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Dr. Martens Boots: This Season’s Must-Have Shoe

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I was a teen in the 90s, so I had a few pairs of Dr. Martens. As such, I’m beyond excited that Dr. Martens boots seem to be making a comeback! Want to know where to get a fantastic selection? Shopbop!

Dr. Martens boots are making a comeback!

I’ve never been much of a collector.

When I was a kid I had a very small and shortlived rock collection. I believe it reached three rocks before I moved on.

After graduating from college I became a collector of shoes, and I imagine this is a hobby and collection I will maintain for the rest of my life. There are few things I splurge on in real life, but shoes are one of them. Part of the reason is my belief (hope?) that paying more for quality shoes will ensure that they last a lifetime.

The reason I mention that my shoe collection didn’t really begin until after college is because when I was in college I had an awesome collection of Dr. Martens, including my most beloved pair of shoes of all time, the maroon-colored mary janes.

Dr. Martens red Mary Janes

Do you know how often I think about these shoes? What did I do with them? Why didn’t I keep them?

Well, lesson learned: I now hold onto most of my shoes because what’s old is always going to be new again and right now one of the shoe brands having a big moment is Dr. Martens! According to Harpers Bazaar, “lace-up lug sole” boots are one of the top shoes of the season and nobody does that style better than Dr. Martens!

Dr. Martens 8 Eye Boots

Tell me this 8 Eye Boot doesn’t take you right back in time? Although I had a few pairs of Dr. Martens back in the day, I never actually had boots. This might be the year.

Dr. Martens Glitter 8-Eye Boots


I’ll be honest, though. I have a crazy obsession with gold, glitter, and metallic shoes, so chances are good that these Pascal Glitter 8 Eye Boots will find their way into my closet sooner than later. I mean. They’re perfect.

Dr. Martens Boots: Floral

If you are also a student of the 90s, do you remember people buying their black Dr. Martens and then using White-Out to decorate them in elaborate designs? I always loved the floral designs people created and these Floral 8-Eye Boots remind me so much of them.


Dr. Martens Serena 8 Eye Sherpa Boots

I haven’t yet found a reason to pull out my UGGs, but they’ll be on my feet at the first available opportunity. I’m considering cheating on my seasonal go-to, however, with these Serena 8 Eye Sherpa Boots. They’re guaranteed to be cozy, surprisingly stylish, and that big old lug sole is perfect for crunching on leaves or plowing through snow.

Dr. Martens boots – and all of their shoes, really – are investment pieces. Whether you’re wearing them for fashion or function, they’ll last a heck of a long time.

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