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Amazon has not-so-secretly been rolling out their own fashion lines for the past year and a half or so. I mentioned the other day when talking about Amazon Prime Wardrobe that Amazon’s In-House Fashion Brands now total at least eight different lines and I would be shocked if more weren’t on the way.

Amazon has been gaining traction in the fashion industry for quite awhile now and has stealthily bought a couple of fashion-based companies, including Shopbop and Of course, when you’re selling other brands, as Amazon obviously does, your profit margins can only be so high. But now that Amazon has their own fashion lines? The sky is the limit.

The thing about Amazon’s in-house fashion brands is that you may not even know that’s what you’re getting. Each brand has a landing page, but if you’re just doing a general search for, say, “summer dresses,” you may not have any idea that quite a few of the top results are from Amazon’s own brands Lark & Ro or Paris Sunday. In other words, you’re going to see more and more of Amazon’s fashion lines in the search results while other brands may get buried in general searches. It’s both brilliant and maddening and further proof that Amazon is taking over the world.

Here’s a quick rundown of 11 of Amazon’s In-House Fashion Brands, most of which make truly great clothing as far as I can tell. Still, it’s best to stay in-the-know as Amazon is most likely going to weight the search results to favor their brands whenever possible. In addition to the 11 lines below that Amazon has branded and seems to claim (since they’re still rather secretive about all this), there are still others that are more ambiguous but that TechCrunch says are also Amazon private label lines, including Society New York, NORTH ELEVEN, James & Erin, Franklin Tailored, and Franklin & Freeman. A quick search shows that Amazon filed trademarks for all of these brands in 2015, so why they’re not as heavily promoted as the Amazon in-house fashion brands listed below is a mystery (for now).

Amazon’s In-House Fashion Brands

While Amazon is currently promoting 11 in-house lines, 10 of them are ONLY available to Amazon Prime Members (the exception being the children’s line, Scout + Ro). I love my Prime membership and can’t imagine living without it at this point (first world problems, I know), and I love how Amazon keeps making the membership more valuable by making it so some things are only available to those with a Prime membership.

If you’re not yet a Prime member, click here to get a free 30-day trial membership so that you can check out these brands. It’ll also allow you to shop Amazon Prime Day on July 11, 2017.

Scout + Ro

Amazon's In-House Fashion Brands: Scout + Ro for boys and girls

If you have little ones at home, you’re going to love Amazon’s only line that’s publicly available, Scout + Ro!

A friend recently alerted me to the existence of Amazon’s in-house fashion brand for kids and likened it to a more affordable Boden. I have to agree! The styles are absolutely adorable and most of them are super budget-friendly (though the prices do vary a bit and some items are definitely more affordable than others). The only downside, in my opinion, is that the line starts at a size 4 for kids. I’d love to see some baby and/or toddler styles added to the line!

Scout + Ro Styles for Boys and Girls

Girls’ Printed Dress // Boys’ Polo Two-Fer Shirt // Boys’ Railroad Stripe Short  // Girls’ Pleated Front Printed Top // Girls’ Pull-On Printed Knit Short // Washed Twill Pant

Lark & Ro

Amazon's In-House Fashion Brands: Lark & Ro

Chances are good that if you’ve done a search for any type of women’s fashion on Amazon that you’ve probably seen some Lark & Ro pop up in the search results. This is a pretty basic women’s line with most pieces falling on the low end of a midrange pricing scale.

This line has a little bit of everything for women, from cocktail and casual dresses to sweaters, athletic apparel, and outerwear. This line even features some plus size clothing, although I hope they will expand those offerings in the future as pickings are slim and seem to be limited to outerwear.

Comparable to: Nordstrom’s Halogen line or Bloomingdale’s Aqua line

Lark & Ro Styles for Women

Sleeveless Bow Dress // 3/4 Sleeve Ruffle Hem Top // Plus Size Single Bucket Jacket

Ella Moon

Ella Moon

Ella Moon is Amazon’s “globally-inspired” fashion line for women. It is exclusively available to Amazon Prime members. The prices are comparable to Lark & Ro, although the items in this line have a bohemian feel to them.

Comparable to: Free People

Ella Moon: Globally Inspired Women's Fashions from Amazon

Coralyn Long Border Print Kimono // Kenna Long Bell Sleeve Lace Top // Marilla Long Sleeve Belted Shift Dress // Dawn Short Sleeved Center Embroidered Maxi Dress

Paris Sunday

Paris Sunday

There aren’t really any defining characteristics of Paris Sunday. It’s a pretty basic women’s clothing line that features basics like dresses, skirts, and blouses at a price point that’s slightly below that of Lark & Ro.

Comparable to: Macy’s INC International Concepts line

Paris Sunday fashion from Amazon

Spaghetti Strap Ruffle Neckline Dress // Striped Lace Skirt // Sleeveless Mock Neck Textured Ponte Shift Dress // Short Sleeve Tee Shirt Dress


Amazon's In-House Lingerie Line: Mae

Mae is perhaps the most specific of all of Amazon’s in-house fashion brands. It features leisurewear, though it focuses primarily on bralettes (not bras!) and panties. All of the super cute bralettes cost less than $20, with pajama options costing slightly more. All of these items are cute, but the styles and styling all have a distinct Aerie vibe to them.

Comparable to: Aerie and, to a lesser extent, Hanky Panky

Lingerie and leisure apparel from Mae

Notch Collar Long Sleeve Short Set // Racerback Lace Bralette // Seamless Hipster Panty (5 pack)


Arabella from Amazon

Arabella might be of interest to you if you consider the styles at Mae to be a little young. I don’t want to say that some of these nightgown styles are matronly, but they’re a little matronly. You’ll find a mix of traditional and plus size pajamas, robes, and bras in this collection.

Sleepwear styles from Arabella

The Fix

Amazon Private Label Brands: The Fix

Stylish shoes and handbags? Yes, please! Unfortunately, there’s not much to preview in this line as there are currently only 14 items in the collection.

Coastal Blue

Coastal Blue: Swimwear from Amazon

Thankfully there’s still plenty of time left this year to take advantage of Coastal Blue’s chic swim styles! This is one of the largest of Amazon’s private label brands. They have a great selection of one piece swimsuits and bikinis in both traditional and plus sizes.

The vast majority of styles cost $100 or less, though a couple of suits top out around $115.

Amazon In-House Swimwear Brand: Coastal Blue

Maxi Kaftan Cover Up with Tassel Trim // Deep V Neck Placement Pattern One Piece Swimsuit // Constructed Colorblock Waist Detail One Piece Swimsuit // Plus Size Halter Neck Cutout-Front One Piece Swimsuit

Amazon Essentials

Amazon Essentials

Amazon Essentials is the most budget-friendly of all of Amazon’s in-house fashion brands. The line features basics for women (including plus sizes) and men and is incredibly budget-friendly. Oddly enough, almost all of the women’s items are pajamas, but hopefully they will expand this to include basic tees and tanks, at a minimum. The biggest downside to this line is that it’s incredibly slim pickings and currently features just 20 items!

Amazon Essentials are budget-friendly basics

Men’s Quick Dry Golf Polo Shirt // Plus Size 100% Cotton Robe // Men’s Long Sleeve Linen Shirt

Buttoned Down

Buttoned Down: Dress Shirts for Men

There are absolutely no surprises with this one: Buttoned Down solely features dress shirts for men. Prices start at $39 but I didn’t see any costing more than $49.

Men's Dress Shirts from Buttoned Down


Amazon's In-House Fashion Brands for Men: Goodthreads

Goodthreads is where you’ll find mostly business casual clothing for men. Think long and short sleeve button downs, as well as chinos. The shirt options aren’t terribly different from what you’ll find at Buttoned Down, although the prices are a little cheaper as all shirts in this line cost $25.

Amazon Fashion for Men: Goodthreads

Slim-Fit Long-Sleeve Micro-Check Shirt // Slim-Fit Long-Sleeve Two-Color Windowpane Shirt // 5-Pocket Chino Pant

Here's everything you need to know about Amazon's in-house fashion brands, which are popping up with more and more frequency in Amazon search results.

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