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Candy Club: The Sweetest Subscription Box Of All

Candy Club: The Sweetest Subscription Box of All

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Candy Club: The Sweetest Subscription Box of Them All

You probably all know by now that I have a huge sweet tooth, so I was stoked to be given the opportunity to try out Candy Club, a subscription box for candy lovers. Seriously – what could be better?

With a subscription to Candy Club, the recipient will receive three surprisingly large containers of candy each month – that’s up to three pounds of candy! Sometimes, as was the case with my box, they might even throw in a surprise fourth candy. Yum!

Candy from Candy Club

Does that look delicious or what? My husband and I may have had a candy feast last night!

Let’s just dive right into this, shall we? Here’s the low down on what was included in my Candy Club box.

Albanese Mini Gummi Butterflies

Albanese Mini Gummi Butterflies – I was really excited to see gummi butterflies included in the box for two reasons. 1. I really like gummy candy. (Obviously.) 2. Albanese is a candy company that’s located not too far from Chicago, in Merrillville, Indiana. We’ve talked about needing to go on one of their factory tours but haven’t made it that way yet and I’m not certain whether or not I’ve tried any of their candy before.

Now that I’ve tried the gummi butterflies I can tell you that Albanese is the real deal. These gummies were SO juicy. I ate more than my fair share in one sitting.


Sour Power Wild Cherry Belts

Sour Power Wild Cherry Belts – As the name suggests, these belts of candy are pretty darn sour! These were my husband’s favorite of the four options.

Gimbal's Sour Gourmet Jelly Beans

Gimbal’s Sour Gourmet Jelly Beans – All I have to say about these is, “YUM!” Though these are sour jelly beans they aren’t nearly as sour as the cherry belt above. They’re the perfect treat when you want to grab a small handful of something.

Sweet's Cotton Candy Salt Water Taffy

Sweet’s Cotton Candy Salt Water Taffy – I don’t know how they knew that cotton candy is pretty much my favorite thing ever, but this taffy was the perfect inclusion in my box! Fun fact: Apparently Sweet’s “whips” their cotton candy, as opposed to most saltwater taffy in the east that is “pulled.” This taffy is really delicious and this is my favorite item that was included in the box.

Overall: I have zero complaints about Candy Club! It’s an awesome treat for pretty much everyone, but it would also make a fabulous gift for college students… perhaps for Valentine’s Day?! They’d be the most popular kid in the dorm! Also cool? If you really like your coworkers and wanted to send a box to the office each month. Or, hey, send yourself a box to satisfy your sweet tooth. Candy Club is truly the sweetest subscription box of them all!

Like many subscription boxes, Candy Club has a small quiz that you take before registering to receive a box. In the quiz you can indicate things like how much you like sour candy and how much you like sweet candy or fruity candy. Using the results, Candy Club will tailor your box to fit your taste preferences.

Candy Club costs $27.99 for one box, $22.99 per month when you pre-pay for six months, or 19.99 per month when you pre-pay for 12 months. Shipping will add an additional $6 per month, regardless of the plan you choose.

Want to try your first box for less? Click here to get 50% off your first box AND free shipping, which means you’ll pay just $13.99 for a box like mine that’s stuffed with tasty treats! Enter coupon code “50F-candydeal” at checkout to receive this discount.

Click here to check out Candy Club!

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