Forget Vegas! Head to the MGM Grand Detroit for Your Next Weekend Getaway

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Earlier this summer we went on a family road trip out to Maine, and on our way back to Chicago we stopped and stayed a night in Detroit. We probably didn’t need to, but I think I made my love of everything Michigan-related in my Michigan Bucket List post, and since we were traveling with our one-year-old we really didn’t want to drive for more than four to five hours per day. With our mind made up, however, we decided to stay at the nicest hotel in the area, the MGM Grand Detroit.

I grew up in Ferndale, Mich., the first city north of Detroit, and I remember all of the debates about whether or not casinos should be allowed to open in downtown Detroit. At the time, Detroit was in pretty bad shape and the casinos were seen as a way to bring much-needed tourists and revenue to the area. There have been a lot of factors at play, of course, but I think most would agree that the casinos have been an important part of Detroit’s revitalization over the past decade or so.

Thus, it felt appropriate to end our vacation in my favorite underdog city that’s undergoing quite a renaissance, and at one of the casino/hotels that has helped usher in the era of change. Our evening at the MGM Grand Detroit couldn’t have been any better, and I hope you’ll consider a visit the next time you want to plan a gambling/spa/pampering getaway.

What to Expect at the MGM Grand Detroit

The MGM Grand Detroit is an impressive building

Driving up to the MGM Grand Detroit will have you feeling like you’re on the Vegas strip. The gleaming windows and the majestic MGM lions never fail to impress.

View from the MGM Grand Detroit

I know that when many people think of Detroit they immediately think of the blight. It’s hard to escape, especially since there are so many videos showing the not-so-savory sides of Detroit. But our view from the hotel overlooked downtown Detroit which is definitely on the older side, but is pretty beautiful, I think. Not too far in the distance are Comerica Park, where the Tigers play, and Ford Field, where the Lions play. We could see the new Little Caesar’s Arena being built, which is where the Red Wings will soon play.

Sunset in Detroit

From another angle you can see the Ambassador Bridge, which will take you to Canada, and from another you can watch the sun set over suburbia.


Bedroom at the MGM Grand Detroit

We stayed in a new location almost every night of our vacation, so we encountered a bunch of different beds, some of which were more comfortable than others. The bed at the MGM Grand Detroit was by far the best though. Once I climbed in I did not want to get back out! The bed were soft and the linens were seriously some of the softest I have encountered.

Aside from the bed, the room was large and spacious! There was a couch in front of the windows that was incredibly comfortable. There were three of us in the room and it didn’t feel like we were on top of one another and it definitely seemed as though the room were a little larger than a traditional hotel room. Also, the carpeting in hotels can be a little faded and, let’s be honest, kind of gross. The MGM Grand Detroit honestly had the plushest and cleanest carpet I’ve ever seen in a hotel!

Finally, no worries if you pack heavy as the closet was also so spacious that we were able to put my son’s travel crib in there! (We left the doors open for circulation!)


Welcome basket at the MGM Grand Detroit

When we walked in there was a little welcome basket on the bed, which contained some necessities like the television remote and a complimentary bottle of water. My favorite part, though, were the two Sanders chocolates! The dark chocolate peppermint pattie was absolutely delectable, and I love that MGM featured another prominent Detroit company like this.


Bathroom at the MGM Grand Detroit

This looks like a photo trick, but the bathroom is actually divided into three sections: the shower, the toilet, and the sinks. There’s an actual wall between the toilet and the shower, and they each have individual doors. It’s hard to tell, but the shower has an overhead rainfall shower head, as well as a traditional shower head. Needless to say, it was glorious!


Amenities in the bathroom at the MGM Grand Detroit

The wall-length mirror actually featured a television in the middle of it! While I know this is far from a necessity, I have to admit that I love whenever a bathroom has a TV in it!


2016-06-27 17.40.15

There were lots of little touches that I loved about the MGM Grand Detroit. For example, the phone had my name on it, right there next to Wolfgang Puck!


Casino cards from the MGM Grand Detroit

As a welcome gift we received a set of casino playing cards! We have put these to good use playing euchre back here in Chicago.


Room service menu at MGM Grand Detroit

I have to admit that I love whenever a hotel offers room service. I’m not a particularly fancy person, but there are few things I love more than eating a good meal while nestled into my big hotel bed. Even though room service is crazy expensive, I almost always order something. (It’s the little things!) The room service menu at the MGM Grand Detroit was great, although we did opt to go down for dinner, primarily because it’s a lot easier to feed a one-year-old when he can sit up in a high chair.


2016-06-27 19.31.37

Unfortunately, the only restaurant we could go to was TAP, because it was the only restaurant where you needn’t walk through the casino (and we couldn’t bring our son across the casino floor). Fortunately, our meal was delicious! This isn’t the best food photo I’ve ever taken but I had to share it on the off chance that you stay at the MGM Grand Detroit and eat at TAP, you need to try the TAP Michigan BLT. It was incredible! (Description: Maple glazed bacon, arugula, tomato, sunny side up egg served open-faced on Texas toast)


Casino at the MGM Grand Detroit

Of course, the casino at the MGM Grand Detroit is huge and full of slot machines and table games. I’ll be honest with you: My husband loves casinos but I’m pretty lukewarm about them. I’m risk-averse, so if I want to spend money I’d usually prefer to just buy something. I decided I wanted a coffee, though, and decided to put $5 in the penny slot machine…


2016-06-27 21.15.01

… And I’d say it all worked out in my favor! With my second push of the magic button I won a (small) progressive jackpot and won all of my money back plus some. Feeling like I’d just won a million bucks, I cashed out immediately. No need to tempt fate!

While we didn’t have time to make it, much like the MGM Grand Las Vegas, the MGM Grand Detroit has a pool (indoor), a spa, shopping, and entertainment. While we loved TAP, legendary chef Wolfgang Puck has two restaurants, and there’s also a dining “studio,” a dining “court,” and the coffee shop. You could easily spend a few days inside of the MGM Grand Detroit and have no reason to leave, but there’s plenty of fine dining, arts and culture, sporting events, and entertainment that’s just a short walk or drive away. Whether you’re looking to take a romantic getaway, a girls’ (or boys’) trip, or just need a place to recharge, you’re likely to find exactly what you need at the best casino and hotel in Detroit.

If you’re looking for an alternative to Las Vegas where you can relax, be pampered, eat well and, yes, gamble a little, I highly recommend checking out the MGM Grand Detroit. I have a feeling you’re going to love it just as much as we did!

But… you don’t have to take my word for it! Check out the amazing reviews on TripAdvisor and book your next getaway or staycation!


Disclosure: I was provided with a complimentary night at the MGM Grand Detroit, though all opinions expressed above are my own.

If you're looking for Las Vegas alternative where you can relax, be pampered, eat well and gamble, I highly recommend checking out the MGM Grand Detroit.

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