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EarlySense Live Review: Tracking Your Sleep Habits Has Never Been Easier

EarlySense Live Review: Tracking Your Sleep Habits Has Never Been Easier

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EarlySense Live is a small health monitor that lives under your mattress and makes it easy to track your heart rate, breathing rate, and sleep cycles overnight.

EarlySense Live

One of my best qualities, if I do say so myself, is that I am a great sleeper. I can fall asleep instantly and rarely wake up once I’m down. That said, I’m terrible about going to bed and don’t get much sleep at all. I go to bed long after my family does and I’m usually the first adult awake in the house. Despite this, I’m rarely tired. There are some days where I’m so exhausted that I have to go to bed early, but by and large, I go to bed late, wake up early, and sleep soundly the second my head hits the pillow.

While this system works for me, I’ve been a little terrified of all of the reports that all seem to say you’re going to perish immediately if you don’t get a full 8-9 hours of sleep each night. With sleep – or lack thereof – on my mind, I jumped at the opportunity to try EarlySense Live, a digital health monitor. EarlySense Live tracks your heart rate, breathing, stress level and sleep cycle while you sleep.

How does EarlySense Live work?

EarlySense Live Under Bed

The EarlySense Live sensor slips under your mattress. Once it’s in place, you connect the gadget to your smartphone via bluetooth. Once connected, the sensor lives under your bed and all of your sleep data will be sent to your phone each morning.

In order to work, your phone must remain on throughout the night and also within bluetooth distance of the sensor. It is recommended that you keep your phone within about a five-foot range of the sensor. My phone is always on my nightstand right next to the bed and I’ve had no issues with not receiving data.

As for the sensor itself, I was a little skeptical that something could remain under my mattress and track things as random as REM sleep. It turns out that the sensor is incredibly sensitive, which makes sense considering it was constructed with the same technology that is used in hospitals.

EarlySense Live Reports

I was so excited to fall asleep the first night I had EarlySense Live in place because I was so curious about what my sleep report would show.

EarlySense Live Sleep Summary

August 17 wasn’t the first day I used the sensor, but it was one of the nights I slept the longest in August. According to the sensor, I was in bed from 11:19 p.m. until 6:37 a.m., although I know this is slightly off. If you’re worried about whether or not a sensor would be able to detect your breathing and sleep habits, rest easy knowing that I didn’t actually get into bed until 11:30. The sensor actually started tracking when one of my dogs got in bed! (Ideally, it wouldn’t track my dogs, however, if I’m not in bed they lay right down where I would normally be so the sensor couldn’t distinguish between me and a canine.)

As you can see, EarlySense Live keeps track of a lot of data. I was really impressed to see that it can actually track your sleep stages throughout the night.

I’m not sure why I have two different graphs here unless I got out of bed and then went back to sleep? I honestly don’t remember. Regardless, the piece of information that was the most intriguing to me was the 96 percent sleep efficiency score.

Here’s what EarlySense has to say about the sleep efficiency score:

“Sleep efficiency is the ratio between the total time you spent in bed and the amount of time you were actually asleep. It is a good indicator of your sleep quality. The higher your number, the better, but in general, a sleep efficiency of 85% or greater is considered good. Really good sleep efficiency is above 90%.”

In other words, 96 percent is pretty dang good, and probably explains why I’m usually fairly well rested despite not getting anywhere near the recommended hours of sleep each night. My score is always about the same, too. I waste no time falling asleep.

As for the overall score (in my case, on this day I had a 73), your goal, ideally, is to work to increase that number. The score is based on a range of the various data collected, which, according to the EarlySense Live website, include:

    • Total sleep time
    • Sleep efficiency (ratio between your total sleep time and the total time you spent in bed)
    • Time it took you to fall asleep
    • Number of times you woke up during the night
    • Number of times you exited the bed
    • Amount of time you spent in deep sleep
  • Percentage of time you spent in REM sleep (REM sleep is the part of the sleep which is characterized by dreaming)

Who Would Benefit from EarlySense Live?

Anyone could benefit from EarlySense Live, although those who have a vested interest in personal data and/or those who wish to know more about their sleep habits will probably be the most intrigued. Practically speaking, EarlySense is an ideal tool for nurses and home health care aides who need to keep track of patients throughout the night. This can be done through EarlySense Live + SmartShare, which will allow the data collected by the EarlySense Live tracker to be shared in real time. Then, if the person being tracked stops breathing, has an unusually high heart rate or remains out of bed for too long, the person receiving the data will be notified immediately.

Personally, I’m using my sensor to track the real amount of sleep that I personally need to feel well-rested every morning. It is definitely a learning curve because even though I want to go to bed earlier, sometimes it just feels impossible. It’s motivating, though, to be able to see data that backs up my need for sleep in addition to just feeling better overall.

With the holidays just around the corner, EarlySense could be an interesting gift idea for anyone particularly interested in health monitoring!

Click here to check out EarlySense Live.


Disclosure: This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of EarlySense Live. That said, I did receive a unit to try out for the purpose of this review, thus all opinions expressed above are my own.

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