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Review: Sleep Number m7 Memory Foam Queen-Size Bed

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There is no denying that at times I feel incredibly lucky to be a blogger, and this is one of those times. A few weeks ago Sleep Number contacted me and asked if I would be interested in receiving one of their newest beds to try out {and keep}. Of course, I jumped at the chance!

Truthfully, the offer couldn’t have come at a better time. My husband and I both purchased queen beds when we graduated college and those were the beds we were still using. On occasion, we rotated them because he liked his old bed better and I liked mine. I never asked him, but since I couldn’t exactly afford a queen size bed as a new college graduate, I went home with the cheapest bed I could find. Since I graduated nearly 10 years ago, it was beyond time for us to upgrade our sleeping situation and Sleep Number was actually the top brand I was considering due to two previous encounters with the brand.

In 2007, we went on a weekend trip to Minneapolis and stayed downtown at the Radisson, where some rooms come equipped with Sleep Number beds. We were lucky enough to get one of those rooms and we had so much fun trying to figure out our numbers! I remember checking out and saying I needed one of those beds in my future!

Most recently, when Laura and I went to BlogHer together in 2010 we spent a lot of time in the vendor room where they actually had a Sleep Number bed on display for bloggers to test. After a long day of conferencing, meeting bloggers, and talking to various brands, finding a bed to rest on was just what we needed to regain some energy. And oh, was that bed comfortable!

Sleep Number m7


Side Note: Clearly I need to put some artwork above our bed. Only after I took this picture did I realize there’s a big paint mark over our bed! You can’t really see this in real life. Whoops.

Sleep Number was wonderful enough to gift me with their latest bed, the Sleep Number m7 Memory Foam queen-size bed.

The m7 comes with dual chambers, meaning that the sleep number can be adjusted on both sides of the bed. And … let’s back up a second and explain exactly what that “sleep number” actually means. What I consider a comfortable bed may not actually be a comfortable bed for you, which is why Sleep Number is awesome.

Case in point:


100 is the firmest number, so you can immediately tell that I prefer a firmer number, or mattress, to Randy. There’s an air chamber under the bed, so you can fill up and let out the air to your heart’s delight as you attempt to find your own perfect number. There’s no science or hardship involved. You use the remote to control the bed.

Prior to receiving the Sleep Number, Randy and I were sleeping on my old mattress, which was firmer than Randy would prefer. He had the worst time sleeping and would wake up all night long, or worse, wake up at 4 a.m. and be unable to fall back asleep, which would also wake me up. This happened all.the.time. Now that we have the Sleep Number, Randy actually sleeps through the night, which means I get an even better night of sleep myself. 🙂

The new m7 is so comfortable that I’d now prefer to spend most of my time in bed. In fact, I’m writing this from bed right now! While I know Randy loves having the softer bed, I am personally obsessed with the memory foam! The m7 has three inches of Sleep Number CoolFit™ foam that has a gel technology designed to help keep you cool at night. Considering summer has come way early to Chicago {hello 5 days of record-setting heat!}, we’ve been putting the CoolFit to the test and I really think it helps. While the air in our apartment has been downright stifling at times, our bed is always nice and cool. {This may or may not also be contributing to why I am currently blogging from bed!} The way the memory foam contours to your body is so comforting. You can’t flop onto the bed because the memory foam is there to cradle you like a giant pillow.

I am so honored that Sleep Number gifted me with one of these beds because I can honestly say both Randy and I are sleeping so much better than we have in years. It’s amazing how important it is to find your ultimate level of comfort to ensure a good night’s rest. I feel like this is doubly important for me. I wake up at 5:45 a.m. most mornings but I’m guilty of not going to bed until midnight. This is certainly not optimal, but just being comfortable regardless of what position I’m sleeping in has caused me to wake up feeling far more rested over the past few weeks. In fact, neither Randy or I are even sleeping in on the weekends at this point! Why keep sleeping when you’re already charged to 100%?

Thanks so much to Sleep Number for this incredible opportunity and for absolutely changing the way that I sleep!

Disclosure: While I received a free Sleep Number® m7 Memory Foam bed to review from Select Comfort / Sleep Number for this post all opinions stated above are 100% my own. I wouldn’t dare spend the next decade + sleeping on something I didn’t love or encourage others to follow suit if I didn’t believe in the product. I enjoy sleeping far too much to be dishonest.

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