Beauty Reviewed + Giveaway: SkinFare

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Looking for a fabulous beauty product for under $10? Or an awesome stocking stuffer for less? Then you must check out SkinFare!

SKinFare Topical Nourishment


These magic little semi-solid salves are made with USDA certified organic ingredients and biodegradable packaging. Right there I’m 100% sold! 🙂

•Coconut Oil

•Palm Fruit Oil


•Castor Oil

•Palmarosa Essential Oil

•Rosemary Essential Oil

•Helichrysum Essential Oil

I also love what SkinFare stands for!

We are a company rooted in amazing Asheville, North Carolina that designs, develops and manufactures organic health and beauty care products in biodegradable packaging. Our mission is to help everyone move away from traditional chemical based ingredients in plastic packaging to  organic botanical recipes in biodegradable packaging. We give your skin the best ingredients that nature has to offer, why not give nature back the best… biodegradable! SkinFare’s tube will leave no trace. Compost it, make it into a seed bomb, recycle it, or do anything else you can think of with the confidence in knowing you wont see it floating down a river or sitting in a landfill for 200 years.

These products and the company’s mission are very near and dear to my heart. Since I’m a huge advocate for saving the planet, I couldn’t love these more.

And, most importantly, because their products work, too! Lately I’ve noticed that right under my jaw line I have been having a dry patch of skin. I’ve put moisturizer on it and to no avail. Then, sometime last week, I decided to try SkinFare Topical Nourishment on it. And I’m grateful I did! Now I can’t go without it! It healed the dry patch without leaving me greasy or feeling like I had products caked on my face. LOVE.

The directions are simple: apply anywhere you have skin. And I did. I’ve tried the dry patches on my legs, on my face, and my elbows. And I’ve had fab results each time. I haven’t had one breakout or one issue using SkinFare, either!

I also have disgustingly dry hands during the winter. I’ve been using the Topical Nourishment on them and I can’t tell you enough how pleased I am with the results. I also love that I’m not left with a greasy or sticky residue, as sometimes I am with lotion. The salve absorbs very nicely into my skin. I’m a total fan.

SkinFare Topical Nourishment works like a magic eraser providing swift relief from a variety of skin concerns. Create the perfect surface ecology for your body’s landscape to thrive. Use daily for rehydration and repair everywhere you have skin; anti-aging face protection, instant lip conditioning, and moisturizing chapped hands.

SkinFare is my go-to ultimate dry skin healer. Are you guys now itching to try a tube of SkinFare? Well, you are in lucky! All you have to do is a leave a comment below letting me know your favorite go-to dry skin product. That simple!

One lucky winner will be announced next Wednesday, December 12. Good luck!


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25 thoughts on “Beauty Reviewed + Giveaway: SkinFare

  1. I like sugar scrubs doused in yummy smelling oils 🙂 AND overnight foot lotions with fuzzy socks!!

  2. So far, eucerin is my go-to for super dry skin but I’m searching for something new so this post came along at the perfect time. 🙂

  3. I don’t really have dry skin, but I always have lotion. My favorite right now is Bath and Body Works Paris Armour.

  4. funny enough, a good extra virgin Olive oil — it’s the miracle of oils, right along with coconut oil!

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