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Update Your Summer Shoe Wardrobe for Less at Shopbop

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Y’all know there is nothing I love more than a new pair of shoes. Shoes are my weakness. I can say no to almost anything… but not shoes!

When it comes to shoe shopping, though, I am a firm believer in quality over quantity. I’d rather spend more to get a nice leather pair of shoes that will last for years, rather than get something that will only last a season – if that. Of course, the exception to that is if I’m going to buy something super trendy. Then I’ll usually buy the cheap pair.

The Shopbop Event of the Season is here, which is one of my favorite sales of the year. For a few days only, you can get 20 percent off all orders under $500 and 25 percent off all orders over $500. Considering that Shopbop is home to quite a few brands that typically don’t go on sale, this sale is huge. (I know that threshold seems huge, but remember that it’s 20 percent off anything under $500, so you could purchase a $23 pair of flip-flops and save 20 percent!)

Shopbop Coupon: Enter code “EVENT18” at checkout to receive the 20-25 percent discount. The coupon is valid on both sale and full-price items. The sale runs through April 14, 2018.

Here are a few pairs I am eyeing:

Slide Sandals

What do you think of the slide sandal trend? I love it, although my major complaint is that most slide sandals are definitely not made for people with wide feet! I’d never be able to wear these Rose Gold Greece Slides from Steven, but I sure wish I could! They’re $79, or $63.20 after the minimum 20 percent discount is applied.


Puma Glitter Shoes

Last year I bought a pair of crazy Pink Puma sneakers at this same exact Shopbop sale. I kind of want to get these Puma Basket Glitter Princess SW Sneakers, too, but how many pairs of crazy Pumas does one gal need?! They’re $110 normally, or $88 after the minimum 20 percent discount is applied.


Fila Disruptor 2 Premium Sneakers

OK, I lied. I’m not eyeing these Fila sneakers at all. But I am curious what you all think about the new granny sneaker trend? I find them completely unappealing and this is one trend I hope passes quickly.


Stuart Weitzman Sandbar Sandals

If I’m being honest, these $535 Stuart Weitzman Sandbar Sandals have been on my wishlist since the day they were released. Of course, they will likely remain on my wishlist forever because who spends $535 on a pair of sandals?! The nice thing about them, though, is that with one item you’ll get the 25 percent discount, so these will cost “just” $401.25.


Ipanema Wave Essence Flip Flops

Here’s a pro tip from someone who purchases far too many pairs of flip-flops each summer: Ipanema brand is the BEST. I used to be a devoted buyer of Havaianas, but Ipanema won me over. The footbed is curved just a bit, so they mold to your foot. They’re amazing! Above is their basic Wave Essence Flip-Flop, which is normally $23, or $18.40 after the discount is applied.


Sam Edelman Laney Bow Sandals

I’ve never owned mules, but they are everywhere this year! If I were going to jump in on this trend, it would definitely be with these Sam Edelman Laney Bow Mules! Normally $110, they’re $88 after the 20 percent discount has been applied.


Steven Lourdes Point

Finally, how gorgeous are these Steven Lourdes Point Toe Slingback Flats?! I bought a pair very similar to these in Los Angeles over a decade ago, so I’m pretty geeked to see this laser cut pointy toe style is fashionable again! Normally $109, they’re $87.20 after the 20 percent discount is applied.


Ready to do some shoe shopping? Click here to check out the Sale of the Season at Shopbop!

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