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I got caught up in a bit of a rabbit hole today.

Someone posted a link on Twitter to this post, How to go to Vegas for Cheap – or Even Free, and I had to take a look. My husband and I are likely going to Las Vegas next year and of course I’d like to go to Las Vegas for cheap or free! That post provided OK information, though most of it I already knew like how casinos will give you free drinks for gambling. Been there, done that, my friend.

However, there was another link within that post that caught my eye: How to get up to 3 free hotel rooms in Las Vegas a month. I can definitely use free hotel rooms in Las Vegas – heck, I can use free anything on my next trip!

BestofVegas. Best Shows. Best Hotels. Best Prices.
That post lead me further down the rabbit hole to the game MyVegas Slots, which is available as an iPhone and Android app, as well as on Facebook.

MyVegas Slots is essentially a slot machine game, but instead of playing for nothing but bragging rights (or actual money if you’re in a casino), you can earn points that can be redeemed for awesome prizes in Las Vegas.

Quite a few of the hottest casinos in LasVegas have partnered with the MyVegas Slots app include Aria, Bellagio, MGM Grand, Mandalay Bay, Mirage, Monte Carlo, New York New York, Circus Circus, Luxor, and Excalibur.

In addition to the hotels, there are offers with other establishments such as:

  • Wolfgang Puck
  • House of Blues
  • Las Vegas Monorail
  • Sugar Factory

I should be embarrassed to admit that I have now been playing this game most of the day – let’s just call today a “research” day, mmmk? – and while I’m not racking up the points particularly quickly, it is by no means difficult to do so and it is actually a lot of fun!

Playing MyVegas Slots


Playing MyVegas Slots is a lot like playing a slot machine at a casino. There are flashy graphics, borderline annoying sound effects, and lots of opportunities to win! The graphics-intense slots included in the game are usually the slots that are always busy at the casinos… at least in the penny and nickel slot slot areas that I gravitate toward. (You didn’t think I went to Vegas and spent big bucks, did you?! I spend a dollar on the penny slots and wait for my free drink before going to find my husband at the Blackjack table.)

Each of the casinos mentioned above has its own slot game, though at this point I’ve only played long enough that I’ve been able to access the game for three of the casinos.

In my very limited playing experience, the Excalibur game has been my favorite because I keep winning! As you can see up there in the right hand corner, I’m up to 6,642 chips! Right next to that are the loyalty points/chips, which are what you can actually redeem for the rewards. You earn the loyalty points just for continuing to play the games, and there are probably other ways to earn them that I haven’t discovered yet!

In addition to just earning chips from the slot machine, there are various challenges to complete where you can earn extra points. It makes it a little bit more engaging, because pressing the “spin” button can get a bit dull after awhile.

The Rewards

Thus far, earning rewards with the MyVegas Slots game seems to be fairly straightforward and easy. Of course, I don’t have nearly enough loyalty points to receive anything, but with a year until our trip I am certain I’ll be able to get something good!

Just a few of the rewards that are available include:

MyVegas Slots

56,000 loyalty points will earn you a free midweek stay at the New York New York hotel, or 63,000 will get you a free ticket to Zumanity!


19,500 will get you a free lunch buffet pass at the Aria hotel or a wine pairing with your meal, while 40,000 will get you a free ticket to Zarkana.


Cheaper hotels are also available. I believe that just 12,000 points could get you a free room at Circus Circus (though I’m not sure what the difference is between the 12,000 and 20,000 point levels)!

There are many more rewards where these come from, too!

A couple of things to note about MyVegas Slots rewards:

  • It appears the rewards are ever-changing. As I was looking through the list I spotted quite a few rewards that had notes saying things like “10 left today.” I’m not sure that this is a big deal unless there’s suddenly a big rush on offers, but it could be something to watch.
  • Only three rewards can be redeemed each month. So, that could be 3 free hotel rooms, or a free hotel and 2 free meals, or a free hotel, a free show, and a free buffet. If you’re traveling with someone, your best bet is for both of you to play the game because then ideally you could redeem 6 rewards on one trip. (Assuming, of course, that your trip is less than a month long.)
  • Rewards must be redeemed within 90 days. In other words, don’t cash out all of your chips tonight for a trip you’re planning on taking next year.

You Do NOT Have to Pay to Play


Let’s be honest: The casinos that have partnered with MyVegas Slots don’t ACTUALLY want you to play this game for free and then earn cool rewards for free. The screen above popped up in the game once, letting me know that I could purchase more chips to play with – a Mother’s Day special, of course. Like many of the Facebook games that are so popular, I’m sure this app makes big money for the casinos!


I’m sure I will run out of chips at some point, but luckily there appear to be hourly bonuses available, and each day that you log into the game they will give you more chips to play with. I may not earn rewards super quickly that way but I also won’t spend any money, which means that whichever rewards I’m able to take advantage of next year in Las Vegas will actually be free.

If you want to figure out ways to maximize your *free* returns with MyVegas Slots, do a Google search for “MyVegas Slots Strategy.” I was surprised at how many results I found!


I’m obviously pretty excited about this game and the possibility of earning free hotel rooms in Las Vegas! I’m not sure how much time I will actually commit to this game and whether I’ll garner enough points to earn free hotel rooms in Las Vegas at places like Aria or Bellagio, but at the very least I intend on getting a free meal at one of the fanciest buffets! But then again, who knows? There’s plenty of time before my trip so I’m going to hope for the best (and as many points as possible)!

I’ll update you all again next year on my final “winnings”, but in the meantime, I thought this game could come in handy as a way to possibly save some money for any of you that are also planning future trips to Las Vegas!


Do Tell: Have any of you used MyVegas Slots to earn free hotel rooms in Las Vegas, or other specials? If so, I’d love to hear how the process went and any tips you might have for earning points!


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