Spotted on Etsy: American Travel Maps

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Spotted on Etsy: United States Travel Maps

My parents instilled a love of travel in me as we always took at least one vacation each year. Most frequently those trips were to cabins in northern Michigan, but sometimes we did crazy things like taking a cross-country train to California and back. When I was 14 my parents put me back on the Amtrak, this time alone, to go visit a cousin in New York City. I caught the travel bug from an early age and it’s something I hope to pass along to my son.

One thing I’d like to do as a family is travel to all 50 states. I never did that with my parents, but I have friends who did and it always seemed like such a neat accomplishment to me. I mean, who really knows what kind of a mom I’ll be as my son gets older, but at least he’ll be able to look back and say that he saw the entire country… even if a good chunk of that came before he could remember anything. Ha!

Since I can’t remember where I’ve traveled myself, I assume it’s going to become tougher to keep track of the places we’ve taken our son so I’ve been on the lookout for a map that will help us keep track. If you’re planning on traveling the U.S. as well, here are some of my favorites that I’ve spotted on Etsy… now I just need to make up my mind and purchase one!

Push Pin Travel Map

Framed Push Pin Travel Map – $99.99

This travel map is great if you want to keep track of cities in addition to states. I also like that this one is already framed. My husband and I have a world map that we will eventually replace because it’s not framed. I was originally too cheap and/or lazy to get it framed, and now it’s in such poor condition that it’s definitely not worth the expense.

United States Coloring Poster

United States Coloring Poster – $14.99

This particular coloring sheet probably wouldn’t hold up exceptionally well over the years, but it could be a fun activity for kids! Alternatively, you could always get it framed and then kids could fill in the states within the frame.

USA Travel Map

USA Travel Map – $38

It’s hard to tell from the image, but this cute travel map comes with a set of stickers that will help your family keep track of travel across the country.

Chalkboard Travel Map

Chalkboard Travel Map – $95

With this map you can keep track of your family travels using brightly colored chalk. Just make sure nobody accidentally erases any states!

Scratch Off Travel Map

Scratch Off Travel Map – $75+

How beautiful is this travel map? This is actually what the map looks like after it’s all uncovered. Prior to being scratched off each state is a gold/brown color.

While I love the watercolor scratch off travel map the best, I’m guessing that probably wouldn’t be my son’s pick. I think I will probably end up getting him a sticker or chalk map.


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