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Here’s What I Received in My October Ipsy Bag

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Ipsy Review October 2015

Once your monthly Ipsy bag arrives they encourage you to go onto their website to review the items that you received in exchange for points. I never do this, but I do like to go onto the site because they show the entire pool of samples that were available during the month. This is the first time I’ve browsed all of the possible samples and thought, “Heck yeah, I got the best of the best!” Normally there’s something in my bag that I would exchange for something else, but such is not the case this month. My October Ipsy Bag is pretty perfect. (Yes! Perfect!)

The theme of this month’s bag is Alter Ego, though I’m not sure that applies to the products in my bag. These products aren’t going to give me a new look or identity but I am going to enjoy using them!

Here’s what I received in my October Ipsy Bag:

Nourish Organic Argan Face Serum

Nourish Organic Argan Face Serum – I recently shared my love of Nourish Organic Moisturizing Cream Face Cleanser, which I received in my September 2014 Ipsy Bag, so I was really excited to see another Nourish Organic product in this month’s bag! This product is fragrance-free, gluten-free and vegan. It is “designed to deeply hydrate and reveal smoother, softer and more supple skin with improved tone.” The fact that the cleanser doesn’t irritate my extremely sensitive skin has made me a huge fan of Nourish Organic and I honestly can’t wait to try this product.

Tarte deluxe LipSurgence™ skintuitive lip gloss in energy

Tarte Deluxe LipSurgence Skintuitive Lip Gloss in Energy – I have tried products that are designed to work with your body chemistry to create the perfect shade unique to you, but I don’t think I have tried this Tarte lip gloss version. (I have tried the balm version.) 2015 is the year I discovered Tarte Cosmetics and began a personal quest to try all of their products so I can’t wait to cross this one off my list. 

theBalm Cosmetics Mary-Lou Manizer

theBalm Cosmetics Mary-Lou Manizer – Like Nourish Organic and Tarte above, theBalm is another one of my favorite beauty brands, so I couldn’t believe my luck to receive a product from this brand! I was doubly excited to receive another product I’d never tried before, too! Mary-Lou Manizer is a “honey-hued luminizer.” It’s a highlighter, shadow, and a shimmer, and the color looks fantastic on my skin tone. It makes an impact but it’s also subtle. I love it.

Coastal Scents Xpress Line Cosmetic Pencil

Coastal Scents Xpress Line Cosmetic Pencil – So on top of the awesome brands above, Ipsy also sent me an eyeliner from Coastal Scents? Eyeliner is my favorite of all the beauty products and I haven’t tried any from Coastal Scents yet. Also… full size product alert!

AYRES ipsy EXCLUSIVE Pampas Sunrise Hand Cream

AYRES ipsy EXCLUSIVE Pampas Sunrise Hand Cream – Finally, this is a product that was made specifically for Ipsy from AYRES. I’m not familiar with Ayres’ hand creams, but this one is supposed to be super moisturizing, which will be nice for winter. My hands need all the help they can get throughout the winter months so I hope that this cream will do the trick.

Overall: As I said at the beginning of this review, Ipsy couldn’t have sent me any other products that I would have liked more than these! I received products from three of my favorite brands, I received my favorite beauty product, and I received an item from a new-to-me brand that I’m excited to check out. This is, honestly, one of the best sample selections I have ever received from any subscription box! I feel like I can be a bit curmudgeonly about subscription boxes, but THIS is what I wish the boxes and bags were like more often. The selection of products was so good that it didn’t even occur to me that they only included one full-size product this month.

Ipsy is a monthly makeup subscription box that costs $10 per month. Each month they send out 5 deluxe beauty samples packaged in a unique makeup bag.

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