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How To Help Those In Texas Affected By Hurricane Harvey

How to Help Those in Texas Affected by Hurricane Harvey

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The images coming out of Texas this weekend were devastating. After being hit by Hurricane Harvey, much of Houston and surrounding cities are underwater, but still the rain continues.

Emergency services are struggling to keep up with the calls they’re receiving. People are watching their homes and livelihoods get washed away. After this nightmare finally comes to an end, it’s going to take years for the region to recover.

I’ve you’ve been helplessly watching the news and images coming out of the area and wondering how you can help, here are a few organizations that are gladly accepting donations that will go to help those in need:

Airbnb: If you can house anyone who has been displaced by Hurricane Harvey, consider listing your unit for free on Airbnb. In addition to free urgent accommodations, Airbnb is waiving all services fees for those affected through September 1.

American Red Cross: The American Red Cross is setting up shelters for those who have been displaced Trucks filled with supplies have also been dispatched to the area. You can donate online, or you can text “HARVEY” to 90999 and automatically donate $10 to the red cross.

Feeding Texas:  Here is a list of food banks in the Houston area that will help distribute food to those in need. Gifts of food or money are greatly appreciated.

Global Giving: This crowd funding site is raising money for the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund.

Go Fund Me: You can browse the various Hurricane Harvey fundraisers listed on Go Fund Me to see if there’s one (or more) that particularly speaks to you.

ICNA Relief: ICNA is collecting funds to help provide hot meals to those affected by the hurricane and, a bit later, they will help families dig out and start to put their homes back together.

Islamic Center of Greater Houston: The ISGH is helping to rescue those who are stranded, as well as providing emergency shelter, food, and water to those in need. Volunteers are needed and they are also accepting monetary donations.

Portlight: The mission of Portlight is to provide support to those with disabilities who are in need as a result of natural disasters. Currently, they are helping those with disabilities as well as seniors who have been stranded by Hurricane Harvey.

Save the Children: This organization is specifically working to help children and families affected by Hurricane Harvey.

Southern Baptist Disaster Relief: SBDR is helping to take care of up to 60,000 displaced Texans through things like hot meals and cleaning services that will help restore homes.

It’s sad to say, but disgusting criminals have used tragedies like this in the past to set up fraudulent funding pages. Before donating, check any charity on CharityNavigator to make sure they’re legit and see how they rank.

Finally, if you live in the area, please consider donating blood. Check out OneBlood for where to donate.

For more ideas on how to help anyone affected by Hurricane Harvey, read this great post from The Huffington Post.

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