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Must-Have Electronics: Amazon Fire TV

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Amazon Fire TV Last week I made a split-second decision to purchase an Amazon Fire TV ($99) because after watching season 3 of New Girl I NEEDED to watch seasons 1 and 2 of The Mindy Project. One of the only ways to do so was via Amazon Instant Video, so I figured it was time to get the Amazon Fire TV so I could at least pretend to do work while binge-watching TV.

You may recall that earlier this year I mentioned purchasing a Google Chromecast, but I never reported that I gave up using it almost immediately. We had a lot of trouble trying to connect our phones and/or tablet to it while maintaining a stable internet connection, so it was essentially a waste of money. (Luckily it only cost like $25.) The Amazon Fire TV is different from the Chromecast because instead of needing to send the signal from your phone or whatnot to the device, you can play shows and movies directly from the Fire TV.

The Amazon Fire TV was super easy to set up. I had it up and running in about five minutes and the longest part of the installation was entering our wifi password because I always forget that it’s case sensitive. Once it was connected I just switched on the TV and was able to browse all of the listings.

Amazon Fire TV Streaming

With an Amazon Fire TV you can stream movies, television shows, and games from all of the services above. Honestly, at this point we’re really only going to use it to watch shows on Amazon Instant Video and Netflix, but it’s great that there are so many options! To use apps like Netflix you must, of course, have a Netflix subscription and I’m sure that is true for some of these other options as well. The only service currently missing that would be nice is HBO Go, but most of the HBO catalog is now included in Amazon Instant Video anyhow.

As much as I love TV, I don’t actually watch that much of it and think that I could probably get away with nothing more than an Amazon Fire TV in my everyday life as it has everything I need, it connects super quickly, and it’s easy to use. Did I mention that the remote is voice activated, so you can just tell it what you want to watch? It’s amazing.

I’m not usually a gadget person, but this is one investment I’m really glad I made. I used the justification that it was an early baby gift to myself, but now I don’t even need that. It’s easily the coolest piece of electronic equipment I’ve ever purchased and while the one I bought is set up in the bedroom now, I’m tempted to buy a second for the living room!

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