would have done if I’d *actually* needed them. Like most people, I don’t have a spare $700 laying around to spend on shoe inserts.

I finally found an answer when I was recently invited to The Walking Company to get a digital foot analysis using their ABEO® 3-D foot-scanning technology. The scan will help determine your arch type, which can help determine the best type of footwear for your foot.

ABEO Footwear Scan

I didn’t know what to expect when I went in for the scan, but it was easy, quick, and enlightening. You walk back and forth across the mat a few times, and then stand still as it creates an impression of your feet.

Foot scan from ABEO

Hey! There are my feet!

I was shocked to see that, with no input from me, the scanner accurately guessed my shoe size. Depending on the shoe I wear an 8.5 or 9! I know I shouldn’t be so surprised by what technology can do, but still! My arches are neutral – neither high nor low – and I basically put an equal amount of balance on each foot.

ABEO orthotics

ABEO sells a few different removable orthotics that are designed to support your arch. Good arch support = good foot health! Whereas the chiropractor I saw charged $700 for orthotics, all of the ABEO interchangeable 3D3 orthotics cost less than $80.

Based on my neutral arches and even stance, it wasn’t recommended that I invest in removable orthotics. Instead, every pair of ABEO shoes come with built-in orthotics designed to make your shoes more supportive and comfortable.

Let’s stop for a second and talk about the word “orthotic.” It makes you think of granny shoes, right? Or maybe those terrible huge soled sneakers that are all the rage right now. If you’re anything like me, you might be surprised to find that shoes with orthotics can be both supportive AND stylish.

ABEO shoes with built-in orthotics

I’m always on the lookout for a cute flat, and I almost snagged a pair of these leather ABEO flats. the only problem was I couldn’t decide if I wanted brown or black more.

Nancy Natural ABEO boots

The woman I was working with at The Walking Company said the Nancy Neutral Boot is one of their most popular styles this fall. I loved the shoe, but even that baby heel terrified me since I spend all of my time chasing after toddlers!

You KNOW I didn’t leave without getting a pair of shoes. Actually, I walked right into the store and fell in love with the pair of shoes I ultimately purchased, which worked out perfectly because they are from ABEO and have built-in arch support. I will be wearing them all fall long. Curious? Check them out on Instagram!

I actually spent a good chunk of time at The Walking Company because I was so intrigued by the ABEO foot scanner. I told the associate I was working with that I was going to send my husband in because he is always having issues with his feet and she said that women say this all the time. Completing an ABEO foot scan is an easy way to see if there’s more you can be doing to keep your feet comfortable, which may help keep your body more comfortable. Sometimes, the root of nagging body pain just might be that your shoes need more support.

The moral of my story is that if your chiropractor tells you that you have wonky feet that are causing your body to come out of alignment resulting in additional body pain, you might want to get a second opinion before forking over $700 for orthotics. Talk to other chiropractors and also be sure to stop by The Walking Company to get your foot scanned. At the very least, you’ll learn something about your feet and I promise you’ll even have fun doing it!


ABEO Footwear scan at The Walking Company

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