When to Book Your Hotel for Summer Vacation

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I don’t necessarily consider myself to have a type A personality, but I REALLY like planning things. (And yet, I can’t manage to keep a planner… go figure!) Anyone who knows me knows that I’m usually planning trips a couple of years in advance, even though it may not always be to my benefit. For instance, about eight weeks ago we booked our flights for our upcoming summer vacation but then American Airlines implemented a systemwide time change for that flight and it’s leaving a few hours later than we’d wanted. Had I waited just a couple more weeks to book this wouldn’t be an issue because I’d have just chosen a different flight.


If you’re currently thinking about any summer vacations you might be taking, TripAdvisor has released a handy guide of when you should book your hotels to get the best price, based on the data they have compiled.

When to Book Your Hotel for Summer Vacation

To get the best prices, try to follow these booking guidelines. Keep in mind that some hotels never really go on sale but they will sell out so if there’s a place you are dying to stay you might want to book it when you’re ready instead of following these guidelines at which point it might be too late.

U.S.: Within 2 months of the summer trip, but U.S. hotel prices for summer stay fairly consistent thoughout the year.

Europe: 3 – 5 months out where travelers can save about 23% compared to the most expensive booking period.

Asia: Within 3 months of a summer trip where travelers can save up to 23%. Prices tend to rise slightly 3-5 weeks out before seeing the lowest prices within the final two weeks before the travel date.

Caribbean, South America and Middle East: Within 4 months of the travel date.

Africa and the South Pacific: 5 months out from the travel date. In Africa travelers can save 21% when booking that far out. In the South Pacific, travelers can save about 19% per night by booking in advance.

Check out the Best Time to Book Hotels for Summer in Popular World Cities for Travel:

Barcelona: 2-7 months out for 27% savings
Cancun: 2-4 months out for 16% savings
Cape Town: Within 3 months for 13% savings
Dubai: Within 2 months for 40% savings
New York City: 2-4 months out for 25% savings
Orlando: 1-4 months for 10% savings
Rio: 3-5 months for 11% savings
Rome: 3-5 months for 32% savings
Sydney: Within 5 months for 24% savings

Check out TripAdvisor’s full blog post here: Best Time to Book Hotels

Do Tell: When do you normally book your hotel for summer vacation? Have you booked anything yet?

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