If You Fly, Please Be a Frequent Flier

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I am so excited to share with you all that I just booked my honeymoon! This August, me and the then hubby will be taking off to Australia and New Zealand for a couple of weeks!

While I’m obviously thrilled about having this vacation to look forward to, I am most excited that thanks to frequent flier miles we were able to get one of the flights for FREE.

That’s right. A free roundtrip flight to Australia. Amazing, if I do say so myself.

I am not a “frequent” flier by any means. I fly maybe 6 times per year, and most of those flights are work-related. About two years ago I decided to stick to only flying one airline – in this case United – so that I could maximize my frequent flier mile earning potential. So, while I don’t fly near as often as many people I know {though perhaps more than the average casual traveler}, in two years I was able to save up 80,000 miles … which is the number of miles I needed for my honeymoon plane ticket on a very long international flight. You can get free domestic roundtrip tickets usually for 25,000 miles or so on United, but the number of miles varies depending on the airline.

Even if you only fly a couple of times per year, there are still other ways you can earn frequent flier miles. For United, I enrolled my credit card in United MileagePlus Dining so that I could earn miles when dining out. I also started renting cars through United’s partners so that I would earn more miles. Head to the website of whatever airline you normally fly to check out the various ways you can earn extra miles.

If you travel, even infrequently, I implore you to join whatever frequent flier programs you can. I’ve never paid a fee to join any frequent traveler program, and the rewards are so great.

Start saving the points now and you could be well on your way to a free honeymoon in no time!

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