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Beauty Reviewed: Madison Reed Hair Color

Beauty Reviewed: Madison Reed Hair Color

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Madison Reed Hair Color

I have to admit that I have been holding out on you guys a bit. For the past four months or so I have been regularly coloring my hair using Madison Reed Hair Color and I absolutely love it!

They say that your hair grows thicker and quicker when you’re pregnant and I found that my hair was growing in grayer, so for the first time ever I needed to invest in an all-over hair color. Prior to getting onboard with Madison Reed I had returned to my stylist every few months or so to touch-up my highlights, but I reached a point where that just wasn’t going to cut it and needed to take more drastic action.

Honestly, I’m not sure why I turned to Madison Reed instead of just going to CVS and picking up a color, but I liked how thorough the Madison Reed website was in explaining the entire hair coloring process. It was reassuring to a hair newbie like me that they were essentially willing to hold my hand and walk me through the entire process.

How does Madison Reed Work?

Madison Reed Quiz

Instead of browsing all of the colors that Madison Reed provides they ask that you take a brief (but thorough) quiz, from which they will make a couple of hair color recommendations.

Madison Reed Recommendations

You can see my color recommendations above, and ultimately I went with the Bolzano Brown.

Madison Reed Bolzano Brown

Another aspect of Madison Reed that I like is that each particular hair color comes with multiple different photos, which I felt gave me a better idea of what the color would *actually* look like, as opposed to typical hair color boxes where the model always looks amazing on the box! The images above all convinced me that Bolzano Brown would be the right choice.

The ordering process is easy from there, but if you any have questions Madison Reed has stylists that you can call to answer any questions or make any personal recommendations.

What You Receive:

My first box took about a week to arrive and I was impressed when it arrived to find that they really include everything you need.

Madison Reed Hair Color

Madison ReedThere are step-by-step instructions, all of the necessary coloring products, two sets of gloves, barrier cream, and shampoo and conditioner that will help prolong the life of the color.

The first time I colored my hair using Madison Reed I was VERY happy that they were so thorough. I probably read through the instructions 10 times before I got started because I wanted to make sure I didn’t mess anything up.

Once I got started the process was fairly straight forward. If you regularly color your own hair then I’m sure you know what it’s like. If you’re a newbie like me then even after reading the instructions 10 times you will still continue to refer to them throughout the entire process. From start to finish it probably took me about an hour the first time, though now that I’m just doing touch-ups and am not so wary it takes about a half an hour total (before rinsing).

So, you’re probably wondering how the color turned out, eh?

Madison Reed Before and After

Sorry for the cleavage-y shot. I had to dig deep to find a photo that showed just how light my hair was before I changed to Bolzano Brown and the best picture I had was from when I did Warby Parker Home Try-On last summer. My summer color is quite a bit lighter than my natural color and the Bolzano Brown is a bit darker. The darker color was a bit of a shock at first but I have really come to love it and think it works well with my coloring. (That said, I’ll probably lighten it up just a bit this summer again.)

How much does Madison Reed cost?

As for how much does Madison Reed cost, you pay $24.95 per box when you set up a recurring schedule or $29.95 for just one box. Every shipment contains all of the items I’ve photographed above. There’s no denying that Madison Reed costs more than most drugstore brands, but it’s considerably cheaper than going to the salon every couple of months. Personally I’m willing to pay more for the convenience of not having to remember to go to the store and also because I know that help is just a phone call away if I ever need it.

Final Thoughts:

I’ve been really happy with Madison Reed and am currently awaiting my fourth box. The color lasts and it doesn’t dry out my hair. In fact, my hair feels softer than ever every time I apply it!

Another reason I love this hair color system is because you can set up a delivery schedule, so you never have to let those grays show through! I get a new box delivered every 6 weeks, but you can customize that based on what works best for your hair. (Truthfully, I’m hoping to slow it down a bit after baby… My fingers are crossed that my hair stops growing so dang fast!)


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