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10 Pieces of Furniture that Double as Storage

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There’s no such thing as too much storage, but what do you do if you just can’t get enough? You invest in pieces of furniture that double as storage and get two pieces for the price of one!

10 Pieces of Furniture that Double as Storage |

Take a quick peek around the rooms in your home and also at your furniture that you have in each and every room. How many times do you catch yourself thinking that you wish that you could have more efficient options for utilizing the space in your home and also help to keep it a bit more organized?

Well, where there’s a will, there’s a way!

What you need are pieces of furniture that double as storage!

Think about it! How awesome would it be to have functional furniture placed around your home, but then also be able to use the pieces for storage, too? Wasted space is just that…wasted. Although, I think most people with kids would agree that there’s usually very little “wasted” space as every nook and cranny tends to be filled with toys or leftover bowls of Cheerios.

If you find that you are looking for some furniture that gives you a little extra, here are some great suggestions to consider.

10 Pieces of Furniture that Double as Storage


Reclining Sectional with Chaise Storage Area

Looking for a nice upgraded sofa that has a chaise lounger, that is also a storage area for those blankets, pillows or books? This Serta sectional may be great for your home.


Storage Bench with Two Side Ottomans

Can one ever have too many storage benches and ottomans in their home? They go great in any room and are awesome ways to get some extra storage options! And with three new storage additions at once? That’s a ton of extra storage options!


Stuffed Animal Storage Bean Bag

Who says that storage options aren’t needed in the kid’s rooms as well? These bean bags are awesome ways that your kids can stuff all their soft stuffed animals into the bean bag, to make a comfy chair for them to sit on. They also help reduce some of that stuffed animal clutter as well.



Storage Chest

Looking for a great storage option for your blankets? This may be the best choice for you. It could also be a great storage option for toys as well!


Captains Platform Storage Bed with 6 Drawers

Why waste that space under your bed when there is so much room to store your belongings? With this bed, you’ll have storage options galore.


Natural Bamboo Shoe Rack with Bench

This shoe rack is a great piece of furniture to add to your home. Not only is there a place to store your shoes so they are up and out of the way, but there’s a bench for you to sit on to pull those shoes on your feet.


Yellow Accent Chair with Storage

Looking for a fresh and funky pop of color to bring some brightness to your room? This chair may be just what you are looking for! Plus, it has storage space hidden under the seat as well.


Club Chair with Storage

Don’t forget about your outdoor furniture as well! This chair is not only durable but offers a nice internal storage option for ease of storing its own chair cushion when not in use.




Black Leather Chair

This chair was made to work in! Not only does it have a storage area underneath, but it also has a nice a tabletop on top to get work done. Talk about the possibility of a mobile office!


Swivel Storage End Table

Talk about a fun end table to add to your home! It swivels on its base plus offers plenty of storage as well. Great for remotes, magazines or other small items that you want to keep but want them out of sight.


If you find that you are needing more storage in your home, think of creative ways to make it happen. Furniture can make such an awesome storage space and is often one of the most underutilized ways as well. Make certain that if you have furniture storage in your home, you are using it to the best of its storage capacity. You can always add more storage options if you need them. Once you have assessed your storage situation with your furniture, make a plan and have fun deciding what you are going to store where. Make it make sense for whatever you are storing in the furniture!


Do tell… do you currently have any awesome pieces of furniture that double as storage? If so, please share!

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