Back-to-School 2017: 12 Cool Lunch Boxes for Kids

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12 Cool Lunch Boxes for Kids -

You guys! My two-year-old is going to be going to pre-preschool this fall! Just the other day he was a baby and now he’s going to school… Time slow down!

OK, I’m half joking here.

My son is going to pre-preschool this fall. He’ll be attending “school” one day per week for three hours. It’s really just an introduction to a classroom setting where he will have an opportunity to play with other kids, read stories, learn how to follow instructions from a teacher, and eat lunch.

I’m curious/terrified to see how lunch is going to go for him¬†because my son currently manages to ingest and burn all of his calories at the same time. He likes to run around while he eats when he’s at home, but I’m curious how he will behave in a classroom setting. In restaurants, he is a perfect gentleman, so I hope that’s how he is at school, too.

I’m pretty excited that his one-day-a-week excursion to school means that I get to start packing lunches this fall! I’m pretty sure I’ll be a terrible lunch packer, but I’m also confident that he will have such a cute lunch box that nobody will notice. (That’s how this works, right?)

Because I obviously need an excuse to shop, I’ve been browsing for cool lunch boxes for kids in my free time and have found more than a few I love. Keep reading if you are also on the hunt for kids lunchboxes!


Wonder Woman Lunch Box for Kids

Something tells me that there are many children who are going to want a Wonder Woman Lunch Box this year, and this one from Pottery Barn Kids is adorable AND customizable! This would be such a fun back-to-school gift for little fans of this summer’s blockbuster!


How awesome is this bento lunch box for kids? I love that there are freezer packs attached to the top of the box, which will help keep lunches cold.


Wild Side Lunch Box

How long does mom get a say in what constitutes a cool lunch box for kids? I love this wild side lunch box, but I have a feeling my son will be looking for something a little more exciting (aka covered in cartoon characters) once he gets a say!


Star Wars Lunch Box

Remember when lunch boxes used to just be rectangular metal tins? Well, now kids lunch boxes come in all shapes and sizes! Metal is out and insulated lunch boxes are in. The characters are getting pretty detailed, too. Should my son ever become a Star Wars fan, I think this Star Wars lunch box would be a good fit for him.

Emoji Lunch Box

Speaking of exciting lunch boxes, I think this Emoji Lunch Box would be a huge hit with kids, especially considering the Emoji Movie is being released soon. Who doesn’t love a good emoji?! 😍


I’m pretty sure this pink glitter lunch box is the lunch box of every little glamor girls dreams!


Does this little dinosaur lunch bag make your heart melt or what?! It’s probably better as a toddler lunch box than it would be for big kids, but holy cow is it cute.


Superhero lunch box for girls - Batgirl

I absolutely love seeing that there are so many superhero lunch boxes for girls that are now on the market! I don’t remember this many when I was a kid, but then again, I only wanted a Rainbow Brite lunch box or, when I got older, a brown paper bag. Also making this Batgirl Lunch Box awesome is the fact that it’s an old school rectangular tin lunch box.


I know this fire truck lunch box would be a good fit for my son since he is currently obsessed with watching fire trucks. Hopefully, the bright red color would make it difficult to lose, too. I don’t know about your house, but since moving into larger quarters, he seems to lose all of his stuff just as quickly as we get it.


Here’s one more cute bento lunch box. This one doesn’t have a bag, but the box is allegedly leakproof. With all of those separate containers, the kids won’t really need a bag anyhow! This box is available in multiple colors.


Peanuts Lunch Box

My husband is a huge Charlie Brown fan. So much so, that I think I might need to get this customizable Peanuts Lunch Bag for him. He would absolutely love it!


Having an insulated lunch bag may not be a huge concern to kids, but it can be nice if they’re ever taking anything cold to school (like pudding cups!!). This Rubbermaid LunchBox Insulated Lunch Bag is not only insulated, but comes with bento containers to keep food separated and fresh!


At this point, I think my son might have a wardrobe lunch boxes. There are just so many cool lunch boxes for kids and kids lunch bags that I have absolutely no idea how I will ever choose just one!

Do tell: Do you get your kids a new lunch box each year? What do you think is the best lunch box for kids?

It's almost time to head back-to-school, which means that it's time to look at some cool lunch boxes for your little ones.

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