55 Magical Unicorn Gift Ideas

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Unicorns are so popular right now that a few months ago Starbucks made a unicorn frappuccino that sold out seemingly within minutes. People can’t get enough of these mythical creatures. (Or are they mythical? Hmm…)  I was having some fun browsing unicorn gift ideas when this post fell into place. Once I started I just couldn’t stop, which is why there are so many unicorn gift ideas. It’s going to be a long time before you next say, “what should I get for my favorite unicorn lover?”

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Magical Gift Ideas for Your Favorite Unicorn Lover

Unicorn Nymph Horn and Ear Headdress

Unicorn Headdress

This headdress from Idolatre on Etsy makes me want to be a unicorn and that’s not something I think I’ve ever said or thought before.

Not One to Myth Shift Unicorn Dress

Not one to myth shift unicorn dress


There are many things to love about ModCloth, but one of my favorites is that most of their clothes come in all sizes, so women between the sizes of XS-4X can all enjoy this fun unicorn dress!

GoFloats Unicorn Party Tube

No pool party is complete without an inflatable unicorn raft!

Racerback Shortall


Unicorn Racerback Shortall from Monica and Andy

My personal inspiration for this post came from this amazing little outfit from Monica + Andy.  Every day I talk myself out of buying it, but I’m sure that will change soon! Every adorable baby needs a magical unicorn onesie, right?!

Unicorn Cupcake Jars

Unicorn Cupcake Jars

I have been wanting to try Wicked Good Cupcakes ever since they appeared on Shark Tank, and I think these unicorn cupcakes would make for the perfect inaugural purchase.

Be a Unicorn Sign

Is there any better advice? Thanks to this sage advice, this is a unicorn gift that one could put in his or her office without receiving too many strange looks.

Unicorn PlanterUnicorn Planter

While we are talking about office decorations, this unicorn planter would be another great addition. It’s also just a really fab unicorn gift. Stick a little succulent in there and you’ve come up with a long-lasting gift that any unicorn lover is sure to love. (Even ones with black thumbs!)

Melissa & Doug Misty Unicorn Stuffed Animal

This is a wonderful gift for the young… or young at heart!

Unicorn Sugar Cookies

Unicorn Sugar Cookies from Holly Fox Design

I went to a birthday party recently where they were serving cookies from Holly Fox Design. It was love at first site as these cookies taste as good as they look! There are so many different designs from which to choose, but these unicorn cookies are sure to be a hit with your resident unicorn fan! They’d also be a wonderful treat to serve at a unicorn-themed birthday party!

Unicorn Marquee

This marquee will really light up a wall!

Bag of Unicorn Farts (Cotton Candy)

Let’s be honest: This is probably my favorite item on this list of unicorn gifts. I love all forms of cotton candy, but cotton candy where a portion of the profits are donated to a children’s charity is really a must-have.

CamelBak Unicorn Water Bottle

I’m always telling my son about the importance of staying hydrated. Is there any cuter way to drink more water than with this unicorn water bottle?

The Unicorn Coloring Book

I think it’s only appropriate to invest in new colored pencils in all colors of the rainbow before beginning to fill in a unicorn coloring book. The unicorns would demand it!

Unicorn Birthday Snapchat Geofilter

Unicorn Birthday Snapchat Geofilter

I don’t use Snapchat so I don’t know how impressive of a feat this actually is, but having a personalized filter seems incredibly cool to me. If unicorns aren’t your thing (sacrilege!), Conchiglia Designs on Etsy has quite a few other designs from which to choose.

Unicorn Sleeveless Skater Dress

If ever you’re having a bad day just slip this dress on and rainbows are sure to appear.

The Unicorn Nail File by Bona Fide Beauty

This nail file is a must to carry in your purse. It’s perfect for nail emergencies or just if you need a bit of a unicorn fix.

Unicorn Coffee Mug

Unicorn Coffee Mug

This unicorn mug from By Tracey on Etsy will make any cup of coffee – or perhaps unicorn hot chocolate – that much better.

12 Piece Unicorn Makeup Brush Set

These makeup brushes would make a great gift for anyone who regularly wears makeup and dreams of being a unicorn.

I Belive in Unicorns Lunch Box

I Believe in Unicorns Lunch Box

This unicorn lunchbox would make another great addition to our round-up of cool lunch boxes for kids. Of course, this one is also perfect for adults, too!

Unicorn Duct Tape

Duct tape is what you use on heavy duty jobs, so I have to believe the unicorn mojo gives it a little bit more durability and makes it that much more special.

Unicorn Wine Holder

There’s something that’s just so wrong but also so right about this wine holder! If you choose this unicorn gift for someone, I highly recommend picking up a bottle of two buck chuck (or something fancier) to go with it, otherwise, your recipient will probably be really confused about what exactly it is you’ve given him or her!

Unicorn Ring Bath Bomb

Unicorn Ring Bath Bomb

This bath bomb from Pearl Bath Bombs smells like cotton candy (!) and the color of your water will vary depending on the light. Plus, each of these bath bombs comes with a magical surprise inside: A fun ring! Please note that the bath bomb does NOT come with a unicorn horn.

Unicorn Bedroom Light


At what age do you think someone outgrows a unicorn lamp? Asking for a friend…

 Unicorn Sign

Unicorn Sign

This sign from Mae Flower Signs on Etsy would be the perfect unicorn gift for someone who also happens to be a LuLaRoe fan because the flowers are actually (purposefully) LuLaRoe colors!

Be A Unicorn Mug with Metallic Star Stirrer

I know they’re calling it a “stirrer,” but I’m pretty sure the “stirrer” is code for “magic wand.” Use it to cast a spell on anyone who dares speak to you before you down your first cup of coffee of the morning.

 Unicorn Parking Only Poster

I’m sure nobody would dare disobey this sign, especially with the threat of being turned into a rainbow!

 Unicorn Grace T-Shirt

Just in case you can’t read it, this shirt says, “She’s beauty, she’s grace, she’ll kick you in the face.” Beauty and fierceness, just like any unicorn.

 Adam & Brooks Mini Unicorn Pops

24 lollipops are enough to share… yeah, right. 😉

 Alex & Ani Unicorn Charm Bracelet

Alex & Ani Unicorn Charm Bracelet

Not only is this bracelet beautiful, but a portion of the proceeds will be donated to a good cause. “ALEX AND ANI will donate 20% of the purchase price* from each Unicorn Charm sold, with a minimum donation of $25,000 between January 2017 and December 2017, to Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals®, supporting its charitable purpose to raise funds and awareness for local children’s hospitals.”

Squatty Potty Unicorn Gold Toilet Spray

…and now I think I’ve seen everything.

Uni the Unicorn by Amy Krouse Rosenthal

Amy Krouse Rosenthal was a Chicago-based author who passed away recently but made news right before her passing by writing a column in The New York Times, You May Want to Marry My Husband. After learning about Amy, I purchased Uni the Unicorn for my daughter. It’s a story about a little unicorn who believes little girls are real and goes in search of hers. It’s truly a wonderful story that I highly recommend.

Unicorn Napkins

Unicorn Napkins

These unicorn napkins would be fantastic for a party… or just for Taco Tuesday. When it comes to unicorns there aren’t any rules.

Unicorn Hoodie

You couldn’t state it more clearly if you tried.

Accoutrements Enchanted Unicorn Bandages

I can’t imagine unicorns get hurt too often, but it’s best to have these unicorn bandages on hand just in case.

Too Faced La Creme Unicorn Tears Lipstick

You won’t be crying unicorn tears if you manage to get your hands on this super popular iridescent shimmer lipstick!

My Pet Unicorn

My Pet Unicorn from The Land of Nod

I’m not going to lie: This unicorn went right to the top of my daughter’s wish list. She has never wanted anything more in her three months on earth. (And by “she,” I mean the person who currently makes all decisions for her!)

 Unicorn Rubber Duckies

Here’s a fabulous unicorn gift idea: Pair these fun unicorn ducks with the unicorn bath bombs for a whimsical and useful gift that will surely make bath time loads more fun.

Unicorn Onesie

No need to go to a party. This onesie is a party unto itself.

Unicorn Portable Charger for iPhone and Android

This is the perfect unicorn gift for that person who is also constantly running out of juice.

Mounted Unicorn Head

Mounted Unicorn Head

This unicorn head from White Faux Taxidermy on Etsy is pretty much the perfect wall art, right? It’s magical and regal.

Unicorn Tape Dispenser

There are a lot of beautiful creatures included in this list of unicorn gift ideas but I’m not sure this is one of them. This unicorn is downright goofy, but I do like the idea of using rainbow tape at the office so I can only pick on the old chap so much.

Geometric Unicorn Necklace

Geometric Unicorn Necklace

This unicorn necklace from My New Fave Jewellery on Etsy will be the perfect accessory for any outfit!

Unicorn Garland


Well, this unicorn garland would be a great item to have at any unicorn-themed party, but it would also be a great wall hanging just because.

Unicorns Are Real Notebook

I don’t know why I keep going back to the office, but this notebook is sure to brighten up any boring office meeting.

Kikkerland Wooden Unicorn Corkscrew

Perfect unicorn gift pairing: This unicorn corkscrew with your recipient’s personal unicorn wine.

Pacifica Unicorn Horn Nail Polish

Pacifica nail polish is the best so I can only imagine that this unicorn-inspired nail polish is that much better than every other color in their arsenal.

Unicorn Fidget Spinner

I can’t say I understand fidget spinners in a non-therapeutic setting, but if you’ve gotta spin, you might as well have the cutest one on the block!

Unicorn Sunglasses

These sunglasses are sure to keep rainy and cloudy days at bay.


Unicorn Travel Mug


Getting up to go to work in the morning is no fun at all, but this unicorn travel mug might make things a little bit better.

Unicorn Cookie Cutter

Unicorn cookies would be the perfect thing to serve with your unicorn wine or unicorn hot chocolate. Or just to eat on their own because cookies are amazing.

Unicorn Tears Cross Body Bag

This bag is nothing, if not a conversation starter!

I Believe in Unicorns Cupcake Kit

This kit will help you throw the perfect little unicorn party. Pair with the garland and probably some unicorn cookies for a really magical shindig.

Unicorn Sparkle Tan Enhancing Lotion

I don’t know that this lotion will help you get a better tan, but it will help you sparkle, which is probably a healthier option. It’s also way more awesome. Why tan when you can sparkle?!

Inspiration Necklace with Unicorn Charm


Unicorns aren’t particularly subdued, so I was surprised to find this necklace where the unicorn isn’t the focal point. While the unicorn is much smaller here, she’s still in charge!

Unicorn Knee High Socks

Whether you want to wait until it’s colder out to make use of these socks or your feet are cold now, unicorn socks are destined to keep your tootsies toasty.


Do Tell: What other unicorn gift ideas do you have?

Here are 55 magical unicorn gift ideas that are perfect for your favorite unicorn lover.

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