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Are You Getting Enough Sleep?

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A couple of things have happened recently that have made me more interested in sleep.

First, I reviewed the EarlySense Live Sleep Tracker, which has me thinking constantly about the amount of sleep I get each night. I really don’t sleep enough, and I feel guilty about it, but I just can’t help staying up until all hours of the night.

Next, my blogging friend Janet is somewhat obsessed with mattresses. She posts about them fairly frequently, both on her blog and on Facebook. While I love my Sleep Number, I appreciate her enthusiasm. Her posts have made me think more about how I can have a quality night of sleep, even on fewer hours than what may be recommended.

I don’t know if any of you are as interested in sleep as I am at the moment, but if so, Eight, an online smart mattress company, just released this fun infographic about The State of Sleep.

My main takeaway: The reason I’m not sleeping enough is probably because of our dogs. Ha!

Infographic - The State of Sleep by Eight

What do you think about these findings?

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