Etsy Monday: Grace and Lace

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Update: After Grace & Lace appeared on Shark Tank, Grace & Lace now have a full online store! The links in this post have been updated to redirect to the store.

I don’t know about you guys, but I love throwing on a pair of boots with a dress and calling it a day. However, finding a cute pair of boot socks poses it’s challenges. That was, of course, until I discovered Grace and Lace.

Grace and Lace was started by new mother Melissa, who was on the hunt for a pair of lace boot socks. When her hunt turned up bare, she took matters into her own hands. Now she’s a successful handmade shop owner bring lovely little numbers right to your hands! LOVE!

See what I mean?! How amazing are these Dainty Cuffs?!

boot cuff grace and lace


Want the look of a boot sock or leg warmer without the bulk? These dainty chevron open-knit boot cuffs are light weight and ultra stretchy – perfect for every season. They’re adorned with our classic wrap around ivory knit lace and 2 ivory shank buttons. They look perfect just peeking out above your favorite boots! Pull up or shorten to any boot height to rock this lacey faux sock look.

These dainty lace boot cuffs cost $24 and are available in an assortment of colors at Grace and Lace.

I want.

Full Boot Socks from Grace and LaceFull Boot Socks are also available for $34.

The Miss Molly - off-white Slouchy Button Down leg warmers

And don’t these Slouchy Button Leg Warmers look so cozy (and cute?). You can get these at Grace and Lace for $34.

The past few days it’s been hotter than Hades here in Maryland. I’ve been wearing my hair in nothing but a top knot. I need this. I want this. I must have.

top knot tie

Cute-ify your hair this summer with this versatile hair accessory. Wrap it around a bun…around your head…around your pony tail….braid into your hair or even wrap around your wrist! Cute for the beach or pool, cleaning the house or with your favorite summer maxi!

Long tube-like tie with wired inlay (like a giant twist tie) makes it easy: just twist and that’s it!

And, for $7.99, I want one of every color!

And my absolute favorite item in Grace and Lace is this Ohh La La Lace Dress Extender.

Ohh La La Lace Skirt Extender

So, I never knew I needed/wanted one until a few weeks ago when GroopDealz was selling them. Then, in true Megan’s luck, they sold out prior to me grabbing one. I still kept thinking that I’d like to get one, because I have a few skirts that are right at that cusp of should I be wearing them or not and haven’t found them anywhere. Until now. Woohoo!

And what’s even more awesome is this is not only a slip extender, but a cami as well. I’ve made it well known that I’m lazy, so a two for one piece fits my lifestyle 100%.

Have a skirt too short? or a top not long enough? …or just want to add some lacey flair to your outfit?… This extra long jersey knit cami slip with lace is your answer to your layering needs. It’s fabulously trimmed out with 6 inches of the most glorious vintage inspired embroidered lace. Let it peek out of your skirt to work or a night out, and add length and frill to a Sunday dress! It’s chic, it’s vintage-y feeling, feminine and delicate. You’ll turn heads with your fashion sense!

I’m in a bit of predicament right now because I want one of everything. Choices choices.

And, as if the products at Grace and Lace weren’t awesome enough, Melissa was kind enough to answer some questions. Enjoy!

1. What is your favorite item in your shop?

My personal favorite are the Alpine Slouch Socks. I was inspired to make them because I grew up in freezing cold Minnesota winters. Now spending in the Rockies skiing – they are perfect for staying warm and stylish!

2. What is your bestseller?

The Miss Molly button down leg warmers.

3. What is your favorite color?

Oh this is a tough one…probably pinks.

4. What is your favorite thing to create? Boot socks? Legwarmers? Head scarves? Etc.

Boot socks for sure! But I’m beginning to branch into other things lace. It’s fun just to let my mind create!

Thanks, Melissa!


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