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Small Gift Ideas for Men

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Why is it that men are so hard to shop for? I’ve been told I’m hard to shop for my whole life, but really all I want are pretty things. It takes a lot of time and effort to find the perfect gifts for men, and doubly so when it comes to stocking stuffers.

If my fiancé doesn’t like something he will open it and never touch it again. It’s not that he’s ungrateful, I just think that’s a man thing. Out of sight, out of mind. Thus, I try to avoid that at all costs otherwise, I end up regifting those items the next year. {shhh…}

Here are a few ideas for small gift ideas for the men on your shopping list:

The Big Lebowski

The Big Lebowski

Get him a “man” movie. You know what I’m talking about – the movie that he may or may not own but is always quoting. For years every guy in my life quoted The Dude and drove me absolutely nuts.

Drumstick PencilsDrumstick Pencils

These are just fun.

Bicycle Playing Cards

I asked my fiance what he would suggest as a stocking stuffer and the only thing he came up with was playing cards. I was a little puzzled at first, but this actually is a great item. Whenever my fiance gets together with his friends they inevitably end up playing poker, and they’re always replacing decks when they get too old.

clown noseEmergency Clown Nose

This Emergency Clown Nose made me LOL. It might not work for many men, but if your guy is a prankster or just really enjoys clowns he might get a kick out of this!


CDMixed CD

I know that technically I should say playlist, but it’s still kind of hard to pass along a playlist without a CD. Make him a mixed CD of some of the songs that are meaningful to you, or find songs by his favorite musicians that he doesn’t have yet.

Magazines – Prices vary

Buy him the latest edition of his favorite magazine and attach a note that he’ll be enjoying a year-long subscription.

Crossword Puzzles

If he enjoys puzzles he may enjoy getting a set of crossword puzzles that he can do during his free time. If he has a Kindle, you could get him the Crossword App that costs just 99 cents.

C.O. Bigelow Hair & Body Wash Elixir BlackC.O. Bigelow Hair & Body Wash in Elixir Black

My fiance won’t touch body wash … unless it specifically says it’s for men. C.O. Bigelow makes a great line of manly smelling and looking products.




Fandango Gift Card – Price varies

Get him a Fandango gift card so that the two of you can enjoy a movie date … where he gets 100% control over the movie you see.


Snap Infusion Super Candy

Throw in some candy and/or gum and thrill his sweet tooth. Snap Infusion gum and candy is interesting because it allegedly energizes, has antioxidants, and provides balance.

Lottery Tickets – Price Varies

Lottery ticket are just fun for everyone. And there’s always the prospect of hitting it rich!

Amazon Gift Card – Price Varies

Have you ever met a man that doesn’t love Amazon? It’s one-stop shopping at its finest. Set him loose to buy what he really wants.


Do Tell: What other ideas do you have for small gift ideas for men?

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