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Gwynnie Bee Review – A Plus Size Clothing Rental Site

Gwynnie Bee Review – a Plus Size Clothing Rental Site

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I recently wrote about how clothing rental sites are awesome for new moms because they allow you to have a rotating wardrobe without paying an arm and a leg or having to step foot in a dressing room. Le Tote is a great option for traditional sizes (check out Cheryl’s Le Tote review), and Gwynnie Bee is a fantastic option for plus size clothing rental. Of course, clothing rental sites are great for anyone who wants to try out new styles without having to commit to purchasing based solely on trying on items in a dressing room!

I have been giving Gwynnie Bee a twirl for the past few weeks and I am hooked. I LOVE having new items constantly arriving on my doorstep!

Using Gwynnie Bee is easy. When you register for an account you can determine how many items you would like to have at one time. There are a few different plan options, with costs starting at $35 per month for one item at a time to $159 for 10 items. During the month you can exchange items as frequently as you like over the course of the month! Interested in checking out the site? Right now you can get a FREE 30 day Gwynnie Bee trial, which works for the 1, 2, or 3 item plans.

Once you register, you will need to start building a closet of items you would like to rent from Gwynnie Bee. You need to have a certain number of items saved before they will ship your first package to ensure that they have availability of pieces you would like.

This is what my closet looks like currently:

Gwynnie Bee Closet

I am ALL about the dresses! I actually have 58 items currently saved in my closet, so whenever a new package ships from Gwynnie Bee I will receive one of the items I have saved, though I won’t get a say on the specific item I receive at any given time.

Once your closet has been built, your first package will be on its way shortly!

Shipping and returns are both free from Gwynnie Bee, which makes exchanging items incredibly convenient. When you are done with an item you just need to stick it in the pre-stamped envelope and place it in the nearest mailbox.

I thought I’d share some of my favorite items that I have rented from Gwynnie Bee recently.

2015-07-04 02.14.42

Gabby Skye Contrast Fit & Flare Dress in Floral Print

This is my absolute favorite dress that I have rented and I loved it so much that I purchased it! With another wedding coming up later this summer, as well as a possible event we will be attending after that, I will be putting this dress to good use! The top is made of scuba and the bottom portion of the dress is woven jacquard. I normally stay away from white, but this is a thick white skirt that isn’t the least bit see-through. I am pretty certain the fit and flare silhouette is as perfect as can be, as it does a great job of camouflaging my post-baby body!

Gwynnie Bee gives you the option of purchasing the dresses you love at a substantial discount than what you would pay in the stores. This Gabby Skye dress costs $108 at Nordstrom, but I purchased it for $57 from Gwynnie Bee. You could, of course, be purchasing a dress that has been worn by others, but all of the dresses I have rented thus far have appeared to be brand new! I received this particular dress immediately after it was listed as a new arrival, so I’m inclined to believe that I am the first person who has worn it, but even if I wasn’t it still looks brand new and that’s all that matters!

2015-06-01 22.03.53

Taylor Dresses Scuba Fit & Flare Dress

This was the first time I wore scuba material and I LOVE it! Scuba is so comfortable and so forgiving. I’m considering investing in only scuba dresses from here on out.

The print on this dress is pretty busy, so I never would have thought to wear or purchase this without this test run. I would have looked right past it at the store. I love being able to try styles that are outside of my normal comfort zone and I’ve come to realize that I shouldn’t be so afraid of patterns.

Gabby Skye Scuba Dress in Navy and Turquoise

Gabby Skye Scuba Dress in Navy and Turquoise

Another scuba dress! This one came in time for a quick trip we took to Florida, and I thought the varying shades of blue would be great for a mini vacation in the sunshine state. This dress was so comfortable that I could have happily worn it everyday!

Kiyonna Modern Mesh DressKiyonna Modern Mesh Dress

I absolutely LOVE this dress. Love, love, love. I have been eyeing this dress at Kiyonna for the past couple of years and I’m so happy that I was able to try it through Gwynnie Bee! You don’t get to choose when you will receive specific items from your Gwynnie Bee closet, so I was happy this one arrived right before we attended a wedding in early June. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect as this dress is a little too fancy for everyday wear but was perfect for dancing the night away!

I thought this Kiyonna dress was not only flattering but also incredibly comfortable. The only downside to it, in my opinion, is that it required wearing a strapless bra. Boo. I considered purchasing this dress but ultimately decided not to because I think I would prefer it in black as I’ll get much more wear out of an LBD than I would a cranberry-colored dress.

I haven’t loved everything that I’ve received from Gwynnie Bee, but what’s so great about clothing rental is that if I don’t like something I can immediately send it back for something new. There have been a few items that I have pulled out of the box and immediately shipped back because they would never work. As I’ve built up my Gwnnie Bee closet I have striven to include items that are outside of my usual comfort zone. Sometimes that doesn’t work out very well, but in a few instances it definitely has (like with the Taylor Dress above).

The ONLY thing I would change about Gwynnie Bee is I wish there was an option to indicate if you’d like something on a specific date. I know this would create more work for the company, but it would be great if I could somehow indicate dates that I might want one of the fancier dresses in my closet, or perhaps more casual dresses to coincide with a vacation. I got extremely lucky that I received the Kiyonna dress right before we attended a wedding because otherwise I probably would have sent it right back as it’s just too fancy for everyday wear.

While I have been granted a free Gwynnie Bee trial for the purpose of this review, I definitely plan on continuing my subscription. I love having new clothes arriving at my door on a regular basis! Using a plus size clothing rental site like this as I’m adjusting to my new body after having a baby has been a life saver because I haven’t needed to invest in an entirely new wardrobe, but I also love receiving packages of new clothing to try out. I don’t have a ton of free time these days, so I also love that I can ship items back to Gwynnie Bee after I’ve worn them and they take care of laundering and/or dry cleaning. I haven’t shipped back anything that has been particularly dirty, but it’s a relief to not have to splurge on dry cleaning before shipping items back!

I honestly cannot recommend Gwynnie Bee more highly! One more side benefit: Since I routinely have new boxes of clothes arriving at my door, it has cut down on splurge clothing purchases as I always have something new and fun to wear. And, if I REALLY love something, I always have the option to buy it at a discount! Win, win.

Interested in checking out Gwynnie Bee? Click here to get a free 30 day Gwynnie Bee trial!

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Disclosure: I was provided with a free trial of Gwynnie Bee, a plus size clothing rental site, for the purpose of this review, but all opinions expressed above are my own.

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