Fall & Winter Travel Must-Have: Tall Boot Bag

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Fall & Winter Travel Must-Have: Tall Boot Bag

You guys know that I take my travel accessories very seriously. At this point, I could probably start a travel rental service based on the amount of luggage and other travel accessories I have accumulated over the years. I am truly a travel junkie. The only thing I don’t have in my collection, however, is about to be remedied. I don’t yet have a tall boot bag!

As soon as the temperatures permanently dip below 75 degrees I pretty much live in my tall boots and they inevitably go on trips with us. However, as much as I love my wide calf boots, I hate flying in them. There’s nothing more annoying than standing in the security line at the airport and unzipping the boots… or pulling them back on and zipping them up again. It’s the world’s most ungraceful dance that’s sure to garner stares from the people whom are in a huge hurry and you are slowing down.

Anyhoo, the reason I would always travel while wearing tall boots is because I didn’t have a way to properly store my boots in my suitcase. The idea of placing shoes without covering alongside all of my freshly laundered clothes is enough to make me ill. (Yes, I have a mountain of travel shoe bags, but nothing tall enough for boots and a garbage bag just doesn’t cut it.) That’s all about to change though because I just found this super cute Tall Boot Bag at Shopbop. You can go ahead and consider this purchased on my end… at $18 it’s a steal!

Everything needs a place when you travel and my purchase of this tall boot bag pretty much completes my acquisition of ALL the travel goodies. Of course, I’m sure they’ll release another must-have item soon enough, but until then… at least I’m ready for my next fall and/or winter adventure and I highly recommend grabbing one yourself if you have any adventures on the horizon!

Stop wearing your tall boots when you travel and instead invest in a tall boot bag. At $18, it's a must-have fall and winter travel accessory.

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