How to Build a Home Gym for Less Than $100

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How to Build a Home Gym for Less Than $100 |

So many of us start the new year with new fitness goals and if you count yourself among the masses, it might be time to think about creating your own home gym. While you might hear the words “home gym” and shudder at the potential expense, I promise you it’s possible to create a budget-friendly workout space. And by “budget-friendly” I mean that it is possible to build a home gym for less than $100!

Even if you were to spend more (which you don’t have to do), a home gym is one of the best investments you can make.  When it comes to fitness products, you are investing in yourself as opposed to just stuff.  Let’s face it, it is really easy to talk ourselves out of going to the gym.  One way to combat that is to join an online fitness program, which we covered earlier this week. It’s also pretty hard to skip the gym if you set up a home gym. When your gym is in the next room you really don’t have an excuse for not being able to make it there.

There are some serious benefits to having your gym at home as opposed to having a membership at another gym or fitness club. For instance:

  • Cost: Seriously, you are going to save so much money by working out at home. You won’t have the monthly membership fee and you don’t need to spend money on gas driving to the gym.
  • Privacy: Let’s face it, not all of us like working out in a crowded gym atmosphere.  Maybe we want to work out and get fit with no one watching. You can actually do this in your home.
  • Sanitation:  Do you have any idea the number of germs that are lingering on that workout equipment? I know that there is often cleaners and solutions nearby that you are supposed to spray on the equipment when you are done with your workout, but people don’t always do that. When you work out at home, you know how often your equipment is being cleaned. That’s a huge plus for me!
  • You can’t be lazy: Look, I know what it’s like to have a gym membership and never use it. I may have once paid upfront for 18 months, during which time I managed to go approximately six times. Oops. I had a whole litany of excuses for why I couldn’t get there, and they pretty much all boiled down to me being lazy. All excuses basically become null and void, however, when you’re working out in your own home.

If I’ve convinced you that 2017 is going to be the year that you commit to working out, then here are the inexpensive items I recommend adding to your home gym. Whether you want to do cardio, yoga, pilates, or just a whole lot of crunches, we’ve got you covered and you can include all of the items below to build a home gym for less than $100.

Build a Home Gym for Less Than $100

Bluetooth Speaker

SoundBot Bluetooth Speaker

This just goes without saying, but a great workout needs a great soundtrack.  Invest in a good quality bluetooth speaker.  It works just as an audio system and you can easily grab a good one for $20-$50.

The SoundBot Bluetooth Wireless Speaker offers 10 hours of playback, weighs less than a pound, has thousands of great reviews, and costs just $19.95!

Yoga Mat

Yoga Mat

If you plan to do any yoga or other floor exercises (such as push-ups, sit-ups and crunches), a yoga mat is a great addition to your gym.  It prevents sore knees when you have to get down on the floor (especially true if your home gym is in the garage).

Unless you plan on getting very serious about your yoga practice there’s no need to invest in the most expensive yoga mat on the market. (And trust me, there are some very expensive ones!) Instead, start with a $10 basic like this Peace Yoga Mat, and upgrade down the road.

Exercise Ball

Exercise Ball

Exercise balls should be a mainstay in any home gym. You can use them for stretching, crunches, push-ups, wall squats, and so much more. Just one exercise ball can work so many different areas of the body that this is one item you will not want to leave off the list!

Like many home gym necessities, an exercise ball need not be expensive. This 65cm AmazonBasics Balance Ball with Hand Pump costs just $10.95!

Jump rope 

Jump Rope

A jump rope is a staple in any gym and typically costs only a couple of dollars!

If you want to get Crossfit-fit without committing to a Crossfit gym, check out this Jump Rope that was designed for Crossfit and MMA training. It was built with speed in mind and costs just $10.



20 Pound Dumbbell Set

Free weights are perhaps one of the best workout tools that you can get. There is a reason that fitness clubs have entire areas dedicated to just free weights! Plus, they are usually reasonably priced and easy to find on sale at thrift shops or on Craigslist.

If you’re a weight training beginner you shouldn’t purchase the heaviest dumbbells on the market. Instead, pick up a few lighter ones that will give you a good workout and help with toning. This 20 Pound Dumbell Set from Amazon costs just $24.99 and ships for free with Amazon Prime, which is a great deal!

Resistance Bands

Fitness Bands

Resistance bands are really inexpensive and are great for gaining strength and flexibility. Another great thing about resistance bands is that they’re awesome to keep on hand if you tend to travel a lot for work (or fun). Since they’re so lightweight, they’re easy to pack into a suitcase for an easy workout on the go!

This set of five Resistance Bands costs just $10 and come with their own carrying case, as well as an instructional booklet and access to online videos that will ensure you get a great workout.

Water Bottle

Glass Water Bottle

Of course, hydration is one of the most important things to consider if you’re going to be working out. Always keep a bottle full of H20 nearby, whether you’re working out in your home gym or going elsewhere.

I have long struggled with how to drink more water on a daily basis because it’s just not something I think about doing. One of the ways I’ve tricked myself into drinking more is to invest in a glass water bottle, like this Swig Savvy 25 oz Glass Water Bottle ($13.95). The reason I prefer glass to plastic or stainless steel is because you can stick it in the refrigerator and it gets the water ice cold. It’s incredibly refreshing!

So did we do it? Were we able to build a home gym for less than $100? Yes!

Total Spent: $99.84

OK, this is excluding tax, but if you are an Amazon Prime member all of these items will ship for free, so I’m feeling pretty good about this total. If you’re not yet an Amazon Prime member, get a free 30 day Amazon Prime trial and you’ll still get all of the items to ship for free!


Do you use a home gym or are you thinking of creating a home workout space this year?  What are your favorite pieces of equipment and why?


Want to kick up your fitness routine without splurging on a gym membership? Here's what you need to create a home gym for less than $100!

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