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What’s In My Carry-On Bag

What’s In My Carry-On Bag

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What's In My Carry-On Bag: Alicia Klein Stella Bag

I was recently contacted by Alicia Klein, a San Francisco Bay Area accessory company, and they wanted to offer me a handbag to review. While I’m never one to turn down a new handbag, I told them that what I was really looking for was a bag large enough to be my carry-on bag when I go on my honeymoon in August. The bag needed to be large enough to carry everything I’d need for a 14+ hour flight, but it also had to be small enough that I could carry it around with me each day of the trip.

Alicia Klein responded with the amazing Stella Bag, aka my dream handbag. Seriously. The reasons why it’s my dream bag are many, including the lovely taupe leather (I recently wrote about my love/want/need for a taupe handbag), the numerous handle sizes including the generously long strap, the number of pockets, and the fact that this bag is neither too big nor too small.

Alicia Klein Stella Bag

It’s perfect!

While the bag looks deceptively small, it is the perfect size for a carry-on bag! The only thing the bag doesn’t fit is my laptop… but I’d long ago made the decision that my honeymoon will be computer-free. (That doesn’t mean I can’t blog from the iPad…) I’ll be pretty electronics-heavy on this trip as I’m bringing the iPad, Kindle, waterproof camera, regular camera, and phone. These will also be my sources of entertainment on the flight, aside from whatever movies they show. As for keeping comfortable, my favorite recent find was the Eagle Creek Travel Pillow, which easily inflates and deflates. Normally travel pillows are too large and bulky to fit in a typical carry-on, but thanks to this one being able to deflate it’s the perfect carry-on size and fits alongside everything else inside the Stella Bag.

You can see everything that I’ll be carrying in this bag in the image above. Every single one of those items fits in the Alicia Klein Stella Bag with room to spare! Check out this video I made to learn a little bit more about each item, including the Stella Bag.

When packing your own carry-on just remember that less is more! Don’t overstuff your bag. Carry the necessities and the items you’ll need to keep yourself entertained and feeling fresh and that’s it. Whenever I travel I try to keep my bag small enough so that it can fit under the seat in front of me. This may not be ideal if you’re tall and need to stretch out, but it can be a life saver considering all of the people that bring suitcases as their carry-on bags these days.

I’m truly glad to have the Alicia Klein Stella Bag and I think it’s an absolutely perfect carry-on bag! Plan on seeing it in tons of pictures in August when I return from Australia and New Zealand!

What's in my carry-on bag: The Stella Bag from Alicia Klein fit everything (and more) that I needed to entertain myself on a flight to and from Australia.

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