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12/8/16 Update: While I still love Paribus, they no longer work with Amazon as Amazon has updated their terms to no longer offer price adjustments. I left most of the Amazon references in below because I wanted to show how Paribus works, as this is where I had the most success prior to the terms change.

If you’re doing any of your holiday shopping online, you NEED to check out Paribus!

Paribus Review: How to get cash back on past purchases |

Y’all know that I am all about shopping and I am also all about trying to land a good deal. I do most of my shopping online because that’s where I think the best deals tend to be, especially when you take into account cash back shopping sites like Ebates! Well, I’ve got another website in my arsenal that I’m so excited to tell you about, Paribus! I was introduced them a couple of months ago by Laura at Tried Guide, but for some reason, I waited until about three weeks ago to sign up.

I shouldn’t have waited. And you shouldn’t either.

If you do any shopping online you must sign up for Paribus right now.

No, really.

Paribus: earn money when prices fallThe reason this tool is a must-have is because after you register their system will scan all of your online shopping receipts. Not only will they alert you when there’s a price decrease but they will automatically try to get a refund on your behalf!

Most stores offer to refund you the price difference on a purchase if the price goes down within a certain amount of time. I don’t know about you, but once I’ve purchased something I’ve never watched to see what happens to the price. Apparently, I should have been, because within two weeks Paribus has saved me almost $6! While $6 may not sound like much, keep in mind that I only spent a total of $70 during those two weeks, so this is almost 10% that’s coming back to me!

Keep reading for my full Paribus review.

How much money I have earned from Paribus so far

On February 18 I received notice that Paribus had submitted a claim on my behalf for $3.13 and that same day I received $3.39 back. (I am not sure why I received back more than the claim amount.) After three weeks of using the service, I have now received $11.69 back! The best part? I literally didn’t have to do anything!

I do most of my shopping from Amazon, so that’s where all of my price adjustment refunds have come from. As noted above, however, Amazon is no longer working with Paribus since changing their terms to no longer offer price adjustments.

Currently, Paribus works with the following retailers, although I expect this list to increase over time (although they should probably remove Amazon):

Paribus merchants

How does Paribus contact retailers?

I was curious about what, exactly, Paribus would send to retailers on my behalf, but that was answered pretty quickly. This is the letter “I” sent Amazon… aka the letter Paribus sent when they found a price drop had occurred:

What does Paribus send to retailers?

It’s a pretty basic form letter, but it’s apparently effective!

I received my letter back via an email from Amazon when they contacted me with the following response to “my” inquiry.

Amazon response to Paribus refund request

While Paribus is no longer working with Amazon, the exchange is similar between Paribus and other retailers.

Combine Ebates and Paribus for Even Greater Savings

Ebates can save you big money when you place an order and I see no reason why you shouldn’t be able to combine purchases made through Ebates with the price adjustment services offered at Paribus!

While you have to click through Ebates in order to receive cash back, you place your order directly with the retailer and the receipt comes directly from the retailer. Therefore, Paribus would be able to scan that receipt to keep an eye out for any price adjustments.

When you combine coupons, sales,  Ebates and Paribus you are guaranteed to get the lowest possible price… even if that price happens to fall during the price adjustment window!

Note: Since Paribus comes into effect after the fact, the price adjustment will not affect the cash back amount you receive from Ebates.

How much does Paribus cost?

The best part about Paribus? Paribus is free! You don’t pay them a dime, however, they will take a cut of how much money they get back for you. The starting cut that they take is 25 percent, however, you can lower that to 0% by referring friends to the service.

I referred two friends to the service so my percentage is currently 15 percent. Once you refer five friends the cut Paribus takes is zero! I’d like that to be zero, of course, but I also can’t complain because the system is getting me back money that I wouldn’t have gotten back on my own. Paribus is actually a service I would pay for so the fact that it is free, aside from the cut they take out of the price adjustment, is just fine with me.

Tips for Using Paribus

  • Register using the email account where you do most of your online shopping. If there are multiple accounts that you shop from then set up multiple Paribus accounts.
  • The service can NOT read your personal emails, but if you’re concerned about this you might consider setting up an email account specifically for your online shopping.
  • Sign up for Paribus and forget about it. Don’t keep checking your account. They will let you know when they have located a price adjustment.
  • Share the service with your friends! Paribus is one of the best shopping tools I have seen in years and I’m telling everyone I know about it. If you share the service yourself you can get that 25 percent cut down to nothing!
  • Keep in mind that most of the retailers that work with the company offer a price adjustments on purchases made within 7-15 days of the original purchase. You should probably refrain from sending emails about them not finding any extra savings on the TV you bought last August.

Don’t Just Take My Word For It!

I think Paribus is awesome, but I’m not the only one! The company was recently featured on NBC Nightly News and the segment included a family that was using their savings – over $400 thus far – to set up a college fund for their daughter.

Click here to check out Paribus!

Some merchants - ahem, Amazon - change prices constantly. When prices drop on items you've already purchased, Paribus will work to get money refunded to you automatically.

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