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The Best Of The Best From The Chicago Baby Show

The Best of the Best from the Chicago Baby Show

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The Chicago Baby Show was an excellent opportunity for parents and parents-to-be to learn more about and test drive new baby items. While there were many great brands in attendance, below you’ll find the products that really caught my eye.

Chicago Baby Show

I’ve long heard great things about The Baby Show, which launched in New York City a few years ago. I’ve even considered flying to NYC for the event, but could never make it work. This year, however, I was excited to see that I didn’t have to travel to learn about the latest and greatest baby products because the baby show finally made its Chicago debut!

The Chicago Baby Show, which was sponsored by the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA) and Family Media, was held at Navy Pier on August 26 and 27. Like most trade shows, different brands had booths were set up around the hall and attendees could test out new products and ask questions of brand reps. There was a stroller track where you could take strollers for all-terrain test drives. There were also myriad speakers, including the Baby Guy himself, Jamie Grayson.

Since I’d been wanting to go to the show for so long, I left my husband in charge of our kids and took off into the city for the day. I spent a few hours walking around the floor of the show, talking to as many different brands as I could.

Below you’ll find just a few of the brands and products that I can’t stop thinking about.

Top Picks from the Chicago Baby Show

Butterstix Chalk + Color It Books

Jaq Jaq Bird

Chalk Color It Book

I can’t tell you how many brands I talked to at the show, but one of the products I have found myself thinking about nonstop is the Butterstix chalk and chalk coloring books from Jaq Jaq Bird. Before you think I’ve lost it, this chalk is amazing. (No, I never thought I’d be raving about amazing chalk, but hear me out.)

I love chalk and we have multiple chalkboards in our house, but I HATE the feel of chalk. Jaq Jaq Bird has fixed the weird chalk texture issue and Butterstix are actually dust free! They actually glide on as smoothly as pastels! The chalk cleans up quickly and easily with a damp cloth.

To go along with the chalk, Jaq Jaq Bird has created Chalk Color It Books. These books are obviously reusable because chalk is used to color the pictures. You can get books that have pictures inside (including recreations from famous artists like Monet, Van Gogh, and Degas) or you can get books with blank pages. Either way, the chalk and a chalk coloring books have made it onto my list of travel must-haves.

Mint Bubbalah Half & Half Set

Oy Vey Baby

Oy Vey Baby

I don’t know Yiddish, and I don’t know if any of my Jewish friends will be having any more babies. But, if they do, I can guarantee you that I will be shipping them a gift from Oy Vey Baby.

Trade shows can be tough because you’re on your feet all day and you’re basically saying the same thing over and over again. While some people seemed exhausted even at the beginning of the day, Susan, the owner of Oy Vey Baby, was bursting with energy and was so passionate about her product that I couldn’t help but feel excited for her.

Oy Vey Baby just launched, and currently, there are two lines – Mohel-Approved and Bubbalah. In case you’re wondering, according to Thought Catalog, bubbalah is a term of endearment.

Unicorn Ride by Valentina Belloni

Mouse + Magpie

Unicorn Ride by Valentina Belloni

Now that my kids’ rooms are painted, I am in the process of trying to decorate them. I want my son’s room to have a travel theme and my daughter’s room is becoming unicorn/fantasy-themed. As such, when I saw this framed print, Unicorn Ride, at Mouse + Magpie, I knew I had to have it for my daughter’s room.

Mouse + Magpie partners with illustrators to create kid-friendly room decorations. The mission of this company is amazing, and also factors into why this was one of my favorite brands at the Chicago Baby Show:

“The Mouse + Magpie brand was founded on three basic principles; provide world class artists with a platform to ignite the imagination of children in the places where they live and play, offer parents a collection of truly unique and exclusive home furnishings and products that not only decorate but stimulate their children’s surroundings, and partner with charitable organizations and campaigns to bring more color and whimsy into a world that can sometimes feel bland and ordinary.”

While I NEED this print for my daughter’s room, you’ll find so much more here, including throw pillows, lamps, clocks, and Sherpa blankets, all of which carry the same great designs as the wall art.

In addition to these three brands, I also spent some time chatting with two of my absolute favorite baby brands, TinyBeans and BabyBjörn.

We absolutely could not live without our TinyBeans subscription, which allows us to share photos of our kids with friends and family without having to overshare on Facebook. (Check out my TinyBeans review for all of the details.) I was so excited to meet one of the company’s co-founders, Sarah-Jane, so that I could force her to listen to me gush about the service. I even got to interview her, as you can see in the clip below.

Sorry if I look like I’m spacing out at all. This interview was unexpected and completely off-the-cuff, so I was making it up as I went along.BabyBjorn Travel CribAs you might imagine, I’m the one that researches and buys all of the baby products that we own and use. My husband is fine with all of them, but the one product he loves just as much as I do, if not more, is the BabyBjörn Travel Crib. This portable travel crib has been an absolute lifesaver as we’ve traveled with our son and he LOVES sleeping in it. In my opinion, this travel crib is one of the absolute best baby items on the market and is a must-have for family’s that frequently travel. The bulk of our travel has been short weekend trips to Michigan, but having the travel crib meant we weren’t relying on borrowing pack and plays from hotels. (Check out my full BabyBjörn Travel Crib review for more details.)

I also had the opportunity to gush about the BabyBjörn Travel Crib while I was at the Chicago Baby Show.

In the video, I show you just how easy it really is to set the crib up. (Typically the mattress doesn’t get stuck on the side of the frame. You can blame that on my nerves from being on-camera!)

Overall, I had an amazing time at the Chicago Baby Show and can’t wait to attend again next year!

For more of my top picks from the show, check out my Instagram post:


By the way, if you’re in Chicago or plan on visiting the area next year, I highly recommend attending the Chicago Baby Show! it really was a great event and I only wish I’d been able to attend before my son was born!

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