7 Best Online Fitness Programs That Will Make it Impossible to Skip Your Next Workout

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Best Online Fitness Programs

If you haven’t noticed, online fitness programs have become the next big workout trend. Some people are questioning the popularity, but it’s not hard to see why so many people are ditching the traditional gym and working out at home. The top online fitness programs are extremely effective and very easy to access.  They are also quite affordable when compared to a traditional gym membership.  Lastly, many of us don’t have the time to get to the gym to work out, but we all have time to walk into our living room (or whatever room you decide to use)!

Another bonus for any of you that may be road warriors is that your online fitness subscription can go with you wherever you may be! No more waiting in line to use the hotel’s one lousy treadmill… you can get your workout in from the privacy of your room!

The benefits to online fitness programs are plentiful. They allow you to work out easily and in the privacy and comfort of your own home, as opposed to a crowded gym. This is great for those of us who feel self-conscious working out in front of others! One of my favorite things about these subscription services is the ability to do it at any time you want and at your own pace.  I mean, if you want to wake up at 4 a.m. and get your sweat on, you can!

You might be asking yourself, though, why you should pay for a subscription service when you could watch online fitness videos for free.  I will tell you why!  First and foremost, these subscription services are created by certified fitness professionals and you will know that the workouts you are doing are safe and effective. Plus, many online fitness programs come with access to celebrity trainers that you won’t find elsewhere, such as Jillian Michaels, Tracy Anderson, and the whole Beach Body crew. Granted, paying for a fitness subscription definitely costs more than watching free videos, but the price is far less than you will pay for most gyms and is generally less than you’d pay for two tall lattes at Starbucks. In other words, the price of most online fitness programs is fairly minimal.

There are tons of online fitness programs out there these days. When researching the different options, be sure and keep in mind what you need specifically.  For example, if you need diet help as well as fitness be sure that your program has nutritional guidance as part of the service. If you are just getting into fitness, make sure you choose a service that has a good program catered to beginners.

Finally, always be sure to read the fine print!

Ready to make 2017 your year of home fitness? Here are a few of the best online fitness subscriptions.

Best Online Fitness Programs

Beachbody on Demand

Beachbody on Demand

Most people know Beachbody from their offerings like P90X or the 21 Day Fix, but they also offer their own online fitness subscription, Beachbody on Demand. While you generally won’t find the full lineup from their most popular programs, through Beachbody on Demand you will be able to get SOME of the workouts from 21 Day Fix Extreme, INSANITY, P90X, etc., and videos will feature some of their most popular trainers.  The Beachbody program also gives you direct access to brand new workouts and nutrition guides.

With Beachbody on Demand you can stream your workouts through your laptop, tablet, TV or mobile device.

Cost: Prices range from $99.99 per year, $59.95 per 6 months or $2.99 per week (billed quarterly)

Free Trial Period: 30 days

Daily Burn

Daily Burn: Online Fitness Program

Daily Burn offers a huge assortment of workouts that last in length anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour, which means you can fit these workouts in with your ever-changing schedule.  Once you register with Daily Burn they will work with you to set up a personalized fitness plan, which will help ensure you’re getting everything you can from the program. The videos available through Daily Burn cover all types of fitness areas including strength training, cardio, dance, pilates and more. Also, they have their own assortment of celebrity trainers that they feature, including Bob Harper and Briohny Smithe.

You can stream your Daily Burn workouts no matter where you may be. They are accessible via Apple TV, Roku, Fire TV, Chromecast, Android, iPad, iPhone, iPod, laptop or desktop.

Cost: $14.95 per month

Free Trial Period: 30 days


Fitfusion: Best Online Fitness Program

If celebrity trainers are a priority for you then Fitfusion is definitely an online fitness subscription that you’ll want to check out. It’s here that you’ll find Jillian Michaels, Billy Blanks, Jennifer Nicole Lee, Tia Mowry, Crunch Live, and more. Workouts range from cardio to pilates to yoga to boxing to ballet and everything in-between.

Fitfusion videos can be streamed online, from your Apple device, Apple TV and Chromecast.

Cost: $9.99 per month

Free Trial Period: Two weeks



Grokker has one of the best trial periods out of all of the online fitness programs and includes thousands of videos – both long and short so you can choose one based on how long you have to work out. Their videos are pretty varied and cover topics like Barre, Dance, Weight Training, Prenatal Yoga, and they even have cooking videos available as well!

You can take Grokker on the go wherever you may be. Videos are available through PC/Mac, iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Apple TV, Roku, and Chromecast.

Cost: $14.99 per month

Free Trial Period: 30 days


iBodyFit: Online fitness subscription service

iBodyFit has more fitness programs available to stream than most other fitness subscriptions, which means that they have something for just about everyone. In addition to workout videos, this online fitness program also offers bonuses such as custom workout and diet plans. This is as tailored as it gets without stepping foot into an actual gym!

Cost: Prices start at $29 per month, depending on the plan chosen

Free Trial Period: None


MyYogaWorks: Online yoga subscription

MyYogaWorks is a great online fitness option for aspiring yogis! This site offers 1,000+ different yoga workouts taught by more than 40 teachers.

MyYogaWorks videos can be streamed on any computer, tablet or mobile device.

Cost: $15 per month

Free Trial Period: 14 days

Yoga Download

Yoga Download

Yoga Download offers 1,000+ online yoga classes, in addition to challenges that will help keep you extra motivated. They also offer online yoga teacher certification.

Videos from Yoga Download can be streamed on your computer, or are available through iPhone and Android apps.

Cost: $12 per month

Free Trial Period: None, but you can get two weeks for $1


Have you tried any of these online fitness programs or is there another one that you love?

Stop skipping the gym! Instead, workout whenever you want and wherever you want thanks to these online fitness programs.

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