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25 Outlander Gifts for Your Favorite Sassenach

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Stocking Stuffers For Women Under $10 |

100+ Stocking Stuffers for Women Under $10

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Pumpkin Spice Latte Gifts

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Ultimate List Of Feminist Gift Ideas

A Celebration of Women: The Ultimate List of Feminist Gift Ideas

Celebrate girls, women, and equality for all with this selection of more than 65 of the best feminist gift ideas, which are perfect for your woke besties and family members (or those you want to enlighten)!

Ultimate List of Feminist Gift Ideas |

I make no pretenses about the fact that I am not a perfect parent, but one of the most important things I hope to convey to my son and my daughter is that they are equal to one another and to everyone else. Both of them can do whatever it is they wish to do in this world and I will do whatever is within my power to help them accomplish their goals.

Of course, this is easier said than done.

Chances are, my son will have an easier time achieving his dreams than my daughter, for various reasons. My daughter, like most girls and women, may have to fight harder for the exact same rights and opportunities. Thus, it’s my responsibility as a parent to make sure both of my children are feminists. My son will, I hope, recognize his privilege where it exists and strive to empower the women in his life. My daughter will, I hope, recognize that her sex and/or gender shouldn’t be seen as a weakness. She, too, will have it easier than many, and I hope she will also fight for those less empowered than her.

feminist giph

Feminism is often treated like it’s a dirty word, but ultimately, I think (hope?) most of us are feminists. All humans, male and female, of all colors, sizes, ethnicities, religions and anything else should be considered and treated as equals. I know that’s naive and far from how the world actually works, but all I can really account for is my house and our beliefs. Here, we are feminists and there’s no question that women are equal to men in all ways.

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for unique feminist gift ideas for the women and men, children, and babies, on your shopping list. Below you’ll find more than 65 of my absolute favorite feminist gift ideas, many of which I’ve purchased for my loved ones this past year!

Fabulous Feminist Gift Ideas

Women Who Dared Blocks

Women Who Dared Blocks

To be honest with you, these blocks are what inspired this list of feminist gift ideas. I saw these blocks and purchased them for my daughter without thinking twice. This awesome set of feminist blocks features 32 women who “made advancement possible for women of the future.”

Purchase: Rose & Rex


The Woman Cards
The Woman Cards

Want the raddest deck of cards on the block? Check out The Woman Cards, which feature some of the baddest women in history, from Sacajawea to Rosa Parks to Dr. Sally Ride to Beyoncé, who, of course, gets a Queen card. In addition to the cards, you can also order individual prints of any of these feminist icons.

Purchase: The Woman Cards


Move Mountains OnesieMove Mountains feminist onesie

Heck yeah, this girl is going to move all of the mountains.

Purchase: Hop Clothing Co. (Etsy)


This Day in Women’s History Calendar

Your favorite feminist will be inspired by 365 remarkable ways women changed the world with this awesome desk calendar.

Purchase: Amazon


Feminist Icon Posters

Nina Simone Poster from The Film Artist

Every feminist icon poster available at The Film Artist would make an amazing feminist gift idea. I’ve considered purchasing an assortment and hanging them on my daughter’s wall because in addition to featuring badass women, the posters are unique, beautiful, and, frankly, they’re just cool.

Feminist Icon Posters

I want the entire collection.

Purchase: The Film Artist (Etsy)


The Future is Female Onesie

The Future is Female Onesie

Literally the day my daughter was born, I ordered this onesie for her from my hospital bed. I had to have it and it remains one of my favorites.

Purchase: One Strange Bird Design (Etsy)


Man of Quality Tee

Man of Quality Tee

This tee is perfect for the (quality) men who want to express their support of equality for women.

Purchase: CafePress


Who Run the World Poster

Who Run the World Poster

That’s right. Girls. This poster is so awesome that it even has its own music video that names every woman included in the poster, as well as her accomplishments.

Purchase: Draw Me a Song (Etsy)

Thoughtful Gift Ideas For New Parents

15 Thoughtful Gifts for New Parents

Knowing what to buy new parents can be difficult. They might get a lot of things they need from their baby registry, so here are a few ideas for thoughtful gifts for new parents that they may not have considered, but that will definitely be appreciated!

15 Thoughtful gifts for new parents |


Thoughtful Gifts for New Parents

All of the new parents I know wish for things like a clean house and a cooked meal, but if you’re looking for gifts for new parents that can be wrapped and/or shipped, here are a few suggestions that will be appreciated.

Baby Shusher

When nothing else will get baby to quiet down, the Baby Shusher – The Soothing Sleep Miracle for Babies will! My friend recommended this product to me years ago and we got one when my daughter was born. Sometimes, when my daughter would go on one of her legendary screaming fits, the white noise emitted by this little machine is the only thing that would earn us a few minutes (seconds?) of quiet.


Midnight Feeding Care Box

EVERY new parent will appreciate the Midnight Feeding Care Box from world-famous Zingerman’s Deli in Ann Arbor, Michigan, which is filled with treats to get parents through those first few zombie-like weeks.The Midnight Feeding Box is filled with a mini Sourcream Coffeecake, a mini Hot Cocoa Cake, two Black Magic Brownies, Zingerman’s Nor’easter Cabot Cheddar, La Quercia’s Borsellino Salami, a Chocolate and Nougat Cigar, Dulce de Leche Caramel Cream, John Macy’s Cheesesticks and a darn cute Zingerman’s bib. This is one of the only gift suggestions we have included in our gift guide year-after-year – it’ll make you the new parent gifting MVP.


My Life Story So Far

My Life Story So Far

New parents probably aren’t looking for something else to do, but My Life Story So Far provides parents with a way to share their story to pass down to their kids one day. Those early days are hectic and hard to remember, so this will help them keep track of some of the things they don’t want to forget!


Custom Family Portrait

Custom family portrait from Reenie Sue

My best friend came to visit shortly after my daughter was born and she brought with her a custom family portrait she had commissioned from Reenie Sue. (Full disclosure: I went to high school with Reenie Sue’s owner, Maureen.) This portrait is one of my favorite things ever as it showcases such a special time in our lives since we’d moved into our new house and had a baby all within the same week. I absolutely love that this picture captures that in such a personalized way and I’m certain that a piece like this would be a treasured gift for any new parents.

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